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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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Help I am concerned about my safety and being tracked?

Dear sir. Since I had horrific experience on the Spanish Island in the Summer of 2015 ....a person hanging around at my window at 4/5am in the morning was removed by police.. The person named Carlos Khalil spotted me singing in the local pub and chatted to me ....after I connected with him in the bar I realized that he was a dangerous person. ....I immediately began to distance my person. For the following nights I had further concerns after I heard loud knocking and banging at my window at 4am...then police had removed him. When I returned to the same music bar assuming all was behind me I discovered a few Irish men gazing at me and quickly texting him. Apparently, he was in the hotel industry / management. It was no surprise to see that people would be dependent upon him. Then one of the men approached me when I headed for the bar and showed pictures of Carlos on Facebook and said that I should date him...claiming he was a nice guy and all that...anyways, I managed to ignore the person...when I returned home that evening...same situation again with knocking at my door and called the police and they removed the same man. They claimed that I wouldn't have this problem again. Law and behold I discovered that the person tracked me on Facebook. He informed me that he heard that I was an Irish writer...obviously, the Irish men must have leaked from the bar or something.. He then left a block outside my window in order to identify which house I was staying in as all the houses in dangerous Fuerteventura looked the same. . Despite removing that it didn't stop him. The next night he reappeared and I was scared when he began knocking heavily and ran around the house. I was upset as the police in Spain said that I wouldn't have this trouble again. They soon returned after I dialled their emergency line and again located him. They regurgitated the same narrative about me not going to have this problem again.. I had a strange feeling and couldn't go back to sleep ...I then planned to escape from the place...only 4 days into my 3 wk holiday..Suddenly, before 7am the knocking was heard loud and clear..I looked at the back door and panicked when I heard the person shouting asking me to open up that it was police...police only came to the front door..I was scared when he ordered me to stop this ...the back door glass was pixelated...I feared in case I was going to die...the person had disguised their face...I saw what looked like a mask ....a large weapon...banging on the door...dialled police again said that I was going to die that the man came back ...only two hours after alleged arrest.... my concern now is ...02/07/2016...a man immediately consulted me in Ireland from Spain...refused to disclose his second name...he sends texts messages to my phone at 4/5am in the morning...I've kept the texts and the details....I am worried about my security and wondering if there is any connection between both...I went as far as trying to find the second name from the other fiend who texted me the dance halls I frequent and claimed to be there...this person also claimed that he was from Madrid and made out that he liked me and said that I should book my flight back to Spain and that there were great parts there ...I have avoided him but still calls are coming in and disturbing hours and texts.. I believe that this person is up to no good. I tried to find out the surname but anyone with good intentions would have no objections in disclosing who they are and what they want... I have not got into the full details of the other evil soul on this...

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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You


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