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Get Rid of Your Muscle Knots

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Headache from muscle knots next to my right shoulder blade?

Almost every week I wake up with a bad headache that is caused from knots on the inside of my right shoulder blade. I am sick of getting these headaches that don't respond to any pain reliever and no one to massage the knots out.. I have tried: Chiropractor. I think it was caused by: It usually happens on the weekend...so if it's from the work week?

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It can be caused by a lot of factors.

  • To exclude medical conditions, seek the professional help of a doctor.
  • The other causes can be an air conditioner at work with the cold air blowing at you. You can use a sheet of A3 paper and duct tape to redirect the air of the conditioner to the side. Do not seal any holes on the conditioner: just use it as a "sail".
  • You can also have your head lifted a bit when sitting. This is the wrong posture. Do everything to make your head directed straight forward or a bit lower.
  • Check if your right shoulder is relaxed when you use your mouse or write. If it is not relaxed, then you need to adjust the height of the desk or chair or change from standing to the sitting position. A radical change is using the other hand for the controls.
  • Your getting sore shoulder blade on the weekend can also be caused by an improper sleeping pose. Always sleep on a hard surface with little to no height from the pillow (medical pillows are the best). Sleep on your back until you recover.
  • Start going to the gymnasium to increase the muscle carcass strength around the particular shoulder blade muscle. That will help to recover the affected muscle faster.
    • Do not forget to use warming-up ointments when you have to perform a lot of physical duties such as going to the gymnasium so that you do not to injure yourself.
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How to work out a knot between my shoulder and neck?

I'm not sure where the knot came from. I do work with toddlers and frequently pick them up. The knot is the biggest I've ever experienced, the size of a kiwi. My husband tried to rub it out 2 days ago. The pain eased off but the tenderness (like a bruise) and the size has not gone away. I was looking on the website for advice on how to work it out. I have taken Motrin and used tiger balm rub in addition to my husband trying to rub it out.

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How should I deal with 2 knots, 1 on the side of my bicep and 1 in between my neck and shoulder?

I have been diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. I have noticed these knots occurring at separate times but after the same type of exercises.. I have tried: Just been having my therapy for my spinal stenosis and I just noticed the one by my neck.. I think it was caused by: Not sure but I had a different therapist at one time when I noticed the knot on my arm. I just repeated the same exercise Friday and now I notice the one by my neck.

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Get Rid of Your Muscle Knots


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