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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How do I unlock my Tablet after too many pattern attempts?

I locked my pattern and now it is asking for my Google account. I used a computer to set up my own Google account and every time I put my username and password in it says "invalid username or password.

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You can reset your Google user ID and password first. Go to the main article (click on the title at the top of this page) and read that before following the rest of these instructions and losing all your data.

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Most Android tablets have an Android System Recovery. If your Tablet has it, you can factory data reset it to remove the lock. You can do it by following the steps below.

  • Turn your Tablet off.
  • Press and hold the following key combinations simultaneously on your Tablet to see if it has an Android System Recovery.
    • Volume up key and Power key
    • Volume up key, Home button and Power key **Volume up key, Volume down and Power key
  • Though many Android devices have this feature, there are few devices that don't have it. If your Tablet doesn't have it, your Tablet will require service.
  • But if you have successfully accessed the Android System Recovery, you can now Hard Reset your Tablet by navigating to "wipe data/Factory Reset" using any of your volume keys, then you can select it using either your home button or power button. *Choose "Yes" using your volume key and then select it and wait until data wipe is complete. *Choose "reboot system now" after factory data reset is done.
  • That's it. Your lock is now removed.

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How can I open my tablet using my Google account?

I cannot open my tablet using my Google account. I cannot even sign in with it.


If you can't open your tablet using your Google account information, make sure that you're entering the correct information by going to this website to try to retrieve it. If you can't retrieve your information, and you can't remember it, you will, unfortunately, need to perform a Factory Reset on your device. Read this great VisiHow guide to learn how to perform a proper factory reset on your Android device.

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I cannot unlock my pattern password on my Laptop?

I switch on my Laptop, on the screen it has the pattern password but it won't let me drag the dots, the circles are red, and I tried resetting my Laptop and did the various instructions but it won't work and when I attempt the pattern 5 times the screen flashes on and off

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If you have a Windows OS Laptop, you have two options:

  1. 1
    Use your Microsoft Account as the Device Administrator to bypass the pattern lock
    This Guide by WindowsCentral explains how to reset your password and use the new credentials to unlock your PC.
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  1. 1
    Follow this YouTube Tutorial on how to create a reset disk for Windows via USB.
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If the Laptop is refusing to reset, it helps to unplug or remove the battery before the next attempt. You also can always call your Laptop manufacturer's support line or Microsoft's Support line. Since you did not list who manufactured your laptop or what version of OS you have the two solutions are the suggested methods. Your laptop manufacturer may have a better alternative when you speak with them.

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Opening the tablet pattern without touching screen?

Tablet Screen is broken, and there are scratches on it. Cannot select any item by touching and I want to open my tablet's pattern. There are many photos of mine and my family friends that I don't want to lose. Please help me, how could I save my pics and how can I open my pattern without touching the screen

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Does your tablet have ADB tools pre-installed on it? Or does the manufacturer have a PC companion tool for when you connect to the PC? You can try to connect to the PC, but the pattern lock active may prevent you from the PC connecting. With ADB tools, you could bypass the pattern lock. If you used a Google Account on the tablet, login to Google Photos and then see if you can sync the accounts from the PC. This will backup the photos, especially if you used a Google app to share or store them.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Unlock my Primo 81? Forgot the pattern?

Unlock my Primo 81? Forgot the pattern

The manufacturer, MSI, has provided a Firmware Recovery PDF. You will download their Phoenix Suite onto your PC and connect the tablet. The program will auto upgrade the tablet after you go through a combination of hitting buttons like Volume Up.

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Unable to login after multiple pattern attempts on BSNL tablet?

I have a BSNL Penta tablet. Children at home tried multiple attempts and it got locked. Now I'm giving my Google account details but it says wrong credentials. Kindly help me out.

Thanks.. I have tried: Providing Google account details. But failed.... I think it was caused by: Children playing with it as a game

Make sure via the PC in your Google Account that you do not have 2 Step Verification enabled. If you do not have WiFi or Data enabled on the tablet, this would also stop you from using your Google Account. The kids may have disabled the WiFi. This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to hard reset your BNSL Penta tablet.

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Good day, how to unlock my tablet? model MSI?

I can't open it, my tablet requires me to sign my Google account because I don't have it, maybe somebody used my tablet and put a Google account in my tablet.

There is a PDF with reset instructions for the MSI Primo line posted in an above answer. You will need to have a PC to hard reset via their tool.

Factory resetting of Mini iPad H727?

I want to reset without using Gmail account

  1. 1
    Turn off the iPad Mini.
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  2. 2
    Press and hold the Home button while connecting the iPad Mini to the PC using the USB cable from your wall charger.
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  3. 3
    When you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen, then you should release the Home button.
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  4. 4
    Within the iTunes platform on the PC, look for the iPad Mini Recovery Options.
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You do not use a Google Account on an iOS to bypass a screen lock. That option is only for Android OS. If you do have the option to use your Google Account then you may have a cloned device running on Android. In that case, you would select Forgot Password and then use your Google Account.

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How can I unlock my FnF Five Mini 2?

I forgot my pattern lock and its asking for the Google Account. I also forgot it because the Tablet PC was activated by my friend. He made me an account though I have my own. I tried The Android Multi Tool but didn't work for me. Thank You

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Call your friend back and get his Gmail account. Because the Google Account they want is the Owner Account.

I have a China Android, attempted pattern lock and to reset it using volume keys is not accepted, so how to reset it?

I have a China Android, attempted pattern lock and to reset it using volume keys is not accepted, so how to reset it. I have tried: I tried resetting it using volume keys. I think it was caused by: Was playing with someone. So I want a software to reset it

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See if there is a Reset pinhole in the back of the tablet. Depending on the type of tablet you have, some have PC program you can use. If the Volume Keys do not work, you should try a combination of the Home button and Volume buttons.

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I get the invalid message and reset Google password but I also have no internet because of an equipment change?

How do I reset without the internet or do I need internet on the tablet to reset. I have tried: Reset password and username for Google on my personal computer

If you changed both your username and password for Google, it still will not work to unlock your screen. You need to use the previous Google Account but without WiFi that will not work anyway. If you have listed what type of tablet you had, I would have been able to assist further with the reset instructions using hard keys. You should run a search in the upper right-hand corner for instructions on hard/factory reset your specific tablet.

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