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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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How can I get past the fingerprint / password?

My S5 does not recognize my fingerprint (worked earlier today) and I have no clue on what I set as alternate password.


By default, your alternate password should be the password associated with your Google account. Try inputting that and seeing if it takes. If not, you'll likely need to reset your device to factory default settings. You can find a guide explaining how to do that here: Perform a factory reset on Android Device.

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Fingerprint scanner fails to load after locking up?

Was taking pictures on a nature hike today and the phone locked up went to home screen then to lock screen and then the fingerprint scanner gave an error that it failed and prompted for a password. Well, not being home to retrieve, I am at a loss. I have tried: Power cycled many times. Cleared system cache. I think it was caused by: Possibly humidity from location

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The fingerprint scanner on the S5 is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. If you think the humidity was the issue, put your phone in a bag of rice. You should use your Google Account or Samsung's Find My Mobile to bypass the fingerprint lock. From Samsung's Find My Mobile, you can set a pin code lock and it will bypass the current security setup. You can also remotely unlock the device from the website.

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My S5 does not show the option to turn OFF the screen lock, that button is dimmed?

My S5 does not show the option to turn OFF the screen lock, that button is dimmed


Use Samsung's Tutorial on How to Remove Previous Fingerprint Scans. Clear you Security Credentials from Settings. Then put your phone into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition. After the phone reboots, enter Recovery again and choose Clear Dalvik. Then you should be able to configure your security settings again. A

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How to unlock my S5 without remembering the password?

I tried to unlock my phone too many times and apparently got locked out. I was told I needed a password, however, I don't remember it. Is there a way to unlock it without losing all of my information?

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If you set up a Samsung account and registered the device with them, you can use that to access your phone again. You can also use your Google Account. These are the only two ways to access your device and not lose all of your information.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Android Device Manager isn't remotely locking phone and I forgot my alternative password so can't get into my S5

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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner
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Reset password on my Samsung Galaxy 6?

Since getting Samsung pay I've used the fingerprint option to unlock my phone, I don't remember the password and now I can't use my phone due to not knowing the password

You always want to remember your backup password with a fingerprint lock. Try options like your ATM pin or birthday to see if that was the password you set. If not, use the other two options recommended in previous answers.

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I have lost fingerprint ID and backup password as well. How can I unlock my phone? my phone is Samsung note4?

I cut my finger and I put some small bandage on it. I opened my phone today but due to some sticky thing on my finger so after some time the I got a message on my phone that my fingerprint is not recognized properly so put my password but I don't remember my backup password. Can you help with this? I have tried: I tried some password which I normally use but all in vain. I think it was caused by: A cut on my finger and then I out some bandage on it. That bandage was having some paste type substance. That has caused the problem

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Take Rubbing Alcohol and remove the residue from the screen of the Note4. You can also use White Vinegar if the substance is stubborn for removal. Then remove the battery from the phone for 5 minutes. This will soft reset the device. When the phone reboots, you should be able to use your fingerprint. If you still can't remember the backup pin and the fingerprint is not being recognized, use your Google Account to open the phone.

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I cannot open my Samsung S5 by finger swiping and I cannot remember my password...I have also tried my Google login because I thought it might be the "default". This phone is new and does not currently have a SIM card inside...I was just trying it out because it's fairly new but I couldn't get the finger swipe to recognize my fingerprint...I have 4 trials remaining can you help?

Samsung Galaxy S5, Bought it online. I have tried: I have tried my Google login password hoping that there was a default. I think it was caused by: Well The finger swipe ID always seemed to take many swipes....I guess the rest of the fault lies in me not remembering the password I set when I first got the phone

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Hard reset the device since you just purchased it, though if the device was used, the Google Account it is requesting would be the former Owner Account. If you hard reset, it is still going to request that account. You can use this YouTube Tutorial by Rootjunky to bypass the Google FRP on Samsung after a hard reset. Because you don't have a SIM that means you do not have data. You need data or WiFi for your Google Account to bypass the screen security.

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How do you hack into a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge?

How do you hack the fingerprint. I have tried: I have tried other peoples advice and that did not work. I think it was caused by: Instead of changing the WiFi, I pressed lock and then I could not get into my phone

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If none of the suggestions in the above answers work, you will have to hard reset your device. Without being able to use your Google Account or Samsung's Find My Mobile, there is no way to bypass the pin. Before you hard reset the device, make sure you remember your Google Account because you will need it.

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How can I track my stolen smartphone?

Somebody has stolen my Samsung Note4 with its fingerprint locked and locked with its password. How can I track it online with using Android device manager? I have tried: Android device manager

Android Device Manager and Samsung's Find My Mobile are ways you can track your device. To see a location, the phone will need to have the GPS setting enabled and be turned on. Find My Mobile can do that by using the WiFi and network to sense direction. You would have had to enable the Remote Control for Find My Mobile within Settings. Sometimes Samsung devices already have it enabled unless you turn it off manually after you take the phone out of the box and set it up. Since someone stole your device, you should call your cellular provider and request they lock the SIM so that no one else can use your account to make international phone calls and more.

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