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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How can I get the text messages off my boyfriends sprint iPhone sent to another computer?


You can only spy on texts or emails of a family member/s, Girlfriend or boyfriend legally in most locations. There are a lot of spy applications for iOS, if you have access to their phone then you can install it to monitor. Apps like mSpy can be installed without jailbreaking the iPhone. With these apps, there will be a link to a Control Panel that you can access from any device that is internet compatible. Spyera is another spy app you should investigate as well because it can allow you to listen to live calls.

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If you can get his iCloud log in then you can backup his phone from time to time and log in from a computer to see what he has been doing for free.

How do I check text messages of someone else without touching their phone?

I feel that someone is unfaithful in our relationship


Without having physical access to their device, you will need to use a remotely-installed spying application. These remote-install spying applications are generally not as reliable as their physically-installed counterparts; however, they are worth a shot if you need to spy on your significant other:

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Remember: these spy applications are generally not as reliable as ones that you install on a person's phone. They also may or may not be illegal in your area. Contact your local law enforcement before you use any of these applications so you can find out whether or not cellphone spying is illegal in your area.

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How to read text from my wifes phone?

How to read the text message from her phone


If you suspect that she is cheating then installing a spy app will allow you to view her messages. Make sure that you have around 10 minutes to access her device without her knowledge. Investigate spy apps by looking to see that they have customer service and that her device is compatible before purchasing a spy app. Here are some VisiHow articles on signs of a wife's infidelity:

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If there are several signs that she is cheating then it is worth putting a spy app on her phone but be prepared to see things you never wish you saw. Sometimes knowing all of the details can destroy any chance of reconciling or getting past the affair.

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How to check my boyfriend's cellphone location and text messages?

I believe he is cheating and he locks his phone.

Since his phone is locked and you likely don't know the pass-code, you will unfortunately, need to resort to remote spying applications to spy on his text messages and phone location. It's unfortunate because these spy applications generally are not as reliable as the physically-installed spy applications, and they may also be illegal. Before you use any of the applications in the following list, be sure to contact your local law enforcement so you can learn your area's laws regarding spying on somebody's cellphone. If it's legal, check out the following remote-install spy applications that you can use to spy on your boyfriend's cellphone location and text messages:

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Is there a free way to see your boyfriends text messages that he has sent to others

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Hi. I saw some sort of suspicious text messages. I asked about it?

He then locked his phone. once I asked about the suspicious text messages between him and the woman.I am sure they are still texting each other. how can I gain access to his WhatsApp and SMS messages

Because he locked his phone you will have to use a spy app that can be remotely installed. Unfortunately, these are largely unreliable until you can root the phone or jailbreak it for full access. Locking his phone tells you what you need to know. That he is either cheating or trying to hide something from you. It also says that you can't fully trust him and if you try to access his phone again and you do not see anything then that means that he has an emotional barrier between you.

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I would like to know if a number was texting any other females?

He's my husband, when I walked in that room a minute ago, he acted like he was playing a game on his phone

If something made you suspect that he was using the game as a shield to cover him communicating with females then your best option is to install a spy app on his phone. Hopefully, he was just playing a game and not messaging another woman. Here are more VisiHow articles that have signs of an unfaithful husband:

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Look for other clues like unexplained absences, mood and attitude towards you, and a general gut feeling that he is lying.

See more questions like this: Trying to see who is texting him and what they are texting him as well as who he is texting

Looking to pull some text records from the past 3 weeks?

I've done this before on an old device, but if I root the device will it lose that deleted data still stored on it?

If you root the device you should still be able to transfer text records as long as they have not been deleted or overwritten. If you have a Samsung, Kies is one of the best ways to transfer history off of a phone. Generally, when you backup a phone it gives you all of the data on the phone including deleted that have not been overwritten.

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While home, my family uses WiFi on all phones, is there a way for me to see what they are texting, Facebook etc?

My spouse has been caught cheating but won't move out. I want to see what she is doing on her phone while using my WiFi?

Wireshark may show you their Facebook messages but you will not get text messages or phone calls. The best way to track the family is to get a spy app that offers family plans. Once you download the app on one phone you will be able to get the rest done quickly. Using Wireshark will only show you what they are doing while hooked up to your WiFi so you won't see anything that they send while they are at work or school for instance.

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If she is refusing to move out then maybe it means that she wants to work on your relationship. Give her a chance if there are children involved in the marriage but understand that it takes time to rebuild trust.

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How can I view the content on my boyfriend's phone without downloading anything or paying a price for anything?

I need to see what kind of texts he has been sending to his friend and if she is more than a friend..

He has cheated on me before and I physically stole his phone to see the texts..

TruthSpy generally has a free 48 hour trial. If you can get access to his phone then you should be able to see his texts with no spy app. Another option is for you to invite this female friend over or ask that your boyfriend does so that you can get to know her better. You will be able to tell with their body language if there is something more than friendship even if they try to hide it. If he denies inviting her to hang out with you then you can take that as a sign that they are more than friends.

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He only text me in couple days

A whole day without texting me, even I know that the phone is always on his hand and online. But he won't text me back. I think he is messing with his ex girlfriend

Maybe it is time for you to show up on his doorstep. You will have to gain access to his phone to install a spy app but there should be a reason for why he has not texted you in a few days. If he gave you no reason before hand like he was going to be busy with work or school then he is distancing himself for other reasons. Cheating may not be one of those but you should start preparing yourself for the likelihood of him breaking up with you. Signs Your Boyfriend Wants to Break Up with You is a VisiHow article you should read.

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Can my carrier or parents see my messages that I sent through iCloud?

Dropped phone in bath, now it won't start, have some personal messages on there that I don't want my parents to see, it was on iCloud. How do I erase those messages

If you backed up your phone after those messages were sent then they will be in the iCloud. If your parents installed a spy app then they already have seen those messages most likely unless they periodically check the Control Panel of the spy app they use. Backup my have been enabled to do frequently so perhaps you will see those messages when you log in online.

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I want to know if there is a way to receive copies of his texts even the ones he deletes?

I have a feeling he is deleting texts so I cannot see them

Spy apps like mSpy can retrieve deleted messages as long as they have not been overwritten before you installed the spy app. Once the install is complete he can delete but you will still see the message in the Control Panel.

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How to read my brother's messages without him knowing about it?

How to read my brother's messages without him knowing about it

If you suspect your brother is in danger they please involve trusted adult family members and authorities. If you are the guardian of your brother or have your parent's permission and he is a minor, then you can install a spy app on his phone and he will not know it is there. Because he is your brother there should be extreme circumstances for you to install a spy app. Imagine if he did that to you!

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How does it work? I can't figure out how to do it without downloading into his phone?

I need to get a call log and text messages of my husband's computer. He has sprint and an iPhone, not sure how to get it without touching his phone, or using his apple ID which I don't have. Any information or programs available, please let me know. I need help, can't figure this out, how to install a message sender and call log from my husband's phone, I know he is cheating and can't prove it

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