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Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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How can you tell if a guy has a girlfriend from his Facebook page?


You can tell if a guy has a girlfriend from his Facebook page when you look at his timeline and you see that his status is "In a Relationship". Sometimes, it is also stated that he is in a relationship with the name of his girlfriend. You can also tell that he has a girlfriend from the photos uploaded by him or by other people and you see that there is a girl who is too close to him which normal friends wouldn't do. You can also tell by the comments and posts of that guy if he has someone who he exchanges sweet messages with. But if these are not visible in his Facebook page, it doesn't automatically mean that he does not have a girlfriend. And if you see these, it is not also absolute that he has a girlfriend. It is still better if you ask him about it.

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Here are some ways that you can tell if a guy has a girlfriend from his Facebook page:

  • If you see the guy is posting a picture of a girl. There is a chance that the girl on his post is his girlfriend.
  • If you keep on seeing the picture of the guy with a girl. It is also a hint that, that girl on the picture is his girlfriend.
  • If he keeps on posting love quotes or saying about love and he tag a girl's name with it.
  • If you see his post with pictures and a girl in it, also see the caption. If the caption of it is sweet and it is dedicated to the girl, there is a chance that, that girl is his girlfriend.

How to know if a guy has a girlfriend by chatting?


The best question to ask when chatting to a guy is "what is the longest relationship you have been in" from here he will either tell you of one that he was in with his ex-girlfriend or the one he is currently in at the time. Also remember if a guy is constantly on his phone around you it is a possibility that he is texting or calling his girlfriend.

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How to test if a guy has a girlfriend?


This is not a very straightforward thing to see in a guy. There are really guys who prefer not to talk about their girlfriends. When they do this, the reason is not always fishy. Some of them just really prefer to have more privacy in their lives. Therefore, in most cases, you just really need to be more direct in inquiring whether a guy has a girlfriend or not.

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It would be acceptable if you will just ask him politely if he is already seeing someone or not. This way, you are able to get the most accurate information, instead of getting mislead by some of his actions. You can easily just tell him that you don't want to be behaving in a way that would step on another person, so you just want to know if he already has a girlfriend or not.

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How to tell if a guy is taken?

There are various ways to know if a guy is already taken and some of the notable ways are listed below:

  • The guy has limited time to socialize with his friends. If a guy has already a girlfriend, his time will be mostly spent with his girlfriend and mostly excuses himself from socializing too long with his friends.
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  • The guy secretly buy "gifts". If you are with a guy and he oftentimes buy "gifts" such as chocolates or girl stuffs without telling you the recipient, his action is a good indicator that the guy has a girlfriend.
  • The guy's status in his online social networking page is usually changed to "in a relationship".
  • His friendly relationship to girls is somewhat restricted. There are also guys that are faithful to their girlfriends and oftentimes restricts themselves in socializing with their female friends and they usually appears to be avoiding flirtatious talks or gestures.

The above tips are some of the most obvious signs to tell if a guy is taken.

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Know if a guy has a girlfriend
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I want to know if this guy is serious or not?

I met a guy in Wechat, he told me he feel in love with me, I am Zambian, and he is Nigerian, we started chatting and later gave me his Facebook account just to see that he has a girlfriend he has been dating for five years but says he loves me and has a future with me and he can't explain what really is the problem is with the girlfriend, he wanted to come to see me but the money was not enough, it seems the family knows this girl but he says he loves me and he is not deceiving me, one week ago he went to play chess because he is a very good chess player but I saw photos of him and the girl but he refused when I asked him about that. Please help me

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How do I ask a boy in high-school if he has a girlfriend?

There is a boy that I am currently talking to since next year, but the problem is that we both like each other but he haven't asked me out yet.

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When you have a crush on a guy and you find out he has a girlfriend and you don't see him with her but yet he shows feelings for me?

I like this guy who is a senior in high-school. We go to the same school, and I found out he has a girlfriend, but I've noticed he has feelings for me, like smiling at me, staring at me, and giving a lot of eye contact. I first saw him at winter formal . Ever since then, he has been somewhat interested in me. He now keeps looking at me, and his friends, I know, but whenever I look at him he doesn't come over to me and talk to me. Does he like me? If he keeps staring at me why won't he approach me? Well like I said before, I barely know this guy I haven't talked to him before, I don't know if he likes me or not since he has a so called girlfriend. He just hangs out with friends mostly. I don't see him with any girl.

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