Hand-Tame a Hamster

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How to Hand-Tame a Hamster

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Hamsters are often put on display like fish, or bought as starter pets for children and then left neglected without any human contact. While hamsters don't need human contact, they do make fantastic pets if they are tamed. They can be wonderfully affectionate companions who are as comfortable around you and your hands as any larger pet. All it takes is a bit of patience, a willingness to get past setbacks, and a desire to befriend your little furry companion.

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Before You Start: Some Things To Keep In Mind

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Before you attempt to hand-tame your hamster, you should keep in mind:

  1. 1
    Hamsters bite
    Hamsters have very sharp front teeth that can easily pierce human skin. A hamster may bite if he's startled, fearful, is woken up abruptly, or feels unsafe or is being protective of his brood. If you aren't prepared for a bite, you may jerk your hand back instinctively and drop the hamster, freeing him or even hurting him. Always take care! Be gentle and calm around your hamster, and don't hold him too high off the floor or another surface…so he doesn't have too far to fall if things happen.
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    Hamsters have weak eyesight and use their teeth to "test" things
    Always wash your hands before you touch your hamster, especially if you've eaten recently. If a hamster smells food on you he may try to take a nibble to taste! Testing nibbles are not the same as bites - if your hamster tries to bite gently, he isn't intending to hurt you. Try to hold still or remove your hand slowly, or your sudden movement might cause him to bite down in surprise!
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    Generally, the smaller a hamster is the harder he is to tame
    The large Teddy Bear hamster breed warms up to humans faster than the hyper, flighty Robos, of course this is only a general rule - how quickly your hamster is tamed also depends on his personality. I have seen tiny Robos scramble to climb up their owner's hand because the owner has hand-fed them since they were babies.
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  4. 4
    Taming takes time and consistency
    If you don't handle your hamster for a while, you may find you need to take a few steps back in the process the next time you try to interact with him.
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Time to Hand-Tame Your Hamster


Now that you've prepared yourself mentally, let's prepare your hamster! Every hamster is different, so some of these steps may work better with your hamster than others. Don't give up!

  1. 1
    Begin by getting your hamster comfortable
    Hamsters are mostly nocturnal, so place his cage in a dim, quiet place where he can sleep without stress.
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    Spend some time near the cage when the hamster is awake
    This will begin to get him used to the idea of you. Remember that you are a giant in his eyes!
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    Get your hamster used to your scent
    Before you even touch the hamster, try the scented tissue trick. Put a regular tissue someplace where it touches your bare skin for a day - such as your pants' waistband, or inside your sock. At the end of the day, place the tissue in your hamster's cage, someplace where he will find it easily. Repeat this a few times if you feel like you have a particularly skittish hamster. Hamsters have a strong sense of smell, so getting used to your scent will help your hamster be more comfortable around you, and make you something familiar to them.
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    Make a big show of changing your hamster's food and giving him treats like fresh vegetables
    You are trying to show that your hands being in the cage are a positive event with delicious consequences!
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    Place your hand flat on the bottom of your hamster's cage, palm up
    Don't try to scoop him up or even move your hand. Let him investigate. Only do this when your hamster is awake and not hungry. Be aware that he may nibble you, or try to bite!
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    When your hamster is comfortable enough to climb onto your hand without hesitation, you can try lifting him
    Start by only lifting a little height from the cage floor, then slowly build up to lifting him out of the cage. Your hamster may jump off, and that's OK. Try again. Or he may start climbing up your arm. If you reach this step and find that your hamster is relaxed around you, congratulations - you've hand-tamed a hamster!
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    If you don't feel comfortable using your hand for the two previous steps, you can try them with a hamster ball or a cup.
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Remember: This process can go quickly, or it can take days or even months. Don't get discouraged if your hamster doesn't reach this comfortable stage quickly.

One fun idea for interacting with your hamster is making a playpen. Line the bottom of a large bin or a dry bathtub with something for the hamster to dig around, and place hiding and chewing toys around the play bin. Not all hamsters will enjoy this - being away from their home might be too stressful for some - but if your hamster is more interested in exploring the bin than trying to find a way out, a bin might be just the thing for him.

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Additional Notes

  • If you are nervous about getting bitten, you can wear gloves when handling your hamster in the beginning, but be aware that this will dilute your scent and may make the process take longer.



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