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Write a Letter of Invitation

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How do I write a formal excuse letter to my principal to excuse me for a week?

I don't know the steps of writing the excuse letter, and I don't know the right words to say.


There are no strict steps to writing an excuse letter: you have to express yourself to relate the idea of why you should be excused for a week, adding your own reasons and explanations. You could write something like the sample below. Please note that your address and date are written at the right margin of the sheet of paper. The letter can be short, as you are only requesting for the possibility to be absent.

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[your name] (right margin)

[your address line 1]

[your address line 2]

[current full date (as in 1 July 2016)]

[addressee's address line 1] (left margin)

[addressee's address line 2]

[addressee's address line 3]

Dear [Mr., Mrs., or Miss] [surname of the principal]:

I am writing you with a request to be excused from my duties [or working or studying] on [starting date] through [ending date] owing to my [vacation, illness, business matter, personal problem, etc., plus a short explanation]. [Optionally, include if you are not to be paid during your absence, if you use the days for sick leave, or if you use the days as unused leave days (paid) if you have a work contract with the principal].

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

[your e-mail address]

[your phone number]

[your position (optional)]

[your company (optional)]

How to write an excuse letter for being absent to all my subject teacher?

Because I'm an irregular student, I only have 4 subjects. That's why I need to make an excuse letter to all my subject teachers to accept me in the class. But I only have a few days to give a letter in the Register Office with the permit of all my Subject teachers and the signature of A register office. That's all.. I have tried: Because I want to continue my studying and especially to be one of a graduating student this year.. I think it was caused by: Because of a financial problem and my mother want me to stop my studying

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