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Use Emoji in your Facebook Status

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How do I add these little faces to my Facebook posts?

I'm on my computer -- do I have to download it and stuff from my phone?


The little faces to which you're referring are called Emoji. Emoji are traditionally used on cellphones, but Facebook introduced a feature which allows you to put smileys at the end of your statuses.

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  • Write a status.
  • Click the smiley face.
  • Click the appropriate action.
  • Click the appropriate feeling.

You can also do traditional text smiley-- like :) , :D , and :( -- in your status and they will show up as little faces on your status, as well.

How can I add emoji's on Facebook without hitting the feelings button?

I would like to add emoji's to my status on Facebook without hitting the feelings icon on my laptop and not sure of how to do this


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How do I add emoji to my Facebook when I click 'like' on some posts or pictures posted from my Android phone?

Facebook has a new feature wherein when you click on the "like" of a photo or posts, there are different emoticons which you can choose, but I cannot do it on my Samsung Note4. I already updated my Facebook version.

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The reaction-emotion bug seems to be account-based (that means that you cannot see those reactions even on another computer while others can). There are no recommendations from the Facebook team on how to fix accounts that cannot have the emotions yet (though there are some claims that the reaction icons are available only for some countries, specifically for Ireland and Spain during its first testing days). But some people fixed it by going to "Apps" > "Settings" > "Applications" > "Application Manager" > "ALL" > "Facebook" (Marshmallow: "Apps" > "Settings" > "Apps" > "Facebook" and "STORAGE") and uninstall all of the updates for Facebook, force-stop the application, clear its data and cache, and disable Facebook. Then, reboot your smartphone and go back to Facebook to reenable and update it. You can also try to change your country via a VPN, which might not be that easy to perform on a Samsung Note4 (see our tutorial on how to set up a VPN on a Samsung Note 10.1 This may fix your problem.

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How do I show emotions on my status on Facebook using computer or smartphone?

I do not know if it is my phone or what? I can't use emotions on my Facebook, there is no option of it. I have tried: I have tried to use Facebook lite because I thought maybe the version I am using does not support motions. I think it was caused by: Maybe my phone or computer is not smart enough

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Use Emoji in your Facebook Status

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