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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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How can I apologize for not replying email and text messages?

My husband sent many email and text messages, but I didn't reply because I was sick with abdominal pains. Besides I had problem with my phone screen, so I cannot reply to his text. I need a lovely apologetic email to send him.

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We can only outline your draft. For a wholehearted effect, you will nee to put your own emotions into your email message. Please, first of all, view our article on how to write an apology letter to your husband. Only then you can modify the draft below and send it to your husband. For example, the language and thoughts you render to your message will matter a lot to your partners; so, it is recommended to apologize with all of the gamut of feelings coming through you.

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Hello, [your husband's name]!

My idiosyncrasy to beset myself with introspection is my bane, and, as a malady and a technical trouble overtook me, I only submerged deeper into a state where solitude was my savior. Alas, this brought only woe as my being unresponsive towards you has been looming only more unsaid apologies in my head; and I become more and more aware of how deeply I might have hurt you. I could not expect worse from myself, and I feel contrition for taking that wrong step: I shall do whatever is needed to regain your jovial mood and trust, and if you ever need something, then I, my love, shall be there for you.

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Forever yours,

[your name]

If your husband is more direct in feelings, then you will need to limit yourself with short sentences:

I sincerely apologize for not answering you earlier, and it is solely my mistake. I assure you that there is nothing involved but my mood and state of mind. I regret that, and I am ready to make amends. Please let me explain everything when I see you.

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How to apologise for whatever I have done And couldn't understand her?

Every relationship has a problem but to overcome it we need to discuss that problem and that too improve our communication skills !! but when this lack of communication takes place then then everything just ends up unsaid !! Both of the couple end up as if they don't know how their partner loves them!! but still they just walk away!! I just need to to apologies for whatever I had done because I knew I too had some thing for which this thing happen today .. And I need to apologies for my mistake because I fell every time I see her name her messages her photos I don't now why I feel ashamed  !! but because I feel I need to apologies so that one day no one can pin point me and say that if you had accepted your mistake and just apologies once this relationship would have been saved... that's it. I have tried: I have tried to talk to her a no. of times on some topics but every time this conversion takes another place and ens up in a fight.!! so I stopped discussing on this topic only !! and when the last time we had a chat we ended up in fighting because some of her words hurt me too much and I blocked her!! since then we did not interacted. I think it was caused by: The problem is just simple!!

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1) lack of communication

2)lack of faith

3)loosing trust on me

4)And the major believing the 3rd guy rather than me


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