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Get Your Girlfriend Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated on Her

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How do I get my Girlfriend back after I lied to her?

I have a Filipino Girlfriend and she's beautiful! I'm so attracted to her like no other. I posted on Facebook that I was at a place but I wasn't at all and I told my cousin to lie about it but I told her not to because I will deal with it. I lied to her when I said that I was with my cousin and when my Girlfriend called her, she said I wasn't. Now my Girlfriend blocked me everywhere. My Girlfriend recently contacted me and asked for money to go to the Philippines. I said I would help her. She said she just want us to be friends. I told her I want to be more than friends and that I miss and love her deeply. How do I get her back? Is it possible? We were both engaged. I have tried: Texting, calling, asking her out, everything possible.. I think it was caused by: Because of my lies

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I made a mistake and I grow as a man to know that I won't ever make the same mistake. I'm seeking for great advice on what to do please help?

I have everything to my girlfriend. Attention everything you name it I was great guy. I was foolish and was texting another girl saying inappropriate things but it was actually meaningless. Never meant them I was doing this for a few months. I never cheated physically but she's taking the messages as if I did. I wrote her a letter, got her favorite foods, sent her flowers. She wants space so I did give her space. . . One night my relative decided it would be funny to make a fake conversation on text message and show me. This conversation was her flirting with another guy while we dating but keep in mind it's a prank. So I approached her on text saying how dare you all of this. Then she was I was considering taking you back and I was excited to see you. Then I found my relative made it up and prank me. So I made my cousin apologize to her and everything. So we were good. I feel like there's hope because she pretty much told we ll get back and she's excited to see me. Anyways I got my life together when I was alone. I volunteered at a hospital going to church and I'm joining the military. I told her I'm going into the military she was upset cause I signed up when we were dating g. She was mad BC I supposed hid it from her but she has the power to talk to me out of it like everybody else so I didn't tell her. We were meeting in a few days. I love this girl , she's my best friend , I'm only 18 she's my first love I don't want to let her go. We all deserve to get a second chance to a certain extent. I believe I deserved a second chance. We only broke up because of this incident not BC I abandoned her. I made a mistake I owned it up to her and was a man about it. I want her back in my life because she was my favorite person to be with. Any tips ? I didn't physically cheat on her. I didn't meet up with another girl. It was just MEANINGLESS text messages. I have tried: Sent her flowers, wrote her a letter , got her favorite foods, texted her apologizing and explained myself. I think it was caused by: Because of me I text another girl while we were dating saying MEANINGLESS inappropriate messages

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Get Your Girlfriend Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated on Her

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