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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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How do I find the ISO file after the download?

I downloaded the file "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force (Europe) ISO" but there is no way that I can find the ISO file


If you have downloaded the file from emu-paradise then the file that you have downloaded needs to be extracted first before you can get the ISO file. You can either use 7zip or Winrar to do so. Now to look for the ISO file go to your downloaded game and extract it. After extraction, I'm sure you'll get confused cause you will saw a lot of files and there's no ISO yet. Well, the answer is you need to extract again the file within that folder, look for the file that has a Winrar extension. Supposedly you have downloaded YuGiOh then the files after your first extraction is yugioh_ISO.r21 then simply browse in that same folder and you will see a file named yugioh_ISO(win_rar). Just extract it and for it to finished extracting and then you will see the ISO file.

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Why I cannot extract my file game?

When I try to extract it, the folder have been broken. and I can play my game. I hope someone can help me.


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    You have to ascertain that there is enough space on the disk to which you are extracting the game.
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    Download WinRAR and install it.
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    Launch WinRAR from the desktop or the start menu.
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    Navigate to the archive on the disk and click it.
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    Click the first-aid icon that has "Repair" written under it.
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    Try extracting the file again
    If it fails, then you will need to recreate (or redownload) the file.
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Can you help me get "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" working on PPSSPP?

First off, all music seems to have been cut from the game. Not all sound but the music in particular. Also, some of the cut-scenes will not play and the ones that do don't seem to have the voice acting. And finally, many of the 2 dimensional GUI displays are misplaced such as the main menu and many of the menus within the game. Please help.

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This YouTube Tutorial shows the optimal settings for playing Kingdom of Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PPSSPP. Every time you play a new game, you need to adjust settings.

Why do I only have a black screen while playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep?

I have been trying all day to play. I have converted my .ISO file to .cso to see if that would help. What should I do?

In the PPSSPP settings, enable Non-Buffered Rendering. This is what is causing the black screen in the game, most likely. The game also has a Check Storage Issue which makes it fail to load. Changing to .cso will not help the issue. The emulator runs poorly with .cso files.

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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator
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Hi, I downloaded the emulator just now I also have a ISO file but it says could not find executable disk file please help?

How to run and play the game I don't understand it

You need to unzip the ISO file. Do not rename the extensions when you unzip or the emulator will not find the file.

Why won't my ROM file open? Blah Blah Blah?

When I attempt to open my game with the emulator it can't identify it. the game file is a 7z file.

Unpack the 7z file using the method in this YouTube Tutorial. If the file will still not open, it is either corrupted or from a source that did not package it properly.

I can't find the PSP file in iTunes?

When I look in iTunes, I can't find the PSP file

You need to convert the file to be supported. iTunes and PSP files are not compatible. This is why you are not finding it.

I'm not sure if this relates at all but the file I downloaded was moved from my downloads folder?

I downloaded the first Mario bros from emuparadise but it was moved which worries me because last time that happened I got a virus.

Delete the file since you are concerned about the possible virus. Files usually do not disappear if you have unpacked them and played them.

How to open ratchet and clank siege matter by PPSSPP Windows?

I can't open ratchet and clank siege matter by PPSSPP Windows. Please tell me what to load (pick form folder) and how much it takes to start.. I have tried: I picked (load) some zip file.. I think it was caused by: It takes so long but did not start

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Follow the advice at the top of this page to unzip your files properly. There is also another video posted in an answer for how to unzip 7z files.

I cannot see the ISO (WinRAR) file of the game folder?

Here it is written that to get ISO we need to extract the file with ISO (WinRAR.), but I cannot see that file, please help. I have tried: I have extracted the downloaded file many times!

It is saved as a .rar. Search for file extensions that way and then you will be able to find it. If not then you did not unzip or download the file correctly. Also, if you are using a pirated copy, many of the ones available online are just blank duds or viruses.

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