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Grow a Beard

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Hi, I just got some eucalyptus oil and I have no idea if it will help or not?

I also bought facial moisturizer but I have no clue what to do


Those will likely help you take care of your skin, but there's not much to be done about growing a beard faster. You can try some of the methods in the guide, but the truth is that genetics are much more important in determining the amount of facial hair you can grow.

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Why does my face break out with boil like bumps when I grow my beard?

Painful boil like pimples when trying to grow a beard


If your face breaks out in bumps when you try to grow a beard it could be the result of ingrown hairs choking your hair follicles. This happens when you have greasy, flaky skin. The hairs cannot emerge from the follicles and instead grow inwards to create a bump. Often these little pustules are painful due to inflammation. Sometimes these inflamed skin pustules are aggravated by shaving, especially shaving with a dull razor.

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The key to remedying this situation is to wash and exfoliate your face with a quality medicated scrub such as Neutrogena Male Defense Scrub Face.

How to grow thicker beard naturally? I'm 22 and I hope you can give me the best advice?

I want to grow a thicker beard naturally, which fruit can grow that


Fruits high in Folic Acid like oranges and also proteins can help you eventually get a thicker beard naturally. Look for foods like Almonds and blueberries. The better your diet is the better your hair will be.

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I'm not getting a full beard, its getting patched at face so it should grow faster?

Growing beard faster, getting beard fully, its getting patched at face

Beards take more than 4 weeks to fill in those patchy areas. Take Biotin and apply Vitamin E and Castor Oil to the patchy areas each night before bed to help assist the growth. Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home is a VisiHow article that has remedies for thickening and encouraging hair growth and these can be applied to your face.

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My age is 20, but I do not have any mustache or beard?

Please give me suggestions on how to grow mustache hair

You still have time to get facial hair. You should consider having your testosterone tested if you have zero facial hair but it is normal to not get any facial hair until after the age of 25.

Sir I am 21 years old and my mustache is not growing?

Sir please tell me some steps to increase the growing of mustache

Apply Amla oil to the mustache before bed each night. Increase your water consumption and eat foods high in Folic Acid.

How to grow beard faster, in my case it is not the density of facial hair but the problem is that I don't have beard grown on my face. My age is going to be 22?

I am about to become 22, still I don't have beard on my face, kindly help me in growing a beard faster as it is going to become an obstacle in my professional career.

Please refer to the VisiHow article mentioned above about using Ayurvedic oils. This will assist your beard growth but because you are only 22 you may need to wait just a little longer for your beard to mature.

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