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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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How long after you don't turn yourself in, is a warrant issued?


This is according to the judge and police in some cases are different than other ranging from one day to any other time in regards to how long you have until a warrant is issued out for your arrest. Contact the police of the state in order to get the most accurate information.

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Depends on the gravity of the crime committed and the state you committed it in. However, sometimes there is no "wait time" . I suggest you turn yourself in before they issue a warrant unless you want everyone to see you getting arrested.

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What happen if you turn yourself in on a warrant if you didn't do anything?


When you turn yourself in, and you claim that you haven't done anything, then hopefully they will do some investigations regarding the case that you are into. By simply turning yourself and being honest doesn't mean they will put you immediately into the cell or prison. They will first investigate and you would most likely sometimes go into their custody first.

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It will not matter because, with the warrant alone, you will be taken into custody until the issue is resolved or you have served your time. You will have a court appearance for the issue but you will in fact not be released upon visiting the courthouse or police station in order to find out what your warrant is about.

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If I turn myself into Mesa will the warrant I have in phoenix show up?

I received a ticket in 2014 for open container I went to court and they fined me $200 and set up a payment plan. I had hard times and couldn't pay it so they issued a warrant. Then in 2014, I received a ticket for lying to peace officer but he told me if I told him the truth he wouldn't give me a ticket. So when I told the truth he still gave me a ticket and this is in phoenix so I never showed up and I think they issued a warrant. I got a job and they did a background check and I was denied the job for the warrant in Mesa. I'm just wondering what do you think will happen if I turn myself in? What should I do?

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Show up with the $200 to pay the fine. Often if you make restitution the court will see the payment as you are trying to turn your life around and get your legal affairs in order. You could mail the payment with a letter requesting what to do next. Your bench warrant was only issued because you did not pay the fine and therefore should serve the jail time instead of monetary restitution. If this was a minor infraction such as an open container and not a violent crime, the court should except the fine. You may have to spend a weekend or so in jail depending on the judge but this is the way to correct your warrant.

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Received a warrant in the mail regarding protection order?

Ex-girlfriend got a protection order on me and I did not appeal it because I did not take it seriously. I have been arrested once for violation as she came to one of my dance events (I do dance) and I talked to her. I was released after 1 day; and it has been two weeks and I got a warrant in the mail. I called the station and they said it is another violation. I did not violate anything but I am unsure about what to do regarding this situation at this point.

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Never shrug off a protection order as not a serious issue. This type of order can prohibit future employers from hiring you. It can also complicate further legal allegations. You need to turn yourself in and clear up what the possible violation could be about. Also, perhaps you should be considering retaining an attorney. Especially if your ex is causing a retaliation instead of actual allegations.

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When I turn 17, can I turn myself in and just sit and do the time?

I don't have money to pay all of my tickets, so I was wondering if I can just sit in there until my time is up because I heard its like $50 a day and my tickets add up to $1000 so I would be in there for like a month but I don't know if that's true or not I heard about that a lot

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If your tickets add up to $1,000 in fines and you are not even 17 yet, the courts may order specific driving school changes if you want to keep your driving privileges. It is better that you turn yourself in while you are a juvenile to see what the courts will allow you to do for restitution since you can't pay these fines. Keep in mind, you are a minor in the eyes of the court and your guardian/parent is legally responsible for these infractions too.

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If someone lives with you and they have a warrant for their arrest, am I in trouble?

My son has a warrant and lives with me but hasn't turned himself in. They know where he lives and works but haven't tried to pick him up. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Broke probation

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If the law enforcement officers directly question you about your son's whereabouts and you lie, then you could be legally in trouble for impeding an active investigation/warrant. Rarely though do they enforce those laws on minor warrants.

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You should counsel your son or get him an attorney to clear up his warrants. If they are not for Assault/Federal/Burglary charges then the warrant process is fairly simple. For traffic fine or non-payment of child support, these warrants will go away once your son proves he will make restitution for them.

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Looking to see if my son's tickets have turned to warrants. He has moved to another state?

My son went to Florida from TX to live in a recovery center. I have since found out he had outstanding tickets. How can I see if he has any outstanding warrants in TX?. I have tried: Contacting one of the municipal court. I think it was caused by: Prob a warrant - unable to pay online

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The State of Texas has implemented an online tool called Texas Failure To Appear. You will need his driver's license number and date of birth to use the search. If your son does not have a driver's license then you can call 1-800-686-0570. They only show that there is a warrant and to get the details of the warrant you will have to contact the municipality that issued the warrant.

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I appeared to my first original Court date which I plead NOT GUILTY on, but actually missing the second one by only a day? Please help me with the details?

Hi, I appeared to my first Court date that was set. And I also had a public defender at my side who set a random date without my consent. Did not mention it during my case discussion! Anyway

Public Defenders are overwhelmed with their case load. You need to be more on top of them regarding your case if you need to know necessary details. Write a letter to the courts and your attorney that you were unaware of the changes in date until it was too late but wish to correct the situation.

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Wanton endangerment 1st degree?

A friend of mine recently got into a dispute with another person that subsequently led him to been charged with wanton endangerment, how long does he have until the police come knocking on his door. This took place in Kentucky.

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In the state of Kentucky, Wanton Endangerment can have a penalty of up to 5 years incarceration. Your friend should get an attorney to represent them immediately. If they do not have an attorney then they need to present themselves, get booked/charged and then request an attorney. This charge is not something that you want to wait around for law enforcement to arrest you on the charges. He will want to get ahead of this immediately or risk serving the maximum sentence. If an offender shows that they are willing to cooperate with the charges, a plea deal often issues to avoid court process of a trial. The plea will be based on prior offenses/criminal record and the harm done in the Wanton Endangerment charge.

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