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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How do I send an email that will install a spy program by downloading an attachment?

Well, my wife's phone has a password screen lock, so even with access to the phone I can't unlock it. I've heard you can Bluetooth install or send an email with a hidden download to get a tracking program on a phone but have no idea how to do it.

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Use an app like Auto Forward which if you just have her number you will be able to monitor her cell phone remotely without having to use her password. With that app there is nothing to send for her to download or install.

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I have 2 phones on my account, is there something called spy, I want to view the other phone on my account without his knowledge it said something about the carriers site, can I do that how do I do this?

How do I hook it up secretly through an email or carriers


what kind of spy stuff do I need please help, my boyfriend been missing for a day I need to find out where he is without the police.

If you are the administrator of the cell account there are programs like Sprint and Verizon's Family Locator program. Otherwise you can use an app like mSpy or Auto Forward which will target his phone remotely and give you his location.

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Is there any way I can access text messages without having to pay or enter credit card info?

This is to view my child's text for safety reasons.


Not reliably unless your cell provider offers a Family Monitoring package that you pay for each month with your cell phone bill. Some apps take Paypal or you can get pre paid credit card and use that to get a good app. Several reputable apps just have a one time fee for monitoring a child's cellphone. When it comes to a child's safety the $60+ is worth the money.

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I need a good and effective Android spying application?

I am in need of buying a good Android spying stealth tool. This is what I need:

1 - With GPS turned off on the target cellphone, would you still be able to track the real-time location with the help of a tool?

2 - After I install a spying application on the target phone, is there any new icon displayed under the applications list menu?

3 - Does a spying tool also monitor live sound surrounding? Enabling mic so I can hear what's going on?

4 - If I remotely click a picture for spying, is it going to be saved in the target phone Gallery or directly visible in monitoring console only?

5 - Does the phone need to have root access?

FlexiSpy can remotely turn on Facetime, take a pic and activate the mic to listen in to calls but you will need to root the phone. Auto Forward will monitor everything you ask for but the listening in on surroundings and that app you can remote install with no rooting or jailbreaking the device. Both apps have great feedback but you will need to choose what is most important to you either the remote install or listening to surroundings.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I was trying to track fiance's cellphone but don't have enough access to install any spyware. Also want to be able to read deleted text?

4 1/2 months pregnant, and he is pressuring me to get married to him but it doesn't feel right. The right thing in my gut is to end everything and leave but I need proof before doing so. Scheduled to marry in 3 weeks and really want to avoid the mistake

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Getting married just because you are pregnant is not a good enough reason. If your gut is telling you to wait, please listen to your gut. There is nothing wrong with waiting and if he is truly the right person he will understand. You could just make up the excuse that you do not want to wear a maternity dress and want to wait until after the baby is born while you take the time to determine if the marriage can ever feel right with him. Auto Forward can be installed without you touching his phone and will still show texts even if he deletes them.

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Keep in mind that you are pregnant and hormones are literally raging inside of you to support that new life. Talk out your doubts with trusted people like family and friends and see if they agree with your reservations.

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Looking for application/site that will allow me to view someone's SMS, please?

I would like to find a low cost, or short-term subscription that will enable me to see my husband's text messages (may also be incoming/outgoing calls) Any help?

Some of the reputable spy apps offer free trials. Short term monitoring is most likely not going to calm your doubts so look into an app like Appmia which is not super expensive but will give you the monitoring capabilities you need.

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I have my boyfriend's iPhone5 and I can install the spyware as well but will it create any icon?

There should not be any icon of the installed spyware and applications available??

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How can I spy? what is the price of this application? what is the procedure of buying this application?

Is it possible to spy on someone cell phone without having physical access to that device??

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Hi. I wish to track messages including WhatsApp messages and calls for my girl's phone for free. How do I do that please?

My girl has been behaving suspiciously of late. Her call logs and messages boxes are usually empty including her WhatsApp chats. She has also got an app lock that has locked everything on her phone. You can't even tell who's calling until you insert some password. It's making me feel so bad. We have fought about this several times and I wish I could settle this once and for all> Your help will be highly appreciated given that I have no money to pay for those premium services I have been seeing on the internet. Thank you

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How can I locate my missing boyfriend? I haven't heard from him I'm worried is there a way to track him by his cell phone?

I haven't been able to get in touch with my boyfriend. . is there a way I can track him to see where he may be? I can't download on his phone he's not here the phone was turned off completely and it is not like him to do that

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