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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

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How do you get Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S3 keyboard?

I have the Samsung Galaxy S3. I would like to get the update with Emoji through the keyboard and not using a different SMS app. How do I get that


Without having to use another application you can in fact simply just download a keyboard application to allow you to be able to send Emoji and receive them successfully on your device. I can give you the information in regards to being able to download this keyboard to use on your current SMS application without having to download a whole new SMS application.

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The application can be downloaded from the application store for free in order to use Emoji. On the new Samsung Update Emoji are not available still only the Android smileys on the device.

Here is the link to the keyboard to download to your device for use:


How do I remove the Emoji Keyboard from my S3?

I recently installed Go Keyboard to my S3 and I would like to go back to my old keyboard. I uninstalled the app but the keyboard is still there. Please advise as to how to get back to the default keyboard.

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In this situation you are going to need to go through the steps on making your old keyboard the default keyboard on your device to be able to run the keyboard on your device successfully. I will be giving you the steps below in order to be able to restore your keyboard back on your app:

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-Go to settings

-Go to language and input

-Tap on default in this menu

-Tap on Samsung Keyboard to set your Samsung keyboard back to default for your apps on your device

Emoji on S3 how do I use them?

According to what I've ready I should already have Emoji on my S3, a friend has the same phone and she has then without installing anything


I own the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 at this present time and I can tell you that they do not come stock with Emoji on them when you first purchase the device. Even with the new update the only thing you will have on your device are the standard Android smileys.

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The way to get Emoji onto your device will be by downloading the Emoji Keyboard which will allow you to be able to use your standard messenger apps and to post Emoji to the app or social media applications on your device.

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I will provide you the link and steps to activating this on your device at no cost:

-Download the app from here https://www.google.com/#q=emoji+keyboard+kit+kat

-After downloading the app go to settings

-Tap on language and input

-Tap on the Emoji keyboard you have just downloaded to check the check the keyboard

-After this tap on default

-Select the Emoji keyboard

From here the keyboard will be displayed for all your applications in order to insert Emoji. You now will be able to use Emoji on all applications on your device.

I have a question about step #9 in how to use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3?

I went through all the steps... up until step 9.

In step 9.4 it says Tap the "Default Keyboard Option" Step 9.5 says - Select the "Handcent Emoji Keyboard". This option does not show up on my phone to select. Have I made an error somewhere?

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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3
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I want to add the emoji to my existing S3 text program?

The new text messaging that I need to down load to get the emoji doesn't have the option to put different sounds to different contracts.

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How to get iOS Emoji on Samsung S3 4.0?

I want iOS Emoji on my Samsung S3 4.0 but I can't seem to find it

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