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Free Up Android Phone's Internal Storage

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How can I delete my phone memory in my Micromax canvas juice a177?

My phone memory is so small so I remove my phone memory because I don't have move apps in my SD card memory from my phone memory so I remove my phone memory


In addition to the recommendations of the main VisiHow article on this page about making space in the internal storage, it would be good to use an app like ES File Explorer File Manager. This app allows you to permanently delete junk and unnecessary files from your apps. You also should consider Apps2SD or App Manager III. These apps make it seamless to transfer to the SDcard and manage other storage components with apps such as permanently force stopping a preloaded app from your device. Unused Apps Remover really helps me. I started using on my children's tablets because they were always installing apps and running out of memory. Then it would be a hassle figuring out which ones to delete for them. This app did all the thinking for me. So then I decided to use it on my phone. So far I have removed only 3 apps in the last three months yet it does show me those that I never ever use but thought I would. For instance, I downloaded Priceline and Expedia for our summer vacation excursions. Then did not touch them and forgot about them. The Unused App Remover let me know I was wasting space. Same goes for a banking app. It was for our corporate account and I never even set it up after I downloaded it. Funny part is that it was a major resource hog on my battery life and memory even without being set up. Totally forgot about it but the removal app did not and notified me. Gas Buddy was another app that I installed, used for a few months, then determined Costco was always the cheapest in my area. Yet the app was still sitting there out of sight out of mind taking up space.

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My mobile phone has 1GB RAM. Whenever I am going to update apps, it says no space in internal memory?

What shall I do now to free internal memory?


Prioritize your apps as mentioned in the above answer. Perhaps using an app that moves many of your apps to the SD card will help but with limited storage, it would be best to only keep apps that are necessary. If you like playing games on your device then you will want to clear the cache of the app each time you close the game. Photos can be moved to the cloud using apps like Google Photos. They are removed from your Gallery if you set it up for automatic removal and then stored in the cloud. You can access them on the PC or in the Google Photo app but they will not be in your Gallery. You will also want to Wipe Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache when you put your phone into Recovery Mode. This is the most efficient way to remove cache permanently without losing data. If you can't part with many apps then you will want to look into seeing if you can upgrade your SD card for extra storage. Keep in mind that although you can transfer apps to your SD card, some always revert to internal memory each time they update because that is the way they were designed.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: How can I free up storage when the majority of the space (3.52 GB) is for Android OS

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Free Up Android Phone's Internal Storage

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