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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How can I unlock my phone pattern without reset factory?

How can I unlock my phone pattern without reset factory?


I have an Gmail account in phone but my phones WiFi is off.

As long as your data is ON then you can use your Google Account. You only need WiFi in cases like a tablet where you may not have an active SIM card.

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Unable to unlock my lava iris X9 mobile by pattern or voice recognition?

I forgot my pattern lock and the set is not recognizing voice


Use your Google Account when you see the Forgot Pattern. Did you set up a 4 digit backup pin with the voice recognition because that is another way you can bypass the screenlock.

How to unlock my Huawei Y210D-2G after many unsuccessful attempts?

My children have locked my phone after several attempts. Now the phone is requesting the email and the password. Since two days I am not succeeding to unlock it after I dialed my email and the password. in the meantime, I receive my call without but I can't call. so, please sir what to do about it?. I have tried: To introduce my emails and it did not work.. I think it was caused by: My children tried to unlock it

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If your email is not working then check your Google Account on the PC for 2 Step Verification to see if it is enabled. This would prevent the Google Account from working on the screenlock. You can find it under the My Account and then Sign In and Security settings. Once you put in the Google Account, make sure the screen stays lit up. Many phones go into a Sleep Mode the minute the screen darkens.

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How do I bypass the security pattern on my phone?

I updated to Marshmallow earlier today. It forced me to reset my password. I'm on night shift, so almost immediately after resetting my password and setting an alarm, I went to sleep. I can't remember the password, and now I'm about to be forced to do a factory reset. I've already contacted Verizon, and they attempted to help to no avail.

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  1. 1
    Download this ZIP file.
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  2. 2
    Copy the ZIP file from your computer to the microSD of your phone.
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  3. 3
    Insert the microSD card back into the phone
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  4. 4
    Reboot into recovery mode
    As the model of the Android phone is unknown, we can only suggest following the steps 1-4 of our article on how to perform a factory reset. Please scroll down to the "Factory Reset Android Devices Not Booting Normally" section and follow the procedures. The list of possible key combinations is available in step 2.
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  5. 5
    Use volume buttons to navigate and either the home or power button to select.
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  6. 6
    Select "install zip", "choose zip from sdcard", and select the file.
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  7. 7
    Select "reboot system now".
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  8. 8
    If this does not help, you will need to hard-reset your phone.
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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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How to unlock mobile Huawei G1000?

I have a Huawei G1000 mobile but it is locked and does not support all SIM. Please help me to unlock..Thanks

For this type of phone, you would need to use one of the unlock code services. This [Youtube Tutorial explains the process. You do not have to use the website they suggest and can choose your own but the method is pretty much the same with all of the unlock providers. You will need your IMEI number.

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Hi, my Huawei y541 phone was secured by pattern and I forgot it?

I tried many times but it neither blocked nor open. Also there is no way to access Google account, but WiFi button is on, internet is available.

Follow the suggestion above in an answer for checking your Google Account 2 Step Verification. Also, it is important to make sure that your screen stays lit up when you are waiting for the Google Account to bypass the screenlock. If you purchased this device used, then that could also be preventing you from using your own Google Account. Especially if that old owner's account is setup as Owner email account.

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I cannot pass fastboot and recovery on Huawei g620s?

I cannot pass Huawei g620s fastboot and recovery, how to do it?

Sometimes a phone can get stuck in a boot loop. Remove the battery for a few minutes, and this should quit the fastboot process. If not then you will need to try to install new OS onto the phone to avoid bricking it.

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Hi there, I want to unlock my cell as I forgot the 4 digit code with resetting the phone?

I forgot the password of my cellphone and I want to reset it without resetting the data or factory reset

Just use your Google Account then when you see the link for Forgot Password. This is the only way to bypass the lock without performing a hard reset on most Android devices. You will have to attempt several times to enter a pin before you see the option. This is also a chance for you to try various pins. Regularly used options are:

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  • Birthdays
  • ATM Pins
  • Addresses such as Home
  • Combination of ages or birthdays like 2126
  • License Plate numbers
  • Favorite athletes jersey numbers in a combination

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