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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How can I crack a phone's four number unlock code?

I'm trying to get into my husband's phone but he has a four digit passcode and I cannot figure it out.


Unfortunately, there's no way you can "crack" a four-digit unlock code. If you need to use your husband's phone, you'll have to ask him for his password, or you'll have to ask him to unlock his phone and give it to you.

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How can I reset my phone, I'm locked out?

I have two phones, I have not used this one in a while and I forgot my pattern and I wanted to sign into my Gmail but can't member my username because I have a new one for everything can you help?


You need to Hard/Factory reset the phone using the hard keys such as Volume Up and Down. Still, go to Google Accounts Recovery and see if you can get that username again before you hard reset the device. If you can't recover then use your preferred search engine to get the hard reset instructions.

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How can I unlock my Dual-core 4GB Android tablet?

My dad was trying to download some games on my tablet and he didn't know the pattern unlock code so it eventually locked up on him and now it's asking for my Google account info and when I put it in they say it's not right. Is there any other way I can get it unlocked?

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Use a PC and login to your Google Account. Under the My Account Settings and then Security, there is a section on Two Step Verification. If this is enabled, your Google Account would not work for bypassing the pattern lock. Once you disable the Two Step Verification, reboot your tablet so that it syncs with Google again. Then use your Google Account to bypass the lock.

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My mobile is locked with a pin. How can I unlock it?

My mobiles pin is blocked so how can I unlock my phone

Even though your phone is locked, there are still a number of things you can do to unlock your device. The best and easiest way to unlock an Android device is using your Google account. Using this method requires your phone to be connected to the Internet.

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If your phone is connected to a network, follow the steps below to unlock it:

  1. 1
    On your lock screen, tap on the 'Forgot password?' option
    In most Android phones, this option is displayed once the user has entered a wrong password five or more times.
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  2. 2
    Enter your Gmail address and password.
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  3. 3
    Follow the Google instructions to unlock the phone.
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  4. 4
    Once you complete the instructions, you'll be able to reset your pin code.
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  5. 5
    Your phone should now be unlocked.
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If you're not able to unlock your phone using the Google account, Alternatively, you can read our main guide to learn more about other methods of unlocking an Android device. You can get there by clicking on the title of this Q&A page or the link following the article summary.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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How can I unlock the screen in My LG Optimus L3 Android?

My LG Optimus L3 Android phone has locked when my child tried to unlock the screen too many pattern attempts, so now I have to unlock the phone using Google account name and password, but the thing is I forgot it too, please give me a solution to unlock the screen.

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Have you ever signed into your Google Account on the PC? If so, then your username would be there either on Chrome, YouTube, or Gmail. See if you can recover your username through Google Accounts Recovery. If not, you will have to hard reset the device with the instructions from this Youtube Tutorial on How to Hard Reset an LG Optimus L3. If you have Lollipop or Marshmallow OS, you will still need that Google Account after you hard reset the device to access the phone again.

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Keep attempting until you get the option to use your Google Account. Keep in mind, you will need to have data or WiFi enabled to use your Google Account. You may need to remove the battery for a soft reset and then attempt to use your code. Hopefully, you are still using the same Google Account on all your devices which will make it easier to bypass the pin lock.

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What do I do to get access to my Samsung 6?

I have a phone with a four-digit passcode 1990. I changed the code recently, however, I can't remember the code, what do I do?. I have tried: I tried using my passcode which is not working. I think it was caused by: I forgot the code totally

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Use Samsung's Find My Mobile to unlock your Galaxy S6. You can even change the pin again through their website.

Can someone unauthorized crack the 4 digit screen lock on Android cell phone?

I lost my phone. It is an Android device, I have a screen lock in place.I have sensitive financial info on the phone, which I used to access after entering the 4 digit lock code. I deactivated my SIM from the service provider. Is my info safe?. I have tried: Planning to make a police complaint of lost cell phone. I think it was caused by: Cell lost

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There are ways using programs like ADB tools, however, most theft phones are hard reset and resold quickly. It is more a crime of opportunity You should always still Wipe Cache even after a hard reset to fully secure your phone before resale. If your phone is not returned, consider looking online in local for sale groups. It is highly probable that your phone is listed for sale in one of those groups/online for sale postings.

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Hi I want to unlock my phone model Huawei ale-21?

Hi I want to unlock my phone model Huawei ale-21. I have tried: Hi I want to unlock my phone model Huawei ale-21 is locked in Africa

This YouTube Tutorial by RootJunky explains how to use the EMUI bootloader to unlock your Huawei Ale-21. The website can be slow, and you should also have Google Translate ready on a separate tab in case you need to translate some of the options that are listed in Chinese. If you can't create an account with EMUI, use the login through Facebook option. This is the most reliable way to create an account on their website without having to wait for email verification.

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Hi, I forgot my four number password. The company is Meizu m2 note. Can you tell me how to remove the lock to my phone?

I had typed so many times and it is a four number pattern but it did not open. Can you please tell me the way of how to open my Meizu m2 note phone lock.

Use your Flyme Account for the Meizu M2 Note screen to be unlocked. This device is known for a bug that makes the lock screen unresponsive. You still may have to hard reset the device though if the screen does not provide the option or is still unresponsive. Some users report that removing the battery or letting the phone completely drain first, helped them use the correct screen lock. If you are located in India, not even the Flyme Account will work for you to bypass the code on the screen. This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to hard reset the Meizu M2 Note.

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Can you help me open my phone please I really need it and I need to take it to school I know you think that I am a teenager or a parent but I am really 11 years old?

Yes I forgot my password and I put a lot of code and now it wants a pin code from me so I took it to someone but they could not fix it my phone is a Galaxy

Use either your Google Account or Samsung's Find My Mobile, since you have a Samsung Galaxy device. Did your parents setup the Google Account? Either way, you can try to recover it using Google's Account Recovery and your phone number. If you setup a Samsung Device, through Samsung's Find My Mobile, you can reset the pin or just unlock your device.

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How to crack a phone with a ROM of A8 G3 J7 S2 or to reinstall a ROM on a phone?

Crack a phone like launch another ROM on a phone, for example, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 I want to change it to an S6, to be more precise I want to change its functions so it should be like the ROM below. S2, J7, G3, A8. Can this question be answered because I am talking about reinstalling a new ROM to a phone? I have tried: I have tried downloading a ROM BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CRACK THE phone. I think it was caused by: There is no problem, I just want to know how to do it!

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OK, so I think you mean you want to update the OS to Marshmallow which is on the S6. Now, this can only be done if the S3 has an online ROM available for Marshmallow. Otherwise, you will brick your device. There are Clockwork Mods that have certain features of the Marshmallow for the S3. First, you would have to root your phone. SamMobile has one of the most extensive ROM lists when it comes to a Samsung device. Start there to see if there is ROM available with the newer software for each of the devices you listed.

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I would like to change my phone from a contract phone to a pay as you go. My service contract is up and that is the option I prefer to use it with. Is this possible?

Cracking a phone? I'm not sure if that is the correct term.

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