How To Control The Onkyo Receiver With Your Smartphone Onkyo Remote vs Android 2.3 Onkyo Remote vs iOS Onkyo Remote 2

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Mostly every manufacturer makes an app for their respective line of receivers. So you may have an app for a certain year or a different app for a different model line. Onkyo has 2 Android apps that are designed to work on all receivers made after 2009 which include models TX-NR3030, TX-NR1030, TX-RZ900, TX-RZ800, TX-RZ810, TX-RZ710, TX-RZ610, TX-NR757, TX-NR656, TX-NR555, TX-SR444, TX-SR353, TX-SR343, TX-NR747, TX-NR646, TX-NR545, TX-8160, TX-8140, TX-8050 and TX-8020. Both apps are pretty much the same, but one is designed for the Android 2.3 .

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App 1: Onkyo Remote

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The Onkyo remote app can control your audio streaming service, control the stream from a DLNA-compatible server, and stream music that you have stored on your Android device.

App 2: Android 2.3 Onkyo Remote

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With this Onkyo app,you'll be able to control multi zone audio, stream audio from your Android, select your input device and is compatible with Spotify Connect.

App 3: iOS Onkyo Remote 2

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This is the official Onkyo app for the iPhone, iPod Touch. You can stream from Internet radio, a DLNA-compatible server, or play any local music stored on your iOS device. The compatible models include every receiver released from 2010-2015.

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Questions and Answers

I have the TX-8511 Onkyo Receiver. (Really old, but still works great)?

Is there a way to listen to music using my Samsung Galaxy S5. Most people probably don't have this receiver still operational. I have tried: Don't even know what to try. Trying to connect the dinosaur to today's technology. I think it was caused by: Old vs. New Not sure if it is even possible or not.

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Unfortunately you cannot directly connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to TX-8511. There might be a way to connect an external Bluetooth receiver to this unit, but there isn't an "auxiliary out" on the back... although you may be able to connect it to the CD output. Yes, the TX-8511 is a beautiful unit... I have one myself.

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Is it possible to control zone 2 (and/or zone 3) pre out volume of the Onkyo TX-RZ810 with the app?

I need the possibility to control the volume of pre out zone 2 of the Onkyo TX-RZ810 with my smartphone.. I do not know if the app makes this possible. Best regards.

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