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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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How do I know my husband is telling the truth?

How do I know my husband is telling truth, few days ago a friend who is also a neighbor visited me. She showed her phone to me and said your husband is making calls to me, his behavior was bad with me. You check your husband every morning he's standing in front of my house, they have been our family friends for 37 years. Recently my friend's mother in law died. They are very very close to our family. Next morning I caught my husband standing in front of her house and I asked my husband what's going on here, and why are you standing in front of her house, she told me that you treat her badly. My husband got very angry, and he said I am standing in front of her house is true because last few days before my friend and her husband was quarreling with each other. I want to know about the issue because 3 years ago, my husband took my friend to her daughter's school. During the time my friend misbehaved with my husband. He gave her advice and stopped taking her. but he hasn't told this to me or to her husband. My friend was caught by her husband while she was having an affair with his company partner. That is one issue I know of. Then they go for a divorce and are quarreling with each other. Finally, their family members interfered and got a smooth solution. My husband called my friend and asked about that issue because my husband wants to know about their issue from 3 years before, my friend has told my husband no. this is another matter

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Me and my friend conversation, she told me a lot of things about my husband, your husband has so many affairs and they are all near my house, you check your husband's phone and salary, like this. but my friend made a call to her other friend and told me my husband was cheating on her. Something like that. She made a call to me and said, but I know my husband will come on correct time, and salary package was correct. and we are leading a good life. I and my husband's conversation was truthful. I know by his body language he was telling truth, he was crying and he accepted that he was standing in front of her house, but I can't cheat with her, and I promise with our son, my only mistake is I can't tell this to you, and finally he said I told you everything. I didn't tell any lie. Hereafter you make a decision. What can I do, and how do I know my husband is telling the truth?

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For the sake of your marriage, you need to stop all contact with the neighbor. That means that both you and your husband need to stay completely away from the neighbor. If your husband can't stay away then you will have your answer in that he is interested in far more than being a good friend. Personally, you should find it suspect that he is so concerned about your neighbor. It is suspicious that he is intently watching her house. It is also suspicious that his behavior with your friend has caused your friend to report to you his misdeeds. Then to add to all the drama, you have another friend also making accusations against your husband. Your marriage has too many extra people involved in it. It is time for you both to just focus on each other and not the people around you. Still, keep your suspicions about your husband in the background of your mind, though. He may have been unfaithful and might try to continue with his dishonesty in your marriage.

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My husband continues to act different towards me and I'm not sure why?

Hello! My husband is a traveling electrician apprentice he makes about $16 an hour and has housing paid for we just recently got married back in October 2015, about a month after we were married I conceived, we were about to visit his family for Christmas when we found out I was pregnant. After we left his family to go back to work I started noticing weird things like he said he was going out to get groceries and he left about 12 in the afternoon and didn't come back till about 2:30 which is about 2.5 hours later, he claims he got gas and was looking at baby stuff and showed me one picture only of something he was looking at, he preceded later on to make a phone call in his truck that lasted for about 20 minutes and I asked him what that was about and he claims he had a co worker. Asked him about us moving in every morning he leaves about two and half hours early to work, he wakes up angry accuses me of stuff, tries and picks fights with me and then claims he will be "late" for work when about that time he is still about an hour and a half early and his commute is only a 16 minutes away. He claims he wants to get good parking, he says he wants me to be sweeter but every time I have tried to be more affectionate he pushes me away. I asked him about if he is having an affair he got real defensive so I grabbed his phone and started looking through it, he started yelling and saying fine let me see your phone, I said it's right there while still reading his phone. I only got to see that he made a few phone calls to different areas like Indiana and areas in were we currently are. Before he snatched his phone out of my hands. I have tried many many sites and tricks and not sure what to do, he keeps pulling the divorce card saying he's tired of me jumping down his throat and continues to do what I call mirroring I say something towards him and he says the same thing but only towards me I need help. I have tried: The belly button trick (where you ask him if he is cheating and if his belly button is pointed away he is lying) I have tried online readings about men who cheat (turns out most of them are like my husband but my husband just looked down and said well I am not doing it). I have tried just simply talking to him and checking his phone every so often nothing seems to work. I think it was caused by: maybe he thinks he got married too fast, we were only dating for about two month's before we got married and possibility that he or we are going through some crisis because he is about to be a first-time dad and I have been kind of hormonal lately due to pregnancy.

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His behavior is avoiding contact with you owing to some personal reasons that he chooses not to disclose. It can be his reluctance to accept that he has chosen his life partner forever, his indecision, his desire not to be a parent, his finding another passion, or just a way to get away from it all and be alone. He might the type of persons who gets passionately infatuated and then calms down quite fast. He does not know what he wants, therefore confusing you with his demands to be more loving towards him and then rejecting it. He seems confused and seeking a way out of the situation. His lack of arguments when he "mirrors" you in quarrels only shows that you do not have to find fault with yourself. The "belly button trick" has little to do with truth. You can do little in this situation: you can drop control over him (do not check his smartphone or interrogate him), everything else that you will do will exasperate him, most likely, even distancing (he will accuse you of being cold). The only solution is to get professional relationship advice, but you have to come to the family therapist together. You can also find a good female friend to get acquainted with your husband (just do not tell him that you know each other) and try to make him open up and speak about his problems.

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My husband keeps all his friends a secret?

My husband keeps all his friends a secret


Does he just not have many friends? Or are you aware that he meets or speaks with "friends" and had never introduced you? If you know that he has friends in his life that he is unwilling to introduce you too then there is a huge problem in your marriage. While you don't have to be best friends forever with his friends, he should at least want you to meet them since you are such a huge portion of his life. If he is not introducing you to them, then you should be questioning what the reason is for this. None of the reasons are good for the future outcome of your marriage.

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What does husband's behavior mean?

When I am with my husband he texts/web surfs while I am talking, or yawns, or eyes roam around the room as if he is bored. Then if another woman approaches us he instantly becomes animated and engaging. I usually end up feeling humiliated and like the third wheel. When I share my feeling he denies that there is a problem and says how much he loves me. Or a variation on that is he tries to show that his communication skills are good because of how effective he can interact with his secretary. Should I be concerned or is the problem with me? Maybe it's time to update my look and/or social skills?

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You should be concerned about that. That is not only disrespectful but insulting to any person when his or her conversation partner turns away from him or her and starts doing his things. A loved one always puts the opinion of his better half above all. Your husband is bored, he does not value your opinion, and he is looking for a fresh conversation with other ladies. He brags about his conversation skills either to stimulate you into prolific and educated conversation (that is how he thinks) or to elevate himself above you (you can analyze his conversations with ladies whom he encounters: if the dialogue is superficial, then it is the latter). He denies and rejects any problems because it may be just convenient for him to live with you, and he may even not love you anymore (check the article to see if it is true; but let us hope that it is not). You can try to make your marriage work again and focus on phrasing mostly complex and educated queries and statements to see if it works for him. Leave the space for his responses so that they are not monosyllabic but constructive and consequential.

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About my husband behavior, is he in love with another woman?

My husband cheated on me so many times, on 2012 he met this girl for 2 months, he hid this from me, one night he received a phone call and he didn't want to answer but when I saw that he tried to avoid the phone to answer, when I told him to answer, he picked up his phone and said wrong number. When I made him call back on the number shown, I confronted him after that I found out that the girl told me everything going on, he lied and denied and he is not over with his affair with her. I have to deal so much with him. He comes home tired, complaining about everything, never confessed about his lies. Everything he used to do when she was around been stopped, he doesn't talk, only important takes me for a late night drive, doesn't do anything with me, never have time, always find some excuse. My gut tells me something he is hiding if I try to ask him what is wrong, he gets mad and say I am crazy

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When you discovered that he was cheating, there was a crack in the wall of trust in your marriage. Your husband seems to still be acting suspicious which will not repair that crack in your trust foundation. The best thing to do would be to seek therapy for yourself. Discuss with the therapist about bringing your husband in for a joint counseling session. If your husband refuses then be honest with him and tell him that you are increasingly unhappy in the marriage because of the distrust that is dividing your marriage.

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His avoidance of you is mostly out of guilt. Every time he spends any time with you, he is reminded that he almost lost you when he cheated. He needs to come to terms with his guilt and shame about the affair for the both of you to heal and progress the relationship. If nothing is done about this, then eventually you will have no relationship left but an empty shell of the daily habitual life in a marriage.

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I need to know signs to know my real husband?

Three men are coming for my hand in marriage at the same time and all of them are serious. how will I know the real man?

If you have to ask which one is best for you, then none of them are "the one" for you. It is not that a lightning bolt will descend from the sky when you meet the right person for you, but that person will make you feel secure and comfortable when you are with them. Right now, you have three people vying for your time. Because of this, it will be hard to determine your feelings about any of them individually. If you are serious about making the right decision then stop all contact with two of them to focus on one person at a time.

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Do you think my husband doesn't love me anymore? How do I know if he had another girl?

He doesn't care about me, he cares only on me when his friend have a jamming with him, he didn't send me a message but I always do.. He never thinks about me, we are in a long distance relationship now and he was my first boyfriend, he was at the age of 50s , I don't know what is in his mind,..I'm only a 20 years old girl

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There is a massive age difference between the both of you. Also, significant life experience gap since he was your first serious relationship. What were his reasons for marrying you? Since you are long distance, has he started the immigration or moving in together process yet? Perhaps you were just a fling for him even though he married you. If he is doing nothing to eventually have you living with him, then you should consider ending the marriage. You are so young still and deserve to be with someone who seeks out spending time with you.

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What should I do, my husband deleted the message he and his baby mama text him that she still love him?

His Ex that they have kid together sends him her pics and texts that she still love him. He responded that she is the 1st woman whoever loved him and deleted the messages but I had already read them

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Sounds like you might just be a placeholder rebound relationship for your husband. If he did not fully get over his ex before jumping into a relationship with you, then there are previous feelings that never had closure in order to move on. They also share a child together. Sometimes a parent will say things to the other estranged parent to keep them happy so they have access to the shared child. This could be what he is doing but then he should be honest with you about his plans and behavior. You need to confront him and tell him that you saw the message before he deleted it. Then tell him that it really seems suspicious that he felt the need to delete those messages.

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Hi, my problem is my husband never spends time with me, he is always busy?

Why then just yesterday he was smelling of perfume? When I asked him he said it was air conditioner and twisted his hand and left, what can be wrong? I have tried: Nothing I am just quiet and he said when I leave the house he will not look for me. I think it was caused by: The perfume when I tell him to wed me he refuses yet he wanted to wed his ex

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You have suspicions because he wanted to get back with his ex when he married you. He has told you that if you leave, he will not go after you and try to win you back. A statement like that signals that it is time for you to leave. He has no interest in a relationship with you so why waste more of your time? Forget smelling perfume and instead focus on the fact that he has emotionally left this marriage. Perhaps he can regain interest again but that will take work and effort on his part and he has to be willing to try for the sake of the marriage. Otherwise, you should just leave.

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My sister's husband was working abroad and now a women wrote her that he had an affair with her and he denied?

How could she know that her husband is telling the truth ?. I have tried: Nothing, just heard it. I think it was caused by: I can't think of anything now

That woman who wrote your sister was telling the truth. There would be no reason for some random woman to write your sister unless to tell her the truth. This was probably written out of anger and spite but that does not change the fact that your sister's husband was unfaithful. As her sister, offer her emotional support and possibly some financial support if she wants to leave her husband. You can't force her to leave though and be careful of what you say about her husband in the event that she tries to work it out with her husband. You can voice your opinions but do not force or pressure her to do anything. This is ultimately her decision as to what she should do next to save or leave her marriage.

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I started the relationship with my partner whilst he was still married. Now, I feel as though he is having an affair whilst living with me. But I have no evidence and it's difficult to track down?

I am completely lost - he has gone so cold in the last year. it's true that my 20 years old son has not simplified anything as he is lazy and socially awkward. I know that Carl felt betrayed by me as I was defending my son against what seem overreacting on his side - especially as he's not very good at doing chores himself.. Many of the 33 signs are correct when it comes to Carl but does it really mean 100% that he's having an affair. Can it just be because he's depressed, stressed by his high pressure job and some debts we accumulated with the mortgage on our house? Does it really have to be a proof of cheating?

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If you are disagreeing in how to treat your adult son then this is probably the issue in your marriage and not that he is cheating. You also mentioned that you have some financial stress currently in the marriage too. These are major red flags of impending disaster in your marriage. Blended families often have differences in how to parent their spouse's children. You can say "Thanks for your input" but the decision is ultimately up to you and your son's biological father. Drawing a clear and distinct line will be key for your marriage to survive.

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Am I being too jealous about my husband just talking when I as am aware what can transpire?

I am my husband's 4th wife. We've been married for almost 19 months. At first, I didn't notice him privately message other girls on Facebook, then I got upset when I wasn't included in the message about them meeting up to let the dogs play. I then found him messaging her calling her beautiful and asking if she was working. I was so mad I threw the phone. About 3 months later I see a message him asking her if she wants to play naughty plumber. Hell broke loose. I made him block her. Then he talks to a woman out of state they chat while I was sitting on the couch with him, the next day from the screen shots she sent me was their conversation along with pics. One that concerned me was his conversation saying he would have motive! He tried to cut her off saying he was done because he was in love with me but she thought different and sent me everything. I am on pins and needles every time he's on Facebook I'm nervous he will do it again. .

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The reality is, he is going to do this behavior on Facebook again. This is a habitual pattern for him which is why you are wife number 4. He is not going to change his habits and behavior and in fact, may have some form of sexual addiction. You have had numerous instances of catching him in the act of trying to cheat on you. Clearly he knows that you are aware and still won't stop doing this. It would be interesting to speak with his former wives because I would wager money on the fact that he did this with all of them too. So this is not about you but rather he has serious issues with being faithful and either confronts and gets help or there is no point for you to stay married to him.

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I have a feeling that my husband is having an affair, we fought out of nothing, we hardly have intimate, even when I touch him he refuses, as if he has lost interest in our marriage, he often sleeps before I do and refuses to awake, then I do so. We don't talk as usual!

Marriage problems, kindly advice

This sounds more like depression or andropause. Andropause is a male hormonal disorder that begins around the same time menopause does for a woman. Males will present with lack of energy or interest and no sexual desire. You are also mentioning signs of depression. The best thing you can do is encourage your husband to speak with his doctor about therapy or a mental health/hormonal check.

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If you found a strand of hair that is NOT yours in your own house. What is the sign?

I tried to confront my separated hubby with a strand of hair that is NOT belongs to me since I've got a chemo treatment last December so I don't have a strand of long hair but he kept denying and so Defensive and argues a lot then left the house without an explanation. (we don't live in the same house but he comes and goes from time to time for our son). He also announced that he won't comes for the Thanksgiving Dinner that he was supposed to be with our son that day). Even though I don't have any feeling for him anymore but I don't want him to bring an DNA from others into my home. But is it one of the signs that he's already have an affair with someone since last December when he doesn't comes around to help me to take care of our kid while I was on the treatment? He picks a fight a lot with little things while my health limited me to do the usual chores. Does a cheating partner feels guilty as charge while feeling Defensive about strand of long & dark hair that is NOT mine?

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If it was just one hair, that could be "transfer DNA". You or your son could have somehow come in contact with the strand and then it brushed off your clothing and landed on the floor. You are no longer together as a couple but if you do not want strangers in your home without your consent, you can change the locks on the doors and request that he respect your wishes to keep strangers out of your home. It is sad that you separated during your chemo treatment. That is when you need those that love you around you the most. His guilt could be from deserting you in your greatest time of need. Either way, draw clear boundaries about who is allowed in your home. Explain to him that your health is still compromised and you wish to restrict the access of new germs in your home. It is also a good idea to explain to him that this home is now yours exclusively and it is your rules that dictate who comes and goes. As for holidays, he may have other plans for Thanksgiving but either way, you need to think about your child and making the holiday about them and not your feelings regarding their father. Take this as an opportunity to gain new memories for your son.

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I am a cheater is studying this article guarantee me from my situations?

I am having two adorable wives one legally and one illegally but all with love!

Eventually no matter what you do, one of these women is going to find out about the other. You are risking losing one or both of them. It is best that you make a decision about who to be with be with because you owe one person your complete attention in order to be in a good relationship. This is not about love even though you tell yourself that to feel better about what you are doing. The only person you love is yourself.

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Does my husband want to see an old girlfriend or am I just worrying about nothing?

My husband ran into an old girlfriend 2 1/2 years ago, he asked her where she lives, he drives by her house every chance he gets, she is divorced. She has been showing up at events that my husband and I go to, she did not do this for the first 36 years of our marriage. Maybe he does not want her, maybe she is trying to get him back.. We have 4 children and they have all done very well for themselves. We always got along very well, we are farmers and are very busy, however, I feel that sometimes his mind is somewhere else. I have tried: I have told him that I know he is driving by her place, and he I said there is nothing going on. I think it was caused by: He met her at a friends funeral, he talked to her for more than an hour, I was not at the funeral, I had to work, when he came home he told me all this and I did not think anything of this until little things started happening, i.e. driving by her place, her started showing up at places where my husband and I go.

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This sounds a little like the movie Fatal Attraction. Why would your husband be driving by her house if it is out of his way? Suddenly she is showing up within your social circle and activities around town? Perhaps she is lonely but then you should offer to meet her for lunch. Make yourself vital to her life and you will be able to determine if she has interests other than friendship with your husband.

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What should I think about my husbad having this image in his email?

My spouse had an image of a coworker in an email. he said it was so she could post it to social media. well it never showed up in the social world and it has since been deleted from his email. I'm not sure why he would otherwise have this picture? he worked with this female for 9-10 years. when she moved to another building so did he. or maybe it was vice versa?. thank you. I think this is different, because the image was in his email folder.

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