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Get rid of vocal cord nodules

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How long does it take for a surgeon to remove vocal cord nodules?


Patients suffering from vocal cord nodules or polyps that do not seem to improve with noninvasive or alternative treatments and are proving to be a burden to daily routine should readily opt for a microscopic laryngeal surgery. This type of surgery is also popularly referred to as microscopic voice surgery and is routinely performed under general anesthesia. This works as a corrective surgery for varied voice conditions affecting smokers and those who actively use or misuse their voice box on a regular basis such as singers, actors, teachers, news anchors, TV show hosts, lawyers; and the like.

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This minimally invasive treatment is done with precision using top-of-the-line tiny surgical tools and a laryngoscope which ensures that only the affected region is cut off and the rest is left completely intact and unscathed. Also, this is an outpatient procedure which can be done in a matter of hours depending on the severity of condition. You will be observed for a few hours and then you can go home at the very same day of surgery. Minimal complications or side-effects are noted such as pain which is but normal and can be relieved by any type of pain medication such as ibuprofen. You will notice some difficulty in speaking for a few days or weeks. It is however recommended to undergo voice rehabilitation or to refrain from speaking too much for a few weeks to allow your inflamed vocal cords to heal entirely. After a few months, your physician can now advise you to resume normal speaking routine depending on the postoperative checkup results and your recovery rate.

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This will vary from how damaged the vocal cord is from whether they need to be less cautious or more cautious during the procedure. If you need more information on the time you can contact any medical professional to get the best estimate for this surgery.

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Can vocal cord edema hide nodules?


Yes, this can cause your nodules to not fully be recognizable unfortunately thus hiding them from being seen by the untrained eye.

Vocal cord edema may be able to hide nodules, mainly because the entire area will look rather swollen. It is for this reason that whenever doctor see an edema in the area, they are more likely going to suggest other more detailed tests. They know for a fact that an edema may be able to conceal some other problems.

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Also, when your doctor does a physical exam, nodules tend to be rather obvious, with or without an edema. Your doctor will be able to tell right away if there are some irregularities in terms of the texture of the area.

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Benign nodule on vocal cord natural treatment?


Benign nodules are small, non-cancerous tissue growth on the vocal cords which usually caused by voice abuse. Over time, when a person repeatedly abuse his or her voice, the irritation on the vocal cords swells and starts to form a tiny, soft tissue growth which is usually called "soft nodules". These soft nodules usually fades in time when the person stops abusing his voice. When a person who has soft nodules continue to abuse his voice, the soft nodules on his vocal cords starts to grow more larger forming fibrous tissues which makes it more stiffer which is usually termed "hard nodules". In regards to your query, the soft benign nodules can be naturally manage by the following:

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  • Complete voice rest. Complete voice rest means no talking and no whispering for about 3 to 4 days upon diagnosis of soft benign vocal cord nodules for the first few weeks and as frequent as possible. Simply carry a pen and a paper with you to communicate. Complete voice rest will reduce the swelling of soft nodules on your vocal cords and there are also reports that soft vocal cord nodules can be properly eliminated in as few as seven to 10 days following this method.
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  • Humidifying, steaming and purifying hydration. This works effectively in hydrating your vocal folds. Facial steamers works best and add Vicks or any similar menthol based products and steam for about 8 to 10 minutes three times a day until you feel more better.
  • Gargle with warm water and salt. Gargling with warm water and salt three times a day will effectively soothe the swelling and reduce the pain.
  • Avoid hot and cold fluids. Hot fluids can increase swelling and inflammation while cold fluids makes throat muscles to contract. Drink room temperature fluids instead.

The above tips are some of the best natural ways in treating soft vocal cord nodules.

I had vocal nodules problem when I try to speak I feel difficult to breath. Why is that?

When I try to speak I feel difficult to breath.

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I am suffering from hoarseness that is caused by vocal cord nodule. What kind of treatment is effective to solve my problem?

I suffer from hoarseness, my nasal septum is bent. All the time I suffer from coughing.

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