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Deal with your boyfriends female friend

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His friends all have too much input into our relationship and convince him on choice, what shall I do?

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now, This summer we had a lot of trouble of his girlfriend , apparently she been friends with him for about 6 years but he's never mentioned her or spoke to her the first year we were going out . this year they have got a lot closer and I tried to be very nice and just ask how she's was and things but as we had a falling out of anything he would moan about me to her and he takes advice of her (because of this she doesn't like me at all) he's 25 years old and I'm just nearly 21 she around my age but during this time with all the arguments I found out I was pregnant and then had a miscarriage things were very difficult and put a strange on our relationship and would argue loads his male best friend and girl friend stop talking to me and then got his girl best friend and the 4 of them would all do things together his male friend would tell him to be with her and this one night he told me he doesn't love me anymore but still wants to be with me and went around her house and drank with everyone so I hung out with my male friend (that he's met and got to know a little) we just talked well cried in his car and when he came back at 4am he straight away messaged her and said I was cuddling him in his car when I really wasn't I just had enough and broke up with him I couldn't handle the drama anymore because they were all so horrible about me after a few months he wanted to get back together and it was going really well his friend said something very mean about me and he fell out with them all are relationship was actually the best its ever been but I always felt so bad that he didn't really have any friends and would ask if he's spoke to them or try and he wouldn't but a few weeks ago there all talking again I'm very worried it will all happen again I feel like I have o walk on egg shells just in case he tells her loads of things again and it happens but I down want to be like that I love him so much and he loves me but I'm just not sure what to do please help x (I don't think I add this in but he's quite a passive person and his listens to what they suggest a lot and just does what they say). Its not just his girl best friend its his male best friend and his girlfriend two. I have tried: I've ask him to ask them if we can all do something but they don't want to. I think it was caused by: I'm not really sure, maybe just not being able to talk about things and its just went a little two out of control.

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Am I overreacting? New relationship,feeling insecure?

My boyfriend has a female friend who he is really close with. He told me that he really trusts her because she doesn't sell out his secrets. Our relationship is really really new,in fact I texted him for the first time yesterday. Today I texted him and although he replied really late he apologized for it. He seemed disinterested in the chat and told me he is chilling out with said female friend. I asked him if I should text later then and he said he had to go because she was getting bored. I asked him if they are just friends yesterday and he told me to relax. He said she finds him the least attractive person alive and a jerk. But he seems really fond of her. How do I deal with this? I can't approach him because as this is a new relationship,I don't want to seem like the jealous crazy girlfriend and scare him away.

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Deal with your boyfriends female friend


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