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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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How can Zinc and Biotin from Centrum Stop hair thinning due to stress?


Moderation of intake of Biotin and Zinc buffer the impact of stress. You can avoid the thinning of your hair by having the right dosage of this Vitamin and Mineral to support your body defense against stress.

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  • Studies on Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, shows that Zinc is a co factor that help limit and reduce the damage of stress. This results are done via model organism of eukaryotic cell.
  • Studies in National Institute of Health on Feeding Drosophila revealed that the Biotin deficient diet in the said specie increases their level of stress resistant as compare to the same specie with biotin normal diet.
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Stress-related thinning of hairs are usually the results from deficiency in zinc and biotin in the body. The biotin or the vitamin H helps the body to properly metabolize protein and fats and it is the main building blocks of protein in the body. The hair is mostly composed of protein which a decrease in protein in the body will make the hair more brittle and thin and eventually leads to hair loss. The Biotin from the Centrum helps the body to maintain its biotin level maintaining hair growth. Zinc is also imperative in promoting cell growth and cell development. Zinc also enhances the activity of various enzymes in the body. A deficiency in Zinc in the body may also leads to thinning of hair or even leads to hair loss. The Zinc from Centrum also helps the body to maintain its normal Zinc level maintaining healthy hair growth in the hair follicles.

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Can centrum help with hair loss? #33?


Centrum is a multivitamin that contains some essential nutrients that nourish the entire body, including the hair. Although it is not an immediate treatment for hair loss, it can definitely help prevent it if you take it on a constant basis.

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How to get ride of hair lose and increase hair growth?

Please, my hair is very thin and weak. I need something to make my hair strong. I read that the best thing for hair growth is biotin, I want to know how? What should I do? What kind of food should I eat?

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Take 30 mcg of Biotin daily. For your diet, foods like spinach, carrots, oranges and fish will all help prevent further hair loss and encourage hair growth.

I have hair loss, and I am trying to regrow my hair. Is it better to take zinc with biotin or just biotin. What is the difference?

Trying to regrow my hair, I have hair loss

Zinc with biotin is the best option if you have it available. Zinc is necessary for hair growth and if you are not consuming enough in your daily diet, a supplement will help.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)
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Are there any real product to treat thinning hair on the crown of the head?

Black male with thinning hair at crown, just seeing what types of real products are out to treat thinning hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been proven as a great method to treat thinning hair. Apply the oil nightly and use a protein treatment once a week as well. You will need to keep applying this for optimum results but your hair will look it's best ever.

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How to stop hair loss because it is pretty bad?

I am experiencing sever hair fall. I have tried: Used minoxidil but stopped using it since a month cause went on vacations since then there is a lot of hair fall. I think it was caused by: Roaccuatane I took for acne two years ago and genetics

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Minoxidil needs to be used consistently or the Roaccuatane will still cause hair loss. Start taking Biotin as well as apply castor oil twice a week to damp hair and leave on overnight.

Dandruff , thinning hair, and hair-fall?

I am 23 years old female. I am suffering from hair-fall since 2-3 years, may be due to change places. They have become so thin and have lost shine, there is loss of some hair near temples and in between forehead. It may be due to dandruff.. Kindly suggest the reason behind all this and some natural cure to regain my silky and thick hair. I have tried: taking ayurvedic medicine from 2 months.. The hair-fall has decreased. But when I oil my hair, hair-fall again increases, I am using rosemary oil, papaya shampoo but that shampoo drys my hair. I think it was caused by: I started swimming 3 years back and may be the change of places, dandruff and carelessness towards hair care, improper diet.

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