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Disable Talkback Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Hi there, problem with TalkBack enabled?

I have an S6. Unfortunately I have an app lock application from which I have put a lock to the settings as my son takes my phone at times & does things & I wanted to prevent this. But now I am unable to go to settings to disable TalkBack as I cannot type the password for settings. The settings password typing screen comes on & after I type the password there is no way to say done as when the OK button is pressed from the settings menu that too starts adding something to the typed password. Is there anyway that I can rectify this without a phone reset please? I have a whole lot of data saved on my memos & I am not sure if the default saving location is on the device of the SIM. Please do help. I have tried: Tried many times to type the settings password but cannot get to okay It.. I think it was caused by: The problem as I see is that I have a password lock to go to settings & as TalkBack is enabled I am having difficulties in getting past the typed password as it cannot be okayed for further processing. Same problem with the app locker. I though I will go to app locker & disable password lock on settings but again typing the password on app locker is also not possible as it cannot be okayed too due to TalkBack being in action

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You have to double tap and then use two fingers to swipe slowly and exaggerated. If you are using a method like this and still can't unlock the phone then go to Samsung's Find My Mobile and unlock the device remotely. Make sure the screen is open while you are doing this because the black screen mode usually puts the phone into Sleep Mode.

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Depending on what the app lock is, some third party apps like LookOut can help you unlock the app lock. You still may have to hard reset the phone if the double tap is not letting you input a password on the app lock but you should be able to transfer memos and other items you want to be saved to the PC using Kies.

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My wife has an S5, she accidentally turned on the TalkBack?

My wife has an S5, she accidentally turned on the TalkBack besides the pin code to unlock the phone she also has the invisible lock enabled on the setting app. we cannot get by this lock to unlock the settings is there a way to bypass this lock so we can disable the TalkBack feature?. I have tried: Re-powered phone, turned off invisible lock all to no avail

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Is she still double tapping while trying to unlock the invisible lock? If this is not working then she will have to hard reset the phone. That lock is super secure over apps to keep people from bypassing with other methods. The only sure way would be to hard reset the device. Double Tap the app lock to see if you can go into the settings of the app to unhide the lock.

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One thing to try first is to put the phone into Recovery Mode but choose Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache. This may actually erase the app lock as it has on other devices but I have not tested it on your Samsung S5.

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There is a TalkBack sign on my phone?

Phone is frozen, hand icon on the top, can't open any apps. I have tried: Phone is being turned off, restart, SIM has been taken out, but still the same.. I think it was caused by: Not very sure


If double tapping is not allowing you to tap on the screen because it is frozen, hard reset. Hopefully, it is a simple firmware issue and not a hardware issue.

How do you disable TalkBack when you have a password?

Samsung Galaxy S5 (phone) It won't let me type in the password!

All you have to do is double tap the screen to initiate using your code. You will need to continue double tapping and use two fingers to swipe until you can get the TalkBack disabled.

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Disable Talkback Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

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How can I get my S5 phone out of the loop of talk and no screen?

My S5 phone is struck in talk and I can't get it out of the talk mode. Also I can not get any screen or go to settings.

The only way is to double tap to use the keyboard for the lock and then use two fingers to go into Settings and disable the TalkBack.

Gone to vision and doubled swiped but no TalkBack above dark screen?

TalkBack is on and I am trying to turn it off. I have gone through the steps but cannot find TalkBack under Vision. I have tried: Follow all steps but phone will not scroll to TalkBack

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