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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Help, need to find out how to get my boyfriend's texts messages without having to grab his phone?

I need help with this situation with the phone


All of the best cellphone spy apps for tracking his text messages and recording calls require you have access to his phone. Additionally, any app you choose will also require you to know the model of his phone, whether it's an iPhone, or an Android model device, like the Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, or Sony Xperia. However, installing an application on his phone is a quick and easy process, and should not take more than five or ten minutes.

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You can choose from a wide range of cellphone spy applications, like BosSpy, FlexiSpy, and My Spy. Any of these will allow you to access almost anything he does on his phone, though you will need to make sure you are following the law as concerns using these methods of tracking your boyfriend's messages.

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How to check my husbands texts on his Galaxy S6?

I want to be able to view his text messages without his knowledge


Consider using a spy app like FlexiSpy or mSpy. These are easily downloaded on his phone and will give you data from the phone whenever you check the Control Panel link provided by the spy app. Whatever spy app you choose always check the installation methods and refund policies so that you can get a refund back if the app did not install and work properly. Also look for a company that provides technical support.

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How do I check text messages without having to buy something or being charged?

I tried another site but they wanted me to buy something, and I have to cancel my order to avoid being charged every month.


Unfortunately, at the time of writing this answer, there are no free spyware programs. The only way to spy on his cellphone in this case is to take his phone and see if it is unlocked. If it is not or if it is and you know the password, then that is the only way to spy on his texts for free. However, keep in mind that many cheaters delete their texts just in case the person they are cheating on sees them accidentally. If you are willing to pay for a spyware program, it will be able to show you deleted texts from his chat history.

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How can I do this without physical access to the target phone?

How can I do this without physical access to the target phone

You cannot install spy applications onto a target phone without having physical access to it. You will need to get hold of the phone, ask permission of the owner to install a spy program, and install it onto the phone. There are many spy applications on the market: PhoneSheriff, iKeyMonitor, SurePoint Spy, FlexiSpy, and mSpy, just to name a few.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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How to actually look through his texts without getting your hands on his phone?

Can you explain to me how to do it step by step?

You have to download a spy app so you would still have to touch his phone for a few minutes. Each spy app has different installation instructions although most need you to jailbreak the phone first which just takes a few minutes. If the phone is password protected you will need to use an app like FlexiSpy Extreme which can bypass the passwords.

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So do you get emails, texts or just websites he may be attached to?

Concerned with my boyfriend. I'm wondering if he is sleeping around or having affairs. Also, what is the fee and how would I cancel after getting the information. Unless it's his emails or texts I don't think an ongoing account would help me. Thanks

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All Spy apps that are reputable have different fees. Some are monthly while others are a one time purchase. These apps like Auto Forward, mSpy and FlexiSpy all monitor everything on the phone from locations to emails and SMS. FlexiSpy can even record a call for you to listen to if you suspect he is talking to the same number numerous times a day. These also monitor third party apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. You can try a 48 hour free trial with TruthSpy to see if you like the spy app before purchasing.

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How can I see their texts by not having their phone or paying for it?

How can I see their texts by not having their phone or paying for it

The short answer is that you can't see their text messages without having the phone or paying for a spy app. Although some spy apps will offer a free trial like TruthSpy many reputable ones do not. If a spy app offers or claims that they are free if you fill out surveys then it is a scam. To get complete access of the target phone's data you will have to touch the phone for 2 to 3 minutes if you are prepared to do the install. This means reading the installation instructions before you get the phone.

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Somehow texts were deleted from my phone. I'm trying to see how that would happen?

Only selected texts were removed from one person - so that doesn't speak to a glitch in the carrier. The day before, the texts were removed, the person asked who my carrier was. I have no desire to spy - but I'd like to know how this could happen.

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The information of your carrier has no relation to why your texts were deleted. There are some apps like Ansa which have self destruct features for messages. Even with a spy app they could not delete your messages. This probably is actually a glitch with your phone and not your service provider.

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I have a mobile phone locator on her phone but it does not reveal any texts?

How can I track her texts and phone calls without acquiring her phone this time

You can't unless you can get the phone for a brief few minutes. Apps like Auto Forward will work if her phone is jailbroken and hers may be since you downloaded a tracker app already.

Some texts I receive do not show up in recent activity but after I mentioned that to him all of a sudden they did?

Some of my received texts from my boyfriend do not show in my recent activity but after I mentioned that to him all of a sudden they did

You just have a phone glitch. It can happen where sometimes I do not see that my husband has called until I call him and while I am on the phone I get a message that he tried to call a few hours before. Some of the battery saver apps will mess with your messaging delivery options to try to reserve battery power.

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I want to spy on my wife phone without having physical contact to her Samsung S4 phone?

I want to spy on my wife phone without having physical contact to her Samsung S4 phone

You can install some spy apps like mSpy and FlexiSpy over the shared WiFi in your home. You will need an app like FlexiSpy Extreme if you have to bypass her phone password.

Hopefully! How can I see someone else's texts?

My husband and I both have Galaxy S4 or S5 phones and I really am almost positive he is cheating but he put one of those design codes that you have to draw to even open the phone on his phone so I can't just open it up. I'm not a crazy jealous wife but we have children and I need to protect my family and I absolutely will not tolerate cheating. So is there a way for me to see his texts on his phone. We are on the same phone plan/bill together and I've already looked at the call log but is there anything else I can do?

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What you can do to get rid of that pin lock he has is try to attempt it numerous times while he is sleeping. This will lock the phone to the point that not even he will be able to use it and he can fix the issue but using Google Account Recovery. This is a common glitch in the Galaxy phones so if he goes online he will see that many people are asking how it happened. That being said you will be able to install a spy app on his phone after he factory resets his phone. You can try apps like Auto Forward but you will eventually have to root his phone to get the full features of the app.

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I am away from my husband right now. I want to know who he is texting and calling, how can I do that without him knowing?

I need to know if he is being truthful to me and is not seeing another women or talking to one while I am not there. Please help I can not afford anything expensive at this time.

Because you are away you will have to wait until you return. Once you download a spy app on his phone you will be able to get a history of his phone data sent and received and you may get some information from while you were away.

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Is it possible to see another person's texts without physical access to the phone, but access to the phone account?

My ex pays the phone bills for my phone, and won't give me the password to the account. He doesn't have access to the physical phone, which is an iPhone. Are there any apps/services that would allow him to see my texts?

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Yes with an iPhone apps like mSpy and Auto Forward can access your phone. If he has your Apple ID details then it will be even easier for him to monitor your phone. Also, because he is the account holder he may not be able to read the text messages but he could be able to see what numbers you are texting etc. If this was his phone before you or he set up your Apple ID he can receive your messages when you get them from his iPhone.

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Girlfriend has the phone, I can't touch it, she is in a different town, how to read her texts?

I have target phone login info but can't physically touch it, I see her logs on AT&T pay as you go site but I need to read what they say

Unless her phone is jailbroken, apps like Auto Forward will not work until you can touch her phone and install for a few minutes.

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