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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How can I unlock my Galaxy S2 without losing data (Factory Reset)?

I forgot my phones pin and I can't remember it, I don't want to wipe the phone because I need some of the data on it, what can I do?


If you don't want to wipe your phone, you may still unlock it using your Google account credentials. Please do the following.

  • Tap "Forgot Password" button on your screen.
  • Enter the Google account and password you are using on your phone.
  • That's it. Your phone should now be unlocked.

If you are still unable to unlock your device, I'm sorry to say that you might need to Hard Reset your device.

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Samsung S2 locked due to multiple patterns and Gmail not working?

My children have locked the phone and Gmail is not working. I don't want to loose data. I have tried to use aroma file manager but at moment it showing authentication failure. I am trying to use adb Shell but device show error for not connected, even it is connected properly with correct drivers.

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You will need to remember your Gmail account info in order to get back into the phone without any loss of data. You can try to recover your info at Gmail's site here:


Once you've recovered your Gmail info, you can then use a PC or Laptop and sign in to the play store website and purchase the Screen Lock Bypass Pro app, seen here:


Make sure that when you sign in on the play store site, your S2 phone device is recognized. Once you purchase the app, the installation will take place over the air to your phone and you can then follow the on screen instructions to bypass the pattern lock screen.

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How can I unlock my Samsung S2 without losing any data from the phone? One more thing - it is not showing the option of forgot password. What can I do now?

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 which does not have the option "Forgot Password" without losing any data?


The Samsung Galaxy series of mobile phones and tablets, much like the Tesco Hudl and the Sony Xperia Tab Z, run on the Android operating system. This makes it relatively easy to access them when you've forgotten a password, patter, or other login PIN. If you scroll to the top of this Q&A, you can click on the title to view the full guide on this topic.

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After I key in my PIN, what do I tap for it to process. There is no OK button?

Samsung Galaxy SII PIN. I just set it up. I'm trying to get back into my phone. I enter the PIN and then what do I push. There is no OK button

If there is no OK button showing on your Android mobile device, you will need to restart it to make sure that it's not a temporary error. If you still have no 'OK' button, and the 'Volume Up', 'Volume Down', 'Home', or 'Power' buttons are not working, you either have a virus, or you have changed something that broke or removed your 'OK' button.

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You will need to remove the passcode using another method. One method is with the ADB tool, and as a last resort, performing a Factory Reset on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Alphanumeric password for my S2 is forgotten. I tried every possible password, but nothing works?

I have forgotten my password, no email option is appearing on screen. I've tried all possible passwords I could think of, but nothing works. I do not want to lose my data. Please help me.

If you have read the sections in our guide, and are still having problems, you can still unlock your Android mobile device, depending on the device. Please visit our guide on how to unlock your Android mobile device screen without losing any data. You can also reference other parts of that guide for more information and additional steps, that link to other resources you may benefit from.

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My Galaxy phone S2 reboots when I start it. I don't do anything, but now I want to recover my photos?

My Galaxy phone reboots when I start it. I know that there is possibility to flash the ROM, but I am afraid that I will lose my data. Can you help me please?

If, after plugging your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone into your computer, it still reboots each time you start it, you should take the following steps:

  1. 1
    Power down your device.
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  2. 2
    Unplug it from any charging devices or other connections.
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  3. 3
    Remove your device battery.
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  4. 4
    Remove your SD card.
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  5. 5
    Remove your SIM card.
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  6. 6
    Replace your battery.
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  7. 7
    Restart your device.
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If your device now reboots properly, you can plug it into your computer, and copy your files. If it does not reboot, and instead continues to restart, you will be able to recover files from your SD card, but will likely need to perform a factory restore of your Galaxy S2, which will result in the loss of all data.

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I changed the password on my Samsung S2 to numerical while walking down the street. I did not write it down afterwards, and now I don't know if it's a bug or indeed I am entering the wrong numbers. I tried almost hundred times to no avail. I even called Samsung, called VM, but Factory Reset is all they wanted to do. How can I get back in my phone without losing my data?

Can you please help me out? There is no data on the memory card I was told.

Your Samsung S2 functions just like any other Android device out there, so all you need to do is bypass the lock screen, or log into your Google Account to reset your password. If that does not work, you can also use a paid app to bypass your screen lock. To learn more about how to do any of these things, just visit the main guide.

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Each of my apps is locked with a pin and a pattern and it is driving me crazy?

I need to take them off without doing a factory reset, but I can't find an answer anywhere.. I have tried: I have tried so many things, I have confused myself. I think it was caused by: I did

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My phone won't accept my pin now, this only happened tonight . My phone has been in my pocket but surely I haven't changed my pin?

Phone will not accept pin for unknown reason?

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I have forgot my pattern, I set it by myself, it was on dark area, now I have been trying my best but fail on this?

While my Gmail password won't help when I sign in with it. Please help me

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Galaxy S2 i9100, the Gmail account is correct but the password is not, what to do if the mobile is not connected with the internet?

I attempted too many pattern so the only option I have to enter the Gmail account, I am sure the email is right but not sure about the password, I could change the password of the email in the internet and open it but in the mobile "I think" still need the old password, is there any way to reset the password in the mobile without connection or I have to wipe it and lose all, please help?

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