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Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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How can I be the first person to a guy who already has a girlfriend?


Logically speaking, you cannot be the first person if the guy has a girlfriend already which appears as you're the second person only. If you wanted to be the only girl to the guy, you need to give him want he wants. Remember that to win a guy's heart is through his stomach. A guy always wants to hear everything about him and NEVER talk about your EX or his EX as you are slapping him then let him feel that you love him and want to spend your life loving him.

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Why do guys hide their phone from their girlfriends?


The reason a guy would hide their phone is because they have something to hide in their device from their girlfriend. I am a guy and if I know that I have something that will make my girlfriend upset I hide my phone from her.

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I know that it sounds bad, but these are things that are not too bad in terms of cheating, but it does in fact, have things that would make her upset. Things such as a female friend saying hi, comment on Facebook or things of that nature that will make your girlfriend upset over seeing the message.

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Also, I hid my phone from my girlfriend because I did not think it was fair for her to see my phone, but I could not see her's so it was like, you can't see mine since I can't see your phone.

Should I ask a guy how to deal with the common friends after he has told me not to contact him?

Hey, I found this post looking for something else, maybe you can help me with that: this guy I know and considered my friend wrote me after I sent him an email about a job I am considering applying to telling me to stop emailing him and contacting him in any other way. We have a lot of friends in common and are in the same reading group aside from living in a small city where it is hard to avoid each other completely. After bumping into him every day since he wrote (on Friday) I feel I need to ask what exactly he wants to do regarding the common friends, the group that we both belong to. Do we greet each other or not? Do we try to act normal in front of the others? But I don't want to email him asking this because he said not to contact him and of course my pride is not letting me do it. I don't understand what the hell happened, if he found my emailing him about my doubts about a job annoying he should have said something along the lines of I find your email annoying ask someone else for advice instead he basically canceled out the entire friendship with what he said about not contacting him in any way.. . Any advice, do I email asking or continue to ignore him and play it by ear next time we coincide? Or do I reach out to his sister-in-law (who is my former roommate) or his roommate and ask for their advice/help?. . Thanks!. I have tried: I've just avoided him every time we coincide in the same place and someone with the group of friends is there. Basically, I have been with one of the girls and he was with one of his roommates and the timings of entering the building have been different enough that we could both greet the same people without having to do it at the same time. I think it was caused by: I sincerely have no idea. Maybe I emailed him too much this last month and that annoyed him, but I never asked anything too personal or express any romantic feelings or no idea, sometimes the emails were links to a book I had read I thought he might find interesting or once it was an article on Brexit because we had spoken about it previously.

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How do I know what am I to him? We think we are best friends. Sometimes others make us feel there is something between us. Just a clarification?

He is my best friend. He is my colleague as well. We hang out a lot. We go to breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner together. We always have time for each other. We hang out at nights.But we never had any physical relationship. He has a girlfriend. Once in a while, we talk about her. We keep arguing about my marriage.. . I know most of his friends and he knows most of my friends. We make each other work without any sadness. We don't hurt each other.But we share the things. Sometimes our common friends tell us that we should stay together. I don't feel him being with his girlfriend. At a time I get irritated when he ignores me. Most of the time he spends with me on weekdays. Just wanted to know what are we exactly. I have tried: We have never had tried. I think it was caused by: Just a casual question it was

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Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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Is she his girlfriend? If she is his girlfriend why is he showing me signs that he likes me if he likes his friend?

There is a guy I like, and he gives me signs that he likes me. But yesterday, we were chatting together and he was helping me and giving me motivation. So I told him that he's cute and his friend is very lucky to have him. So he told me thanks and that he is also so lucky to have her. Does this mean that there is something between them? I'm confused because he shows me that he likes me and then he says like this. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: Everybody ask them is there something between you two and they reply with a no

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