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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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How can I win my girlfriend heart back again?

How can I make my girlfriend forgive and give me a second chance. I have tried: Send her some flowers, cards, try to take her out. I think it was caused by: I lied to her, I cheated on her


Infidelity in a relationship is brutal to the person that has been cheated on. You were selfish and cheated and now will have to work twice as hard to maintain your relationship with your girlfriend. Right now she is questioning her self worth and her self esteem is damaged. Sending her flowers is a start but you will have to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.

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Make a list of all the things that make her the perfect person. Send them to her one at a time on a daily basis. She is not looking for monetary gifts but rather the inside of your heart. Give her the option of installing a spy app on your phone. Trust is hard to build and once you topple it over with distrustful behavior, it is not earned back overnight or sometimes ever. She has to be willing to work through her trust issues with you and there will be a time when it is almost like you are unfamiliar with each other. Particularly on her end with you. Suddenly you are not the man she thought you were.

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There are many reasons for cheating but make sure you do not put any of those reasons on faults of hers. Apologize over and over which means you may have to drop an argument with "I'm sorry" even when you believe that you are right. You can glue a broken piece of glass together but the signs of the damage are visible and the same goes for her broken heart. That piece of glass will never be the same and neither will your relationship. If this girl is truly the right one for you, it will be worth the effort but know that for years to come she will second guess you at every turn. Come home 15 minutes late and be ready to be accused of cheating.

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We all make mistakes but the true test of character is owning up to the mistake and never repeating the behavior. You may have to be separated from her for a time but realize that she is still watching your every move waiting to see if you will cheat on her again. Don't make that mistake. Rebuild Trust in a Relationship is a VisiHow article you need to read to get more ideas on how to win your girlfriend back.

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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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