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Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

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How can deep holes of chickenpox be removed from face?

I have deep holes on my cheek due to chickenpox. how can they be treated so as to get clean skin


Applying Vitamin E to the holes/craters in your face will help to minimize the damage by healing scar tissue and moisturizing to plump up the skin. Purchase an at home microdermabrasion kit. Choose one that has a suction attachment. This device will remove dead skin cells promoting skin renewal and the suction tool will gently plump up your skin. Just be careful not to overuse it or you will break skin capillaries causing a redness to your face.

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Any method to remove deep chickenpox scars..surgical or nonsurgical...on face?

Removal of deep chickenpox scars..surgical or non surgical methods...on face


The surgical options are a laser, chemical peel, and fillers. Non surgical are those recommended above such as using Vitamin E. In addition, add foods high in Vitamin K to your diet and collagen such as homemade bone broth.

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