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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How do you unlock an Android ZTE phone without a Google password or username?

I forgot the pattern. It's an old phone and it's not connected to the internet.


Without a Google account password or username or a connection to the internet, you will not be able to unlock a ZTE Android phone without performing a Factory Reset. As you may already know, a Factory Reset (also known as a Hard Reset) wipes all of your phone's data to bring it back to its original factory settings to remove the forgotten pattern so you can use it again. To learn how to perform a proper Factory Reset on your ZTE Android phone, read through and follow the steps in this great VisiHow how-to article. Once the reset is complete, your ZTE Android phone will be unlocked and you will be able to use it again. Be sure to log your device into a Google account to which you know the username and password so you can unlock your phone if you forget the pattern in the future. If you don't have a Google account, go here to create one. Additionally, be sure to write down the pattern you choose to lock your phone with on a piece of paper so you can refer to that in the future if you forget both the pattern and your Google account information. Keep the paper in a safe and secure place so it doesn't become lost or stolen.

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I'm Still unable to access my phone. After giving my username and password?

Because of too many pattern attempts, they are asking me 'To unlock, sign in with your Google account'. I'm trying the correct one since last night, but still, it's not working


Do you have data or WiFi enabled on the device? If so then go to your Google Account on the PC. Under the My Account settings, find 2 Step Verification. With this enabled, it prevents using your Google Account to unlock the device. Disable it and then Sync your Google Account via the PC or remove the battery of your device for a few minutes to soft reset the device. When you input your Google Account on the device, go slowly so that you can see each character as you type it. Even when we think we are putting the right password in on a device, the keyboard can mess up or we are hitting one wrong character each time. If you use Swype or predictive text, this can hamper you putting in your password too.

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Phone was acting up, did a hard reset on it and can't remember my Google information to get into the phone, it's being asked to be able to access my phone again?

What should I do? I need to log into my phone but can't because I don't remember my Google account information.. I have tried: Everything I can think of as far as to forget password with Google and the send SMS to recover my password but did not work due to not having access to my phone. I think it was caused by: Can't remember password maybe?

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When Android introduced Lollipop (5.0) OS, it had a new security feature. Even when a device is hard reset, you will still need the Owner's Google Account on the device. As you can see in an above answer, you will need to either find a way to Bypass Google FRP or install new ROM on the device. Most times, installing new ROM involves you going through the same process as bypassing Google FRP to access the Settings on the device to enable options like USB debugging.

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I bought a ZTE zmax pro from a friend and am trying to factory reset it?

When I factory reset the phone it brings me back to a screen and asks me for the previous email associated with the phone is there any way around that so that I can put my own email in? The email that was on there before was not mine and the person I bought it from does not remember the information needed. Is there a way to get around it. I have tried: Factory resetting the phone but I can't get past the screen for the previous email. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure

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This YouTube Tutorial Shows you how to Bypass Google FRP on a ZTE Zmax Pro. The process takes up to 15 minutes and you will need to follow the steps precisely. If the attempt fails, pull the battery out of the device and try again. As stated above, the necessity for the last Google Account on the device before a factory reset is a new security measure to prevent theft.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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I am only trying to download (lost jewels legend) free game back on after I put back on my Gmail account, I also don't have an SD card. can I do this?

I don"t use my ZTE z999 Tracphone Android for calls. I only want to use it as a gaming console, I had this free game called (lost jewels legend) but something happened that clear it out. So now, I rebooted my phone. It asked me to put my Gmail back in. I only want to put my games back in. But I already know, that my phone will ask for more information. I'm hoping you can help me word for word to get my game back on. That is all I want. And I also don't have an SD card. Can you help me?

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There is a YouTube Tutorial on how to Bypass Google FRP with a ZTE device posted in an above answer. It should work without you having an SD card, theoretically. As for your game that you installed, did you ever save the game with a social media account or Google Account? If you hard reset your device, a fresh install of the game without an account will start you from the beginning. If you ever signed in through Google or Facebook, for instance, it will update to the latest save of the game from the cloud.

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How do I log into another Google account if my ZTE won't let me return to home screen?

My phone was running slow so I did a factory reset, I've never had a SIM card and the Google account was my mom's and she switched to a new phone and a new Google account. I had the phone for about a year under her old account and when I factory reset it, the phone wants me to put in the Google account previously synced with the device in question I've been all over YouTube on my home computer trying to figure out ways to bypass it. I've got a way to access the internet on the WiFi that I use but it won't let me return to the main home screen with all my app tabs and it won't let me change the Google account so I can login to another account. If you have any suggestions please let me know, much thanks. My phone won't let me factory reset or create a new account and the phone in questions are not like mine so I need more descriptive answers for my problem

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Your mother would need to use her previous Google Account on the device. If Google Recovery is not helping her recall what that was, then you can search Bypass Google FRP on ZTE device. There is a loophole to get around this. Once you do this, you will want to put in your Google Account and never forget it because this is the way Android devices will be from now on if you hard reset them.

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My ZTE n9132 has no settings option on my keyboard like should be under the swift key and I can not get it FRP unlocked now?

How to move forward from here if it's not the right keyboard to perform my FRP bypass. I have tried: Looked under every option for another way or the settings button anywhere. I think it was caused by: Updated or wrong installed keyboard

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Answer 1: Check out one of the ZTE YouTube Tutorials posted in an above answer. The only way to get to Settings is by using Google Search when the phone is locked down like this. If you are still having difficulty, there is a YouTube Tutorial that shows a method using an APK. I have not used this option so I can not say it does work but you can at least try it.

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Answer 2: sorry, but that means you do not have access to phone settings. It's not the keyboard, it's the phone. There is no settings app installed on the phone. I've gone through every tutorial on this and this phone is missing the settings app, so you can't go in and wipe all the previous data. A hard reset was done on the phone before a data wipe in the settings and this phone is locked as well. Don't know the previous owner, bought it second hand and it's not blacklisted or stolen according to the IMEI#. Just can't get past the FRP because there is no way to access settings. That must be written into the carrier's ROM. The only thing I can figure is to take it to boost mobile or Sprint and let them reinstall the ROM.

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ZTE phone is locked ... stuck at Emergency phone calls only ... how do I fix it?

1-month-old AT&T ZTE phone stuck at emergency calls only screen wants Google account to unlock/verify it but I can't get text messages to it with Google confirmation number ..... I'm about ready to send this POS ZTE phone into the river and just get a real phone ....... What article? .... all I saw was a bunch of questions with no answers ...so ...what article? I have tried: I've tried just about everything including cleaning the "corrupt" SIM card... no help .... hard reset. no help there .....took the phone back to AT&T ..... no help there. I think it was caused by: If I knew that. I could then roll back and undo what messed it up

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It is requesting the original Google Account that was assigned as the Owner Account on the device. You can bypass the Google FRP on a ZTE as explained above in the answers on this page. However, since you mentioned SIM, are you sure it is not asking for the Privacy Protection Password? This gets triggered when a SIM is removed from the device. If you are not receiving text messages, then you can't use an Emergency Contact to bypass the SIM lock. Your only choice is to install new ROM on the device. AT&T should have told you about this. They also should have suggested you get a new SIM card or at least tested your SIM while you were in the store.

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My Galaxy grand prime is locked I can't remember password so I can't open it?

My Galaxy grand prime is locked I can't remember password it asked for Samsung account don't know that either so can't open. It asked for emergency number don't know what it is

Did you try your Google Account when you were prompted for the Samsung Account? You can try to use the Samsung Find My Mobile, but you would have had to register a Samsung Account on the phone first. Therefore, hard reset your device. If you have Lollipop OS or higher, then you will need to remember your previous Google Account on the device.

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Since you mentioned that it is asking for your Emergency Contact Number, you might have triggered the Privacy Protection Password prompt. This can only be removed without the Emergency Contact, by installing new ROM on the device. You can connect to Kies on the PC, or use SamMobile to get the correct ROM for your device.

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Hi I locked my Samsung A 5 it got thumb impression my little brother locked it and I don't remember the backup password and Google ID?

Hi I locked my Samsung A 5 it got thumb impression my little brother locked it and I don't remember backup password and Google ID

Use Google Accounts Recovery on the PC. This will help you regain your Google Account. You will need WiFi or data enabled to use a Google Account to unlock a device. You could also try Samsung's Find My Mobile to remotely unlock your device. If you hard reset the A5, you are still going to need your Google Account to gain access so it is best that you try to recall what it was through the Account Recovery tool that Google has provided.

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How can I remove the green blocks that appear on everything I touch. It won't let me slide the screen or get into my settings or anything?

My child got a hold of my phone and pushed all kinds of stuff and now I can't get into the settings or anything. There is a green block that appears on everything I touch. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: My child pushed something she shouldn't have.

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Double Tap the screen while using two fingers. You have Accessibility enabled which can be turned off in the settings. You also may have TalkBack enabled. Using the double tap and two finger approach needs to be exaggerated. Long press when double tapping and try to slowly drag the notification panel down with the same two fingers. If you still can't get around this, hard reset your device. Your other option is to say OK Google, open device Settings. If you have TalkBack capability enabled, Google should respond.

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