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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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How can you make your boyfriend jealous over Skype, etc.?

So basically someone's been talking to other girls and all of a sudden not showing interest in me and I know them through Skype and Kik and all that and I really need to make them jealous to get their attention back.

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To make your boyfriend jealous as you talk on Kik or Skype, you can talk to him about how great other guys are. It'll make him very jealous of the other guys who have caught your attention and will make him think about how his attention for other girls probably hurts you, too.

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However, a better option than making him jealous is to talk to him about your feelings. After all, you're in a relationship, and relationships are all about communication. If you tell him how much it hurts you that he pays attention to other girls, he'll apologize and stop.

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Hi! My boyfriend is threatening me with chats (he got on my phone when I wanted to break up with him). What should I do?

How can I break up with my boyfriend without his threatening me?


Find a male person who can pose as your new boyfriend. If you receive a threat over the phone, you will need either to give the phone to the person or ask the person to call the troublemaker up. If the troublemaker threatens with physical violence, then tell him that you are going to report him to the police. If you do not want to listen to him, block his calls (you can use this program for Android or just tap the number, scroll down, and select "Block this caller" on iOS phones). You can also give him some time, and he will cool down.

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He is not calling, he is not texting messages. Our relationship is for five years?

Our friendship is for five years, and we are still with in, but the problem is he is not calling, I call him 3 times within one day. Also he is not texting even when I tell him that I am sick, he treat it at that time. He does not call me again or ask. But I love him and he loves me very much

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You need to confront him about where this relationship is going or if he wishes to walk away. After 5 years, there should be a strong commitment or marriage plans. This is a long time to be dating and going nowhere in terms of a future life together unless you are both very young. Perhaps he has something in his life that is urgent and he does not have the time to speak with you but once again, this is something he should have told you. At this point you are are at a crossroads in the relationship and need to decide whether to make this relationship permanent or end it.

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Why does my boyfriend always accuse me of sleeping with other guys and creating fake accounts on social networks just to spy on me, what may be the cause?

Why does my boyfriend always accuse me of sleeping with other guys and creating fake accounts on social networks just to spy on me, what may be the cause

He has low self esteem. Are you mentioning how much you love him enough? Is he insecure about other life issues such as finances or the future? Tell him that unless he can trust you, he should just walk away because you are not going to spend the rest of your life with someone that does not value your character. See what his response is then. He may back off a bit, but perhaps make a time limit for yourself on whether to stay or leave depending him his improvements of trust.

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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You
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My boyfriend had stalked my WhatsApp?

Today I realized my WhatsApp was stalked and all chats accessed by my boyfriend. How do I deal with it? Should I ask him?. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Doubt

First, hard reset your device and put a passcode on your phone. Second, look to see if your boyfriend broke the law by installing a spy app on your phone without your permission. Third, confront your boyfriend and request time apart because he violated your privacy with his insecurity and distrust.

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To deal with this, he needs to apologize to you for what he did. He then needs to assure you that he will not invade your privacy again. He did this because he distrusted you which means he does not value your personal moral character. You need to let him know that you will not tolerate this type of behavior. Then ask him to list why he felt the need to spy on you.

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