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Change a Harsh Voice Into a Sweet Soft Singing Voice

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How can I sing better without going off key?

I have a good enough voice, when I practice a song enough my voice sounds really beautiful but usually when I don't practice a song I sing it really awfully. I don't understand why I can't sing songs naturally, without practicing or calculating every single note when other people can sing them naturally even though they have a voice worse than mine.. I have tried: I tried singing different kinds of songs (alto,soprano,mezzo soprano) but every time the same thing happened, I sang them like a tone deaf but after practicing the notes (maybe playing the song on piano sometimes) I sang it beautifully.. I think it was caused by: I don't know, maybe I don't have a music ear but a good voice so I always have to learn the notes right without singing the song

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As we, musicians, say, some people have innate talent and others have to practice eight hours a day to get the same results. It is a natural occurrence, and it is quite common if one student at the music school does something naturally while the other has to focus and practice for eight hours daily to be on par with the other person. As experience shows, talented people sometimes fall behind those who practice daily, as the latter learn self-discipline and never stop focusing. You may call that being lucky or not, but you have to adapt to that lifestyle if you want to keep singing. Practice at least 1 hour daily not to lose the ability to sing and up to 8 hours daily to sing better. Jascha Heifetz once said: "If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days - the critics know it; three days - the public knows it". Within ten years, it will be easier for you to stay on key naturally with less practice.

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Change a Harsh Voice Into a Sweet Soft Singing Voice

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