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Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whats App, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone

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How can I spy on my husband's Viber account?

He is using Samsung S5 zoom phone


The Truth Spy, mSpy, and HelloSpy are just a few of the spy apps that can monitor Viber. Even if your husband deletes the messages, you will still be able to see them in a Control Panel link that the app developers will provide for you. This link can be accessed on any device with Internet capability for 24/7 monitoring.

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All of these apps will have to be installed directly on your husband's device. To monitor 3rd party apps such as Viber, you will need to enable Allow from Unknown Sources in the phone's security. It takes about 10 minutes to install the spy app on a device and get it set up. Before you make the final purchase, contact the spy app and monitor how they respond. Legitimate companies have Customer Support.

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How can I spy on my husband in IMO without his phone?

How can I spy on my husband in IMO without his phone


The Truth Spy claims that they can track IMO messages, however, you will need his device in order to install a spy app. Do not trust any spy app that claims they work without access to the device. With built-in phone security, you would need to enable the Allow from Unknown Sources on the device.

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Hi, I just want to know if there is any way to spy on my boyfriend's IMO?

Is there any way or any software to spy on IMO?. I have tried: Some websites. I think it was caused by: I have no idea


As you have probably already noticed, spy apps are not free. iKeyMonitor is a good app for IMO. You should look into their software as a possible option. Before you purchase any spy app, try to determine why you feel the need to monitor your boyfriend. Is it worth spending money on him when you already suspect he may be cheating or lying to you?

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How can I hack my wife's IMO account without touching her phone?

How can I hack my wife's IMO account without touching her phone. I have tried: nothing. I think it was caused by: I don't know

You cannot install a spy program and track IMO messages unless all of the following conditions are met:

  • you have permission from your wife to install a keylogger program;
  • you have the unlocked device in your hands;
  • the device should be jailbroken or rooted.

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Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whats App, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone

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Someone stole my fiance IMO account stolen?

I need help to delete the IMO account. My fiance x girlfriend stole my fiance IMO account and she is doing a lot of damage. I want it to end now. Please help. I am pregnant and stressing badly. I have tried: He tried deleting the account but she still has it. I think it was caused by: He was in a relationship with her and when she found out about me, his fiance.....she got even with him and spoiling up his name.

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If she spoofed his account, it would have to be deleted from her device. You could send a cease and desist order to IMO with the proof that the ex-account is a duplicate. You probably will have to hound them several times before they take it down. Another option is to take the ex to Civil Court on a defamation suit. Sorry that this is causing chaos in your life. Unfortunately, since it is a spoof account, your boyfriend deleting his account will not do anything.

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I want to use my husband's number to my phone by IMO without him to know?

Exp. 022222 this no. my husband and want to use in my phone also .. what he received I want to know

Android Info Tech has posted a way to have the same IMO account on two devices. You will need to root one of the phones to do this. Also, it may show in both devices that the same IMO is being used by another person. Your other option is to install a spy app on his device. The great thing about a spy app is you will be able to see everything your husband does on his device. Even if he deletes it, you will still have a record of it.

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How can I spy my wife IMO chat?

How can I spy my wife IMO chat

As mentioned above, you can monitor with a spy app. If your wife is showing signs of suspicious behavior, you should confront her with your concerns before it is too late. Waiting back for proof may cause the relationship to go beyond any possible repair. You may find out that it is your own insecurities that are causing you to suspect that she is cheating. If you install a spy app and she finds out, too much harm may be done that you can never reverse.

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See more questions like this: How can I spy on my wife imo chat with my phone?

How can I spy my husband in an IMO I want to know who chat with him or call him?

Because I have an instinct that my husband has cheating with someone else. I want to know the truth because my husband lying to me. I have tried: No.. I never tried it before. I want to know the truth. I think it was caused by: Because he cheated on me. that is the problem, he flirts with everyone

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If he already cheated on you once before, a spy app will not prevent him from cheating again. Unfortunately, his previous actions have caused damage to the trust in your marriage. Your better option would be to insist on marriage counseling so that maybe you can begin to trust and he can begin to determine why he feels the need to have extra marital affairs. Until that is resolved or determined if it can be resolved, there is not chance for a happy marriage. You both are on a crash course of disaster.

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My question is how to I find who a person is talking to on IMO without their phone?

Questions about how to get info on the phone while not having a person's phone can it be done or no. I don't know is this already covered I could not finish reading cause this popped up

It can't be done without their phone, sorry. If you do not trust this person then perhaps you need to just cut them out of your life completely. If you are in a Long Distance Relationship, the only way to survive the distance is to be completely honest about your suspicions. Communication in a Long Distance Relationship is your only form of glue for your relationship. It is completely normal for doubts to creep in when you can't be physically there on a daily basis. We only believe what we can see as a human characteristic. So when you don't have that person coming home to you at night or actually really feel that they care about you, then you can start to have suspicions based on insecurities.

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How do I check my phone for spyware? I think my ex is spying on me?

I think my ex boyfriend installed something on my phone. He was able to see my Facebook messenger chats and has screenshots of my chats on his phone? I don't want to spy. I want to know how to get it off my phone if its there

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Change the password of your Facebook. If he only has your Facebook stuff then it is probably that he guessed your password. You also will want to hard reset your device immediately just as a preventive measure. You can back up your Contacts and photos on your Google Account before you delete everything. Then put it into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition and Clear Dalvik Cache. It is your best defense against a spy app.

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