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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How to recover Tablet when you forgot pattern?

My Tablet is in good condition then suddenly it shut down when I open it the launcher and the pattern is change ,and it do not accept my pattern


If you still remember your Google account info, try some more attempts at the pattern screen for the Tablet to prompt for the log in. If the Tablet does not prompt you for the Google log in, find out the brand and model number. You can then check the manufacturer's site for a possible Hard Reset method or firmware you can download.

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How to unlock Samsung Galaxy y if you forget the Google account gt5360?

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy y if you forget the Google account


You may Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-5360 to remove its lock. Please follow the instructions below on how to reset your phone.

NOTE: This will delete everything on your phone.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold volume up, home button and power button at the same time.
  • Keep holding the buttons until Samsung logo appears on your screen.
  • Select "wipe data/Factory Reset" using your volume key, then press home button to confirm.
  • Then select "yes -- delete all user data" to continue the factory data reset.
  • After wipe is complete, select "reboot system now", then press home button again.
  • That's it. You don't have your lock anymore after your phone restarts.

If you already forgot your Google account on your phone, then you can still try to go to Google account recovery but instead using your Google account, you will need to use your email address and your phone number. Simply follow the step by step instruction on that page. If you need more detailed information, go to this article and browse a bit down to see the different procedures you can do to recover your phone.

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How do I unlock my Motorola Xoom tablet without Factory resetting it?

I have had my tablet for over 4 years and there are a lot of pictures on it that I can't lose (some of my relatives that have passed away) but I haven't used my tablet in months because I got a new iPad mini and badly cracked the Xoom. So, basically I forgot the password and since my Xoom has so much internal storage I never used an SD card. If I Factory Reset the tablet I will lose my pictures. I plugged it into my computer and it says there are no files under the Xoom so I can't just transfer the pictures to my CPU. Also, the WiFi is ON, but it never gives me the choice to sign into a Google account and I've even gotten to 200 password attempts and it just keeps letting me try. Is there a way to backup the tablet or remove the passcode if I can't unlock it?

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It frustratingly can take lots of attempts before you see Forgot Password and can click it. Perhaps since your screen is cracked you are missing that little link in the box. What you can try to do is Sync your Google Account from the PC to the device. You would login with the Google Account you used on the device then run the Sync from your PC. If you linked your Google Account with your photos then it will back all of them up.

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How to avoid recovery email after reset?

I've reset my Moto x play device. It's asking for a Gmail account previously used for it which I can't remember is there a way around having to type that in?. I have tried: Different reset. I think it was caused by: Resetting the phone

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RootJunky has created this YouTube Tutorial on how to bypass Google FRP when you hard reset a Moto device. This is a security feature implemented in the last two Android operating systems.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I do not have my Google account. what will I do

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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My mobile is Moto G3 (v5.1) Lollipop. Unfortunately, I forgot my pattern lock, how to recover my pattern?

Recover or factory data reset

Use your Google Account. You will have to know it anyway if you hard reset the device since your OS is Lollipop.

Forgotten password Motorola Xoom?

Hi. My grand-kid entered the pattern lock too many times while playing with my tablet years ago and now it needs my Google account info to reset it . I have tried this and it didn't work at the time (2 years ago) I have left it alone since then because I don't want to lose the pictures I have stored on the Xoom/tablet. Now I want to recover them and try again but I have changed my Google password many times since then, for security. How will the tablet know my new password as it is not connecting to any WiFi network (which have also changed with time) How can I 'make' it connect to WiFi so it can verify my password. I do NOT want to factory reset it. Thanks for any advice.. I have tried: At the time (2 years ago) I tried my password but it did not work for some reason. I was in the process of moving house and did not have time to figure out the problem. The account I used for the tablet is in use currently thou.. I think it was caused by: The kids locked the tablet when trying the pattern lock too many times. It is a Motorola Xoom from 2011, I do not remember which version of Android OS it runs. Any advice is greatly appreciated , as long as it does not result in the loss of data. I will even screw open the device and physically remove components in order to connect whatever memory-module/hard-drive to some external device in order to recover my pictures.

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I am sorry to say that you will have to hard reset the device since WiFi was not enabled on it. You can't access the images with the tablet lost but check Google Photos on the PC. This will show all photos that have been backed up in syncs.

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After factory reset of my device it is asking for Gmail account, entered proper details still device is locked?

I did factory reset on device and then it is asking for Google account. Now after entering exact details it still shows message "Please use owners own account etc"

So does that means the device is locked for 72 hours by Google?? I got this from the internet. So will I be able to unlock after 72 hours with ID and pass or there is another way?

The phone is asking for the last Google Account synced with the device when it was initially setup. Go to YouTube and search for Bypass Google FRP and your device make and model such as the Moto X Play. You will then see methods to bypass the Google Account.

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Pattern unlock code of data wind Ubi slate 7cz calling tab?

Send me unlock pattern lock of data wind Ubi slate 7cz calling tab. I have tried: 50 times. I think it was caused by: Forgot code

There is no service that sends you a pin to unlock your Android device. You have two options:

  • Use your Google Account that you synced to the device.
  • Hard reset the device.

Hi, my HTC 626 is locked but I forgot the password and I do not get a 'forgot password?' prompt after 5 attempts. I don't want to do a factory reset. Is there a solution from my Gmail account?

Hi, my HTC 626 is locked but I forgot the password and I do not get a 'forgot password?' prompt after 5 attempts. I don't want to do a factory reset. Is there a way I can reset it from my Gmail account?. I think it was caused by: I changed the password this morning and absolutely can not remember what I switch it to! duh

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Just keep attempting until you get the Forgot Password. Sometimes it can take more than 30 attempts before you see it.

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