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Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone

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How can I spy on my husband IMO account without his phone?

How can I spy on my husband IMO account without his phone


Spy Master Pro can target an iPhone and give you access without installing software on his iPhone. The app will show you all his incoming and outgoing messages as well as call logs and email.

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How to spy on my girlfriend in Viber and check deleted messages?

Because we are in a long distance relationship


Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone is a VisiHow article that will give you the information on using My Spy to target your girlfriend's Viber and retrieving deleted messages. There are other spy apps that promise to monitor Viber and FlexiSpy is good as well but a little slower and bogs down if too much data is present. Viber software monitoring is new and spy apps are quickly working on becoming compatible but for the most reliable access, My Spy will be your best spy app that works on both Android and iOS operating systems.

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I want to know whether I can have an app to spy on a person using Viber and WhatsApp?

I know someone is reading my Viber and WhatsApp. Is this possible?


It is completely possible that your Viber and WhatsApp are being monitored through a spy app. You should install anti-spyware from Google Play or iTunes and also check in your application manager settings to see if you notice any new apps that you do not recall downloading. There are now spy apps that can target a phone or device without installing software, however, apps like Malware Bytes will notify you if there is a breach of any kind on your phone.

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Can I spy on two friends private message in Facebook?

I need to know please if there is a software or something

There is a software by spy apps like FlexiSpy which you can install one friend's cell phone. These apps are expensive and you could possibly be breaking the law where you reside. You would definitely be blurring a moral line if you install a spy app to monitor a friend's message. Your bigger issue is that apparently, you do not trust these two people. A simple fix is to confront them and if you are not satisfied with their answers then remove them from your social circle. A true friend will support you no matter what and be by your side when times are tough. They also will not spill your secrets to others. If you have someone that seems to not be living up to these codes then delete them from your life.

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Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whats App, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone
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Is the messages on IMO correct?

The message on my friend's phone indicated when he was last online. I see where he was active but when I dialed he does not answer and then it said 'online

App social media online indications are not always right. For instance, he could be away from IMO but left the app open. Do not read too much into any online indicators. Skype always shows that I am online for instance but that is because of my phone app.

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I would like to see my husbands IMO chats?

He's been on dating sites and now using IMO to chat. He claims he is not but I would like to know for sure before I disrupt our home with questions/accusations.

If you have already caught him on dating sites, just assume he is talking to other women. If you want proof, you can install a spy app onto his phone. Read reviews of the app before you make your purchase. Many of these apps have the option to use a PayPal account if you have a joint bank account and credit cards.

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How to download my spy app for Android?

I want to know my girlfriend conversation to know if she is really loving me or not?

While monitoring her data and personal content of her cell phone will not make her love you more. If you have doubts about how much she loves you, this usually stems from your own insecurities. Feeling inadequate is a common feeling at points in a relationship. For the relationship to survive, we have to value ourselves first.

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Every reputable spy app has their installation instructions on their websites. If you purchase the app, you will also receive an email with detailed instructions and a link. You go to the Security settings on the person you want to spy on's phone and enable Allow from unknown sources. Once the app is installed, within 24 hours you will see details in a Control Panel link the spy app sent to you.

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I want to know about the video callings of my girlfriend?

I want to know about the video callings of my girlfriend

Purchase a spy app that records video calls. If they do not list this as a feature on their website then contact them directly to inquire before you purchase. Some apps do not have the software to monitor IMO while they can monitor Skype so be specific about which app you want to monitor.

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How can I download IMO chat without access to target iPhone, no jailbreak?

I need to download and read IMO chat and video calls without access to the target phone. I have iCloud credentials of target phone

You can't install a spy app remotely with the iCloud Credentials without them knowing. The only way would be to physically have the phone and then delete the notifications of a recent installation. FlexiSpy has an excellent no jailbreak spy app for the iPhone. It is not cheap, though. Any app promising to install remotely is only telling you half the truth, the spy app will need to be installed directly on the phone to monitor any third party apps like IMO.

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I want to know what my girlfriend is chatting on IMO and Skype with others?

I want to know what my girlfriend is chatting on IMO and Skype with others

Why would you want to monitor what she says to friends or family? That is probably all she is doing. If you really must know then you can install a spy app on her phone. Just be ready for the consequences if she finds out. You may end up losing her over your own insecurity when you feared to lose her over another man. Make sure that you are not being paranoid for anything. There should be numerous warning signs of her possibly cheating before you make that leap to spy on her and invade her privacy.

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Search directory is not working in IMO!

Search directory is not working in IMO!

Update the iOS on your device. Sometimes when a new update for OS is released, the old iOS has hang ups and apps that do not work properly. Once you have updated, the search should work again.

How will I know if my husband is talking to another girl in another app like IMO, Voodoo, Tango, Facebook Messenger and other apps?

I want to know who was his companion last September 2015 in Singapore and Malaysia. I want to know who is the mystery girl in his life .. I have tried: So far, I tried to call his phone many many times, but he refuses to answer it, also no message coming from him during those months. I think it was caused by: He is secretly having an affair to his ex-girlfriend working in Qatar. I have concluded that girl is my husband's companion during HAJ 2015

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There is no way to search that far back with a spy app. You also would need to install it directly on his phone. It is unfortunate that you are physically separated and he is ignoring your calls and not sending you messages. Maybe you can insist that he return home or you go visit him for the survival of your marriage. Even if he was very busy, he still should have communicated with you in some way. For instance, soldiers deployed to a war zone still have the opportunity to occasionally contact their loved ones so there is no good excuse for his behavior.

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How can I tell if someone is spying on me?

Hi, I want to know how to detect a hidden app; if someone is spying on my phone to know chat and call history by email, I want to find out, and how to uninstall the app

Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone is a VisiHow article that can tell you numerous ways to detect a spy app. The only way to uninstall any spy app completely is for you to hard reset your phone. You will lose all data that is not backed up but the spy app will be removed. Then go into your phone settings and make sure that Allow from the unknown is not enabled.

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