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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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He always finds something wrong about me, what should I do? He is so excessive?

He asked me to delete my Facebook account, he is so jealous of everything. I love him so much but he doesn't get it. He always says that I have to be more serious to keep him satisfied, but let's face it, we are 20 years old and he is acting like 40. He doesn't even let me have friends (boys especially), or he doesn't let me go out, and when I do he gets mad! We are on a break right now and in a few days he will come back with an answer. He went out with a girl and I saw him through the GPS at his phone. When I asked him, he denied it, but when I explained to him he accepted it like nothing happened and said that my behavior lead him to this.. I have tried: I always apologize even if what he accuses me with is meaningless and after some time he always gets back, but I am sick and tired of being in an unstable relationship!. I think it was caused by: He has been through a lot from his ex's, but I truly love him!

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Sweetheart, you love a narcissist which means that he only can love himself, hence the complaints and controlling attitude toward you. Take this break and extend it....to FOREVER! It will hurt to initially break it off with him but imagine being with him 5 years later and still being treated the way you are now. You can't change a person's personality. Unfortunately, he is not just a homebody who wants to spend time with you but instead a jealous person who blames his cheating ways on you. Talk about immature and petty behavior. It is not your fault that he only knows how to love himself and trust me this girl will not be the last if you stay with him. He can't own up to his mistakes nor will he ever if he is a narcissist. He will deflect any faults he sees in himself by projecting them on you. This is why he never trusts you when you are out with friends, because he can't be trusted.

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If you decide to stay with him then you should read these:

All that has been stated in this answer comes from the experience of marrying a narcissist. I was young and thought he would change but after two children I realized that the relationship had become physically dangerous. It started out almost exactly like you are describing and I thought after baby number 1 he would change then baby number two came and he got physically violent and far more controlling. Finally, after a lengthy, very expensive divorce and custody battle I was able to walk away. It was devastating and the interesting part is that all that time fighting over the children and he has not spoken to them in over three years. Narcissists really do not know unconditional love save for the love they feel for themselves. Even children do not change that behavior primal response in them.

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How can I get him back after I left him when he needed me the most?

He had a hard time during his exams and he just might join the military if he fails, our relationship is long distance too. He needed me today but I thought he wanted some time alone. What do I do?


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A few years ago I called my partner a vile, horrible name and he says he forgives me, yet he does things to "pay me back" he throws it in my face when we argue. I love him and have been together almost 12 years and have 5 kids. Please help?

He says he forgives me but uses it against me.


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He is suicidal. How can I prevent him from doing it?

He wants to die because we're fighting, please help me, thank you so much!

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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You


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