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Manage Your Email Account on the Samsung Galaxy S3

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My phone is keeping over 1000 junk emails, would like it to be like my PC only keep them for 2 weeks?

How can I set the phone to only keep 2 weeks worth of junk mail in my Hotmail acct?

If you are using a web-based email, if you would like to keep junk mail for a period of time only, you would have to do the settings from the web. As soon as you have set it up that way, your phone will follow. This is because you are using a web-based mail and that your emails are not really downloaded onto your phone. Therefore, the control and settings must be done within the Hotmail account.

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My AOL emails won't come through?

I stopped getting updated AOL emails as of two days ago. cannot figure out why... maybe I did an automatic update on my phone and it reset the settings? I checked them all, nothing seems to have changed. I get all my Gmail emails no problem..

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Go into your phone settings and see if AOL is set to Sync. Force Sync to see if you get the emails. If not, then uninstall the app and then go into your phones Recovery Mode like you were doing a hard reset but instead choose Wipe Cache Partition. Reinstall the AOL app. This should resolve your email receiving issues.

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Samsung Galaxy sprint 4G cell cannot get my Yahoo mail to update?

I can get my Gmail new messages, however, cannot get my Yahoo mail to update with my latest emails. Thank you

Make sure in your phone settings that the app is set to Sync. If it is, then try to update the Yahoo Mail app. If this does not work Clear the Cache Partition on your phone as explained above. Make sure that you are logged in correctly to the Yahoo Mail app.

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Not receiving email on my tab 3?

Until recently was able to receive my emails from my Samsung Tab3. However not received any for a week and don't know why.

In your phone settings, you will see an option to manage your email accounts. Make sure that it is set to sync your email apps. If this does not help then go into Recovery Mode and clear your cache partition. Your device memory may be full and this is blocking any new email.

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How do I sign out of Hotmail on a Samsung tab 3?

I signed into Hotmail using internet explorer but now can't sign out. Anyone who picks up the tablet can see all my emails.

At the bottom of the app page, there is an option to sign out. If this does not log you out then go into Settings>Manage Apps. Find Outlook.com and clear the data. This will log you out.

Forward email in Yahoo on Samsung Note3 doesn't work?

Trying to forward an email in Yahoo on Note3. It fails every time. Please help

You can see in this Youtube Tutorial how to forward correctly. Uninstall and reinstall the app first to make sure you have the latest version of the Yahoo Mail app.

I just got a Moto E with republic wireless. Now my Google account won't load messages on my Samsung Galaxy 3. How can I fix it?

What can I do to fix this problem of loading my messages for my Gmail account on my Galaxy 3?

Check to make sure the Galaxy S3 has sync enabled for Gmail. Then access the phone's browser and log into Gmail. Access the settings screen to enable IMAP, and configure it on all of your devices that you want to access your Gmail on.

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Past deleted emails continue to appear under Trash when accessing file under Combined View, even after sending emails to Trash?

I can delete emails when they appear after pressing email icon on the main screen. Once the emails appear on screen I can designate which ones I want to send to trash and they disappear. However, after they are sent to trash I check to see if they are trashed by clicking on Combined View and then click on Show all folders and there are always 4 remaining in Trash file; I open Trash file and there are no messages showing. This problem has been going on for 4 months. How can I correct the message so that when I click on Trash in the Combined view it shows no emails rather than this permanent 4 that appears? Thanks!. I have tried: Don't know what else to do. I think it was caused by: Not sure, trashed a group of emails (@35) about 4 months ago and this problem appeared

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I do not know what device you are using or the specific email app but in Gmail, you would move the deleted to Bin and then within Bin choose Empty Trash. Go into your recovery mode if you are using a different app and instead of doing a hard reset, you will choose wipe cache partition. You should also clear the cache from the specific email app that you are using.

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If I delete my Hotmail account on the Samsung 3, will it also remove my Hotmail emails from my laptop or iPad?

If I delete my Hotmail account on Samsung 3, will it remove my email account from my iPad or laptop. I don't know what POP that it refers to. I just want to know if I will lose all my Hotmail information on my new laptop. I know some things are synced and some or not. I don't know enough to add more details. that's it.

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