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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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He uses Vodafone postpaid and I want to know call details without telling him on my Gmail?

Bill should be sent to me directly


The spy app mSpy can monitor his Vodafone. You will log into a Control Panel and then send the data to your Gmail. The bill will be either a one time purchase online or a monthly service fee depending on the spy app that you choose. How phone will have to be compatible for the app.

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I would like to know what is my spouse really doing but there is no way I could ever get to it or his Laptop either?

I need something to show me what he is doing. I don't have money because he controls everything.


Veriato PC has a free business trial but you can use either a friend's business information or make one up. Cnet has the download for their application as well as other programs like free keylogging software. There are some keyloggers that you can send remotely via email attachment but the are not free.

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My wife is texting other guys but swears she isn't saying anything "intimate". How can I see what she is texting them or deleting of her phone?

So I know my wife is texting other guys but swears she isn't saying anything "intimate" to them but I know she is. How can I see the text without her knowing. So I can either put my worries to rest or catch her. For the past couple of months I know my wife has been talking to other men in ways I know are not right but she swears she isn't but deletes all her messages so I can't see what she is really saying. How would I read the text without her knowing.

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Get a spy app on her phone immediately. If she is deleting the messages then she is up to something. I have male friends that I occasionally message but all those messages are still on my phone even from 6 months back probably. You can ask that she not delete the messages and test her reaction but you should get a spy app on her phone as soon as you can to monitor what she is doing. Here are some VisiHow articles with signs that your wife is cheating:

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Hi, I am trying to keep a tab on one of my employees via their mobile phone. I don't regularly have access to it. Is there a way I can achieve this?

Access to employee mobile phone

You can use an app like Auto Forward, Highster Mobile or FlexiSpy. Make sure that it is not illegal before you begin monitoring your employee. If you can ask your employee to surrender their phone because you think they are sharing company secrets, that may be the best option. You can then install a spy app if they comply.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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How to unlock T-Mobile phone with 4 digit passcode?

Unlock phone Android family mobile

FlexiSpy Extreme can bypass lock codes. You also can hard reset the phone which you can learn about in this VisiHow article titled Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device. Come up with an excuse to do the hard reset and then put a spy app on their phone.

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Question about emails, I am trying to find out if texts messages can be retrieved?

Trying to find out once I delete messages or texts or like Facebook messenger is there any way to retrieve any of those texts

Log into Facebook and access Settings then General Account Settings. This option for settings is in the upper right hand corner with a lock symbol and three lines. There will be a little phrase at the bottom of the edit field for General Account settings which says "Download a copy of your Facebook data." You will be redirected to a new page and choose Start My Archive. You will have to enter your Facebook password and answer a security question and then the data will be sent to the email that you used to create the Facebook account. In there will be any deleted messages.

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There's this ex who cannot accept her lose and I want to know is it possible for her to monitor/know if someone text or call my boyfriend because she is desperate, she knows the number of my boyfriend?

There's this ex who cannot accept her lose and I want to know is it possible for her to monitor/know if someone text or call my boyfriend because she is desperate, she knows the number of my boyfriend

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It is possible for her to monitor his phone just using his phone number and a spy app called Auto Forward. If she ever had any of his social media login details she can also monitor him this way. Your boyfriend should check his phone to look for any unmarked files or extra data usage out of the norm. Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone is a VisiHow article that can assist you further.

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He is constantly talking to someone on Facebook but when I go to read the message it gets deleted?

I know because he left his tablet at home, on his Facebook the head chat will pop up with whoever he is talking to. I have tried: Asking him, to bring it up on Facebook but as soon as I hear the alert to check the message its gone

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That is odd because the messages that were sent should still show on his tablet. If he is deleting them then he is probably up to something. Put a spy app on his tablet and you will be able to retrieve those deleted messages If you want to monitor his phone then mSpy has a phone and tablet monitoring package.

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Can I somehow intercept or read emails sent to my daughter's computer?

How do I do this, I do not know her password. I have tried: Nothing

Get a keylogger or spy program that you can send to her PC via email. Real Time Spy has a demo that you can use online to see how their software works. This is a great option for parents.

I saw on TV long time ago that you can use someone's mobile phone to listen to their normal conversations they are having with other people just standing next to them, or in the same room. Is that true and can I set that up on another person's phone?

I want to know if my husband is saying things to people in our family about me when I'm not standing near him. His body language is suggesting he is making up stories and filling their heads with lies and rubbish. I've seen him do this to a previous wife. Well I don't know if I can set it up on his analogue phone which is not connected to WiFi but is connected to Bluetooth. His plan allows for an internet connection but he never uses it. I would like to use his phone as a listening device really to confirm my suspicions. Also can I set this up on his phone without having the phone in my possession or would I have to have his phone to change settings? I have tried: Nothing. It just occurred to me that I had seen something on TV that you could listen to people's conversations through the phone and in some cases the phone didn't even need to be switched on? I think it was caused by: This doesn't apply. It's a personal matter that has been haunting me for ages and I just need to know.

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