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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

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I cannot figure out how to get emoji on my Samsung Galaxy s iii after I install everything?

I also cannot figure out how to make a new group SMS


Below are the steps for you to create a group message :

1. Go to your SMS application

2. Tap the pencil in the top right corner of the window

3. Hit the add button and add the contacts you wish to create a group message with

4. After you select the contacts you can hit the done button

5. This will create your message into a MMS Group message

6. From here send a message out to all parties for view in one window.

How do I get emoji's on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

I want to know how to set it as another keyboard as you do on iPhones


You can install emoji keyboard plugins from the Google Play Store. Check some out here:


Understand, though, that installing the keyboard only allows you send out the Emoji to other similarly equipped phones. For you to see the exact emoji that someone sent to you, you'll also need to have the emoji font packs installed on your phone. In most, if not all, cases you would need root access on your phone to be able to do this. Check out this app for rooted devices that can do exactly this:

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To set it up, after downloading the said application for your phone, then you must manually set it up according to your likes. But also may depend sometimes in which or how you want to use it. However to ensure that you have set it right, you can see more detailed information on setting the Emoji keyboard on your Samsung device in this article Use Emoji on Galaxy S4

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Which site is best to download the fallback_fonts.xml file from?

There are a lot of different sites to choose from but I'm not sure which one I should get the file from.


The forums that are used by developers are usually very reliable when it comes to downloading these types of things. Along with that, you can also read a lot of tips and tricks on how to make it work and also the different scenarios that you have to avoid in order to prevent any problems. In most cases, you won't be able to encounter files with viruses or other suspicious components if you get it from these types of sites.

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I do not want to install Handcent to use emoji?

Is there a way to use Emoji on Galaxy S3 without installing Handcent?

Yes, if you are not wanting to download Handcent in order to use Emoji then you can in fact use another application so that you will be able to download the application to your device so that you will be able to use Emoji on both your messages and social media applications.

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Also the application that you will be installing is in fact a keyboard for your device rather than a whole application for messaging. Follow the steps below in order to help yourself download the application successfully to your device.

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Here is the application:


1. Go to this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kitkatandroid.keyboard

2. Download the application by visiting the link then clicking on the install button

3. After installing the application visit settings

4. Language and keyboard

5. Tick on the box next to this keyboard download

6. Tap on the default keyboard option

7. Select the emoji keyboard kit kat

The Keyboard will not be your new keyboard when you type messages either in your standard messaging app or social media without having to have download the application handcent.

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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3
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How to use emoji on Samsung S3 for instagram?

I have Android versio2 4.3 . I am not able to use Emoji on instagram. I want to know how can I use them

Yes, there is a way that you will be able to use Emoji on your device to be able to post on your Instagram, other social media sites or on your messaging application so that you will be able to use Emoji from your device successfully.

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Here below I will give you the link to the app along with the steps on activating the keyboard on your device:

-Visit the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crazystudio.emoji.kitkat

-Download the app to your Android device

-After downloading the app go to settings

-Language and input

-check the emoji keyboard

-After checking the app tap on default

-from here select the emoji keyboard

This will in fact help you to be able to set the keyboard on all of your devices applications in order to be able to use the keyboard.

How do you put black Emoji from the Galaxy 3 to the iPhone 5c?

Like the Galaxy 3 has black Emoji and I was wondering how do you do it to input it on the iPhone 5c

You don't need to install any apps for Emoji, black and white Emoji already built-in on the iPhone 5c and can be used entirely for free. Here is how you enable Emoji on your iPhone 5c:

Just go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add New Keyboard >> tap on Emoji to enable

When the keyboard appears, you will then see the emoji key which is a small key that looks similar to a globe. This can be found on the the left side of the space bar. Just tap on the key and lots of emoji options will now appear and are available to use when sending text messages.

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I have a S3 that runs on 4.3 and I really like colorful Emoji?

What to do to send colorful Emoji on standard messaging app and it shows up on things like twitter, Facebook or Instagram

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How can I get colored Emoji on text and see what emoji people use?

I have a Galley S3 and when I text or post something it won't show the color, it only shows black and white. How can I get my Emoji to show color on my text and even on snapchat because other people have the same phone and their Emoji show color and they don't have an app. I have tried: Yes I tried lots of app, I even went to my setting and every app I go to it changes my Emoji.. I think it was caused by: I really don't know it was not my update

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MMS emoticons not sending, with working 4G LTE?

I have 4G LTE and it works great. But when I insert an emoticon into a text, it converts to a MMS (totally OK) but when I click send, it says no mobile network available.

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Is there an easy way to use Emoji in game chats and so on?

The above, an easy solution so I can use Emoji/Smiley

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My snapchat won't update to other updates?

My sister has a Samsung S3 so do I, and she can change the color of her font and the size but I can't do. Do I need to update something or root my phone??

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I need help with emoji variety 2 level 14?

It shows a England flag, plane, and a airplane seat

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