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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How can I spy on my mate messages without downloading app in his phone for free?

Without installing a spy app, and without paying anything, there is nothing you can do with the phone. Instead, you're going to have to resort to old-fashioned spy work. Some of the tricks detectives use will help you, but some of the tricks wives and girlfriends use might work too.

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    Just ask to see his messages
    If he says it's no problem, he's most likely got nothing to hide. However, if he gets defensive, he's got something to hide.
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    Pretend your phone is broken, and ask to send an SMS
    When you send it, you'll be able to see the message history. You can do this until he catches on.
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    Wait until he's asleep, and then check his messages
    Just make sure to mark them as unread, or he'll know you were looking through his phone.
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    Switch his SIM card with an unactivated SIM
    Then you can put his active SIM on your phone and see all of his incoming messages, while he goes out to get his SIM replaced.
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What is the best free app to spy on my boyfriend's location, incoming, and outgoing SMS messages, and phone calls?

He is always sneaking off whenever his phone rings, so know he's up to something. I just don't know if he's cheating, and I want to find out.

You're going to need something powerful to do all of that without him knowing. There is nothing in the market that is free, but you can use a free trial. We recommend you learn how to Use the My Spy Cell Phone Spy App, which will let you do everything you asked for, and more. Plus, they offer a seven-day free trial, which you'll be able to use for a full week to see what's happening. Install it on a Wednesday, and you'll have all weekend and into the early week to see what's really going on. In most cases, if he hasn't done something bad in seven days, he's probably innocent of any real harm.

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I want software that's easy to install on my boyfriend's phone so I can monitor his calls and messages?

What is the best software, that's also easy to install, and invisible once it's on his phone?

There are many applications that will give you these functions, but very few of them work as advertised or are updated regularly. One of the best applications on the market is known as My Spy. It will let you track your boyfriend's calls and messages. To learn more about how to Use My Spy to Control and Track Cell Phone Calls, or how to Use My Spy to Track Text and SMS Messages on Any Mobile Phone, just visit the linked guides. You'll be able to track much more than just his messages and calls. His location, how long he stays in places, what he says on the phone, and even his Facebook and WhatsApp messages will all be within your reach.

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I want to know all my boyfriend's calls on his phone?

I need an app that I can track and spy calls and location from on my boyfriend's cellphone.

In order to track and spy on his phone, you'll need to install one of the apps that secretly installs itself, so he won't catch you. One of the best Apps for this is My Spy, which can do what you want, and a lot more. In fact, it can do so much that you'll be feeling like James bond by the time you finish reading about it. You can start with our article on how to Use My Spy to Track the Location of a Cell Phone with GPS, which will get you started learning just how well you'll be able to track him and his location. From there, you can click the link at the top of the page, and read more about the other app and device functions you'll have access to.

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If you decide to install My Spy, make sure you ask them for their free 7-day trial. That way you have some time to learn how to use the app and make sure it works for you.

Is there an app you can use to listen to someone else's phone calls?

I want to listen in, but I'm not sure what I need to download?

You can use the My Spy app, which we've discussed elsewhere in this Q&A. You'll find that there are a number of helpful functions for tracking calls. You can record just some calls, or all calls, at your option. For example, you can choose to only record calls from a particular number, or to a particular contact in the address book. This way you don't have to listen to a call to the bank, or other routine calls that may not be of interest to you. To learn how to Use My Spy to Track and Record Conversations with a Cell Phone, just follow the link.

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If you decide to set up an account and install the software on his phone, make sure to read the other linked guides we've provided first so that you know how to use the functions and won't waste time trying to learn how to use the app.

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Is there an app I can keep track of my husband's calls, messages, for free without him knowing?

I am disabled and my husband can't take it anymore because I can't do the things I use to do. I can't afford to know if he is cheating on me or not. He has mentioned a divorce but I have no money and nowhere to go in my situation. Can you please help me. We have just been married over a year and I broke my back in places when I moved in with him.

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So much for "in sickness and in health". He probably is not cheating but he does seem to give up on challenges easily. Unfortunately, you became disabled shortly after you were married and he feels that he did not sign up for this kind of hardship.

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You need to see if there is a counselor that you both can see to help your marriage. It is sad that because you can't do things that you used to he has devalued your relationship. Honestly, my personal opinion would be that this marriage would not have lasted even if you were perfectly fine because he is shallow enough to walk away at the minute the marriage got difficult.

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I want to spy on my boyfriend in Nigeria?

I want to spy on my boyfriend in Nigeria I think he's cheating on me

Many of the reliable spy apps can be used internationally but your boyfriend will need a smartphone to use the spy apps on the market.

How can I download the application, help me?

Protect my family from the danger, like bully cyber

To monitor your family members Norton Family Premier is $49 and can monitor up to 10 devices. Parents have found this app to be one of the most superior tracking and monitoring apps for children's devices. Android v2.3.3.-2.3.7 and v4.0-5.0 and iOS 6 or higher are supported for this application.

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Here are two VisiHow articles about Bullying:

Is there a good free download I can use to get my sons text off his cell?

I think my 16 yr old is on drugs and he always has that cell phone in his hand so I figure there has to be something on there to tell me what's going on

There are no free apps that are longer than 7 days. The first thing you should do is get a drug test kit from your local pharmacy and insist that he use it. Spot check him when you do this so that he does not have time to collect a friend's urine. You also should put an app on his device like the one above or another spy app and insist that he allow you to monitor his cell phone because he lives under your roof and you pay for his cell service.

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I want an application that doesn't need the phone?

I want an application that doesn't need the phone. I only have the number

Auto Forward targets the phone with just the phone number.

Is there a way I can spy on a Macbook Air's WiFi for free without downloading an application?

Please help me with spying on my girlfriend and boyfriend.

While there are ways to spy on your friends' Macbook Air's WiFi usage for free, there is, unfortunately, no way to spy on the WiFi usage without installing a spy application at this point in time. It is certainly possible that there will be spy applications to do this in the future, but as of right now, you will need to download one of the free spy applications listed below in order to spy on your friends' Macbook Air's WiFi and network usage.

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These spy applications will allow you to spy on what your friends do around their Macbook Air, as well as what they type into their Macbook Air. Unfortunately, you will need to install the spy applications onto their computer; this means they may find the spy application and uninstall it, which will prevent you from being able to spy on their computer in the future.

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Can I read someone's text and call log without having their phone in hand?

I need to read a text and know who is calling, however, I can't get actual hands on time with his phone.

There are apps that target the phone remotely and some are listed on this page and in the VisiHow article.

Hi, I want to spy my wife's mobile phone and we are not living together?

I want to spy my wife phone. We are separated now and I suspect she is having an affair

There are apps like AutoForward or FlexiSpy that can be downloaded remotely. You are currently separated from her which does not automatically mean that she is seeing other people. She may be taking her time to assess your relationship and deciding whether to move forward with or without you.

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I want to spy on my boyfriend mobile, but I live far from him, I live in a different city and come to visit him every week. is there any solution?

I live in a different city and come to visit him every week. I want to see all the WhatsApp texts messages and pictures, his emails, everything

You will need to remotely install an app and some are listed in this VisiHow article Q&A if you want to install the app while he is away. If you wait to install on his phone while you are visiting him, you have several more options. Be sure to look in the features of the app that they monitor WhatsApp.

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Yes, I'm trying to find a discrete way of seeing if my hubby is cheating on me?

He is out town working, I have limited access to some of his accounts but not his phone, but I want to spy on his SMS text to validate my finding so far

An app like Auto Forward of FlexiSpy will be able to see his SMS. You also can request that he download a free SMS tracker in Google play that forwards to your phone and if he balks and refuses then you have confirmation for free that he is indeed hiding something. SMS Forwarder and FREE Forward are SMS apps he can set up. I personally have FREE Forward on my children's cell phones and I like that it not only shows me SMS details but also incoming calls.

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Yes my girlfriend lives in Dubai and she has free account, I want to know if she is seeing someone else?

Need to know if she is seeing someone else

Spyera is a spy app recommended for use in Dubai. You also could try Auto Forward and mSPY.

My dad is very sneaky and I think he is a creepy and I need to see if he sends text to my friends?

Please help, he is very sneaky and creepy around me, and I don't know how to check his phone without him looking.

Why would be texting your friends and if he is, why can't you just ask your friends to see their messages from him? You would have to have a credit card or PayPal account for many spy apps. If he is monitoring what you are doing then as a parent he has that right. If you think he is making inappropriate advances towards your friend then that is a very serious issue that needs to be assessed by a trusted family member and possibly the authorities.

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Boyfriend of 10 years has been talking to his ex of the past 2 years?

I did not catch him because I trust too much, I believe he is still talking to her on Google Hangout. He just opened a new Gmail account, how can I find out the Gmail name and catch him? Everything I have done to catch only goes halfway. I never had solid proof. I was 140 lbs in Jan 2015, I am now 103 lbs, It is literally making me sick. Please help me!!

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Get a spy app on his phone. He is making new email accounts and not giving you good excuses about them such as his former account got hacked for example. He could be talking to his ex innocently but even then he should have informed you. A spy app will give you the complete proof you need but he seems to be pretty tech savvy so see if you can install the spy app without his anti-spyware noticing if he has something like that installed on his phone it will notify him that you are trying to spy.

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I want to ask something to you? Can you give me am answer for me? if you don't mind?

I have some problems. I want to to know about my boyfriend's call history. I want to check my boyfriend's phone call history..he makes me always sad and unhappy??

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