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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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How do I get him to forgive me?

I got drunk the other day and got crazy and he is mad about that. I have tried: Texting him. I think it was caused by: Me drinking


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How do I make him forgive me, I did a lot of mistakes, and I miss him a lot?

We got into a fight, because of a mistake I did and then we solved it out, after a few days I saw that our relation is fading away, I asked if we can have a small talk he was Okay, so we fought again and he asked a time for his own, he said that he got hurt during the first fight When I said , I have no feelings towards you anymore, I told him that it wasn't coming out from my heart but still he didn't want to believe me, it's been a week since we didn't talk and I miss him so much, what do I do ? Please help. I have tried: I sent him a message saying that : I'm jealous of the way your happy, I'm jealous of the nights you spend without me, I'm afraid your love for me is gone for someone else, he replied saying that he's not happy as I think he is and he didn't dump me for another girl and he is so busy studying !!. I think it was caused by: The problem was caused by the words I've said, they hurt him so much and I know I did a huge mistake, the word I said was like : OK., I don't feel anything towards you anymore , you just made my heart cold!

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There seems to be quite a few relationship problems going on all at once with your boyfriend. Let's take a look at each one and how it hurt him. We will also discuss how you can try and fix your relationship with your boyfriend. Part of that process will be writing him an apology letter, which we explain how to do in our article on how to Write an Apology Letter to Your Boyfriend.

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  1. 1
    You made a mistake, and it needs to be fixed.
    While we can't tell what your mistake was from your question, we can tell that it hurt you and your boyfriend enough that you didn't completely solve the problems it caused. Maybe he was too hurt to talk honestly with you the first time. Maybe you were too worried about losing him to listen for what he wasn't saying to you. It could even be that he just didn't have enough time to sort his feelings out. Write about it in a letter. And then wait a day before sending the letter, and look at it again. You need to be honest, and it needs to be about him and how he feels.
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    You fought again, and said things you didn't mean.
    While your boyfriend may know you love him, he may also have doubts, depending on what it was you did that caused the original problem. When you told your boyfriend you had no feelings for him anymore, that probably really hurt him. This is especially true if he was still hurting from your first talk. Many times when we try to fix problems, especially problems we caused, the only thing we see is how badly we hurt. Even when we see how someone else we care about is hurt, it's sometimes too easy to remain focused on our own hurts. Think about how you feel now, and how difficult it is to do anything. That's how hurt your boyfriend feels. He doesn't know how to talk to you about it, and maybe he isn't ready to. That's why you should consider sending him an apology letter. An apology letter to your boyfriend is something he can read more than once. It lets him think about what happened, and it also lets you tell him how sorry you really are. More importantly, you can let your boyfriend know how much you love him. When you finish writing, invite him to write back to you - but remember - he may take some time before he writes back.
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    You told him you are jealous of his happiness.
    One of the most important things in a relationship is building happiness together. However, a big part of that happiness comes from doing things apart. While it's easy to do things together all of the time in the beginning, over time it can ruin a relationship. For instance, he may like chess, and you may hate it. That's fine. You might like shopping, which he probably hates just as much as you dislike chess. So when he goes off to play chess, you can go shop or do whatever you like and enjoy that he doesn't. The important thing is that you and your boyfriend both come back together because you want to, and because you love each other. Silly as it seems, sometimes helping a man to do things without you that make him happy will actually bring him closer to you. This is because too few women learn that secret about men, and they never let their boyfriends get too far away. After a while, a man expects his girlfriends to be a little jealous. When they aren't, he is more likely to stay with that girl forever - because he feels she is truly concerned with his happiness - not just her happiness.
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We have gone over a few things above that can help you solve the problems you have with your boyfriend. Hopefully you'll be able to write a great letter to him, and you can both start fresh together.

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What are the steps that I can do so he can forgive me?

I have my ex boyfriend who is asking for help to get a job, what I did is; I gave the company wherein my current boyfriend applied too but he wasn't able to make it.. I have tried: I said I'm sorry I cried in front of him. I've done it two times I hug him, kiss him. I think it was caused by: He thought that I dumped on his job

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I want to convince him I feel sorry and forgive me. He forgive me but now he is saying I am not in a relationship with you anymore. What should I do?

The fight was yesterday. I was online and didn't reply his text and I refused to say I was online that was my mistake, now how can I convince him to be back in relationship with me?

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No this article not work for me. he has so much ego problem he is not ready to forgive me . I am alreadysays sry to him but it don't work?

No he is not ready to for give me I am already says . sorry to him.

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What am I supposed to do for him to forgive me?

He got into a fight and he lost but I thought he won but he didn't and went up to him and said you got your a** beat and he got mad and don't want to talk to me but looks at me sad and I know he misses me. By the way, we not dating. I have tried: To talk to him and say sorry to him.

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