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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is there a way I can spy on someone's text messages?

Hi, I feel that my boyfriend talks to other people so I just wanted to know if there is a way I can spy on his messages without downloading any software?


Unfortunately you to get the most out of a good spy app the phone will have to be rooted usually. FlexiSpy and mSpy can be installed over WiFi but if the phone is not jailbroken you will not get all the features of the app. The easiest way to spy is to ask to use his phone by purposely forgetting yours and then needing to make a phone call. This way you can go through is SMS quickly to see if there is anything suspicious. This is not 100% effective though because he could be deleting messages so that you will not find them.

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I need help on controlling my husband's call and text messages from his Samsung S4 mobile without having his phone with me?

I'm feeling that my husband is cheating, so I want to see his calls and text messages without letting him know and without having his phone with me, so if there is an option I want to get help


Auto Forward can be installed without touching the phone but their website states that Androids will have to be rooted eventually in order to get the complete features of the software. If you can't get into his phone because of passwords , FlexiSpy Extreme bypasses any security passwords for you be to able to install.

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I want to permanently delete my text so my husband can't download them with a program?

Is it possible to permanently delete texts??


When you delete you will want to overwrite them. To completely remove messages you will have to factory restore your phone. Otherwise it may take some time before the message is overwritten with new data. If he has a spy app on your phone he will still be able to retrieve the deleted messages. Some carriers like Sprint keep the messages for up to two weeks and if he is the primary on the account he can request a hard copy.

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Actually a friend of mine has asked how he and his girlfriend can text and call securely?

He really doesn't want his girlfriend's husband to find any traces of conversations, text, pics etc.

Your "friend" will not be able to protect his phone calls unless he uses an app with her like Cover Me. Still many spy apps can access that data if the husband has a spy app on her phone. The third person in a marriage usually gets tossed aside to protect the marriage if they are found out so your friend should just move along and find someone that is not in a committed relationship.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need to see who is calling and texting my children and spouse?

I need an app or something on computer

If your cell service provider does not have some sort of family tracking then you should look into spy apps like mSpy and FlexiSpy to inquire about a group plan. Some of these apps offer group plans for family and employee monitoring. These apps also have spy software for the computer and tablets and some bundle the plans into one package.

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I want to check my spouse phone, so how can I without costing me money?

I want to check my spouse phone without him knowing and without costing me an arm and a leg or charge me every time I use that company. I paid Instant checkmate, Is there a way to read his messages and calls from my phone'

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.99 for 10 day's then I told them to cancel my order and I did this over the phone. I did not get at all anything I paid for or wanted, they do the back ground check, arrest record everything but check his phone for texts and the numbers and now I checked my bank account and they took out another .99 out of it without my OK or consent. I specifically told him I paid the amount and don't want to pay any more and to cancel my order on the 10th of Dec.2015. I will take care of them tomorrow. I need to find away to see my spouses phone records to ease my mind and to start trusting him again please help me

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You will need to install a spy app on his phone. TruthSpy usually has a 48 hour free trial and other apps offer just a one time fee for the software like Auto Forward. That one time fee will monitor the phone as long as the software is installed. Instant Checkmate is notoriously wrong. They also have been reported for fraud alerts. Whatever spy app you choose look into the ones mentioned on this page because they have been vetted.

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I just need to know who my kids dad has been seeing?

Just need to pull cell records or tap into his calls and texts. He is abusive to me, yet cheats. Just curious with whom if anyone.....

Put a spy app on his phone. Make sure that it is not illegal to monitor him first. Abusive men often cheat because it is part of their narcissistic pattern of behavior. They also will play mind games with their victims by making them think they are cheating when they are not. Because you have children involved you really should leave the relationship if you have not already.

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What is voice stream GSM LLC? How are voice streams connected to cell carriers?

My fiance has a phone number that paid to look up and it said that it is like on voice stream. Well by accident today I saw he had another number registered on eBay. How does voice stream connect with a sprint carrier?

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