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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How can I get the network sniffing app/tool?

Want to read my wife's texts without jailbreaking her iPhone.


Network sniffing software like Wireshark will not work. You can use mSpy for monitoring her without jailbreaking her iPhone.

Read Ex boyfriend's texts without jailbreaking his phone?

I want to access his text messages to see if he was cheating when we broke up. Don't have access to his phone.


He probably deleted any messages if you are back together. If you are not back together then you need to move on and let him have his privacy. It is highly invasive to use a spy app on someone and if this guy is your ex then you need to walk away and starting looking for Mr. Right because this man was not it.

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I have an Android, she has an iPhone 5. Is there any way I can intercept her texts?

Or get her messages to my phone.


Using a spy app like mSpy can allow you to do that. In fact, all the apps on this page can work between iPhone and Android OS.

Any recommended text spy that is free for Android phones?

Just want to receive text messages my friend.

TruthSpy has a 48 hour free trial usually. Most of the so called free all the time apps to spy on text messages are scams. There are reputable text message forwarder apps but those are used by turning the app on and off so the user would know that you were monitoring the messages.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Are there cell spy apps that can be installed via email or SMS with a masked link of sorts? I own the phone but is my wife's possession. She is having an affair but still would like substantial evidence. Thanks?

Wife is seeing another man. I viewed her logs via Verizon site and can see hundreds of texts daily. I found out who he is via Google, and they work together. She has been acting very suspicious lately and very guarded over her phone.

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When she is home, use the Highster Mobile or Auto Forward software to connect to her phone over the WiFi. Her messages to the co worker could just be because they are working together on a project but you should still check at least by having a conversation with her. You can play dumb and say that you got an alert from Verizon that your text message usage was up and you checked the account online and noticed she was texting a lot.

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Hi I want to spy on my girlfriend's internet, but I am in the UK she is in the Philippines?

Is spying on internet possible without putting something on her PC.

Youtube Tutorial on Hacking by W4RCRYzeeH4CK3R has one of the easiest ways to hack a computer remotely. You will need to get her I.P. Address but it should be easy enough if you communicate via email etc. Or you can ask her what it is and say you got a strange email and want to make sure it did not come from her.

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Can I see her deleted texts on Symbian Samsung 3 mobile?

I want to read her texts, she keeps deleting. I have tried: Not great with computers

Get a spy app but choose one that has customer service. All the apps mentioned on this page have customer/technical support and if you are not good with computers it would be wise to get help with the app for the first time.

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Hi, I'm looking on how to spy on my husband, I think he has someone, his phone is with him all the time, I can have access on when he is sleeping but he has fingerprint password?

His phone is with him all the time, I can have access on when he is sleeping but he has a fingerprint password. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: He wanted a divorce

FlexiSpy Extreme can bypass the Fingerprint scanner. One of my friends actually opened the fingerprint scanner on her son's phone while he was sleeping using his finger and he did not even wake up. Highster Mobile and Auto Forward can monitor his phone and it is easy to install over WiFi.

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Procedure to send a mail to your spouse in order to install the spy app?

How can I send an email to my spouse that can install a spy app and send all his messages. The phone has a password and I can't get him to unlock it.

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