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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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How can I play Tekken 6 in my PC?

Tekken 6 is not running in my PC, it says that a file is missing in my PC...


Fatima Afridi has provided a good installation tutorial to show you how to [http://solvetube.com/how-to-install-tekken-6-game-without-errors/ Install Tekken 6 without errors. She proved a few links to the game list as well to help you further should you get stuck or see the missing files again. Most likely, when you get a message like missing in the PC then it was a corrupted file in the first place.

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How can I play Tekken 6 using PSP emulator the details are as follows?

I have a problem playing Tekken 6 on my PC configuration intel G31 chipset, core 2 duo 2.9 GHz 2 GB RAM

the error it is giving is that OpenGL 2.0 not found could you please tell me an alternate way to play this game on PC

please reply soon


Unfortunately, your chipset does not support Opengl 2.0. You'll need to try a different device with more recent graphics capabilities in order to properly run PPSSPP.

How do I use my keyboard to play the game I'm playing Tekken 6?

Controller handle. How does it work and how do I use it?


If you are using a keyboard your mouse would be your joystick and the keyboard your directional mapping and combos during battle. You can use a regular keyboard but Game Keyboards respond better.

I have lost my graphic now I can not play Tekken 6 how to play?

I have tried PPSSPP, they said I do not support it

Without a graphics card then you could try to update the graphic card drivers or put PPSSPP on another device. You need a graphics card to play any animated game.

The above questions are from the following wiki...
Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator
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It is stucking and the audio is also a bit noisy?

The game is too slow as the game moves very slow but my PC supports many high end games

This Youtube Tutorial shows you how to configure the game settings with the PPSSPP for less or no lag.

Game is running very slow, how can I play the game in full speed, please tell me right things?

I want to play game in full speed. Hard disk space is only 1 GB and processor is Pentium dual core 1.6GHz, RAM is 2GB

In an above answer, you will see a YouTube Tutorial on how to tweak the Tekken 6 and PPSSPP emulator so that there is no lag. Tekken 6 has got to be tweaked to play and run properly. Even on high-end gaming computers, users have had issues.

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Can I play Tekken 5 or 6 with a 32- bit operating system?

My computer is Windows 7 32- bit operating system

You can play both games on your system. This Youtube Tutorial shows you how to install and play the game on a Windows 32 bit OS.

If I install Tekken 6 and run it with the PPSSPP emulator does that mean I need to use a PlayStation remote in order to play?

Is there a way to reconfigure it to allow me to use my PC keyboard to play?

Configure the keyboard controls in Game settings>Controls>Control Mapping which allows you to set up which keys will do what. You will also want to use keymapping software.  Once you set this up the first time, it will be this way for every game. You can tweak it for other games as you progress to more games. 

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See more questions like this: Ho do I run a .rar file for the game

Tekken 6 in my PC opens but it closes saying this program has stopped working?

Please help me, Tekken 6 in my PC opens but it closes saying this program has stopped working

I want to run Tekken 6 on my Windows 8 PC? is a VisiHow Questions and Answer page that has a solution for you. You probably have a corrupt file or did not backup the files properly. There could also be an issue with your OpenGL which means you need to try to update your graphics card drivers.

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