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Increase uTorrent download speed

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Hack the ISP speed?

Need to fix the issue of low download speeds. I have tried: Cheat engine, DAP. I think it was caused by: Security issues of our college, Domain name server not responding.


If you are using the college provided internet then you will be blocked no matter what you do to try to tweak. Unfortunately, they control the bandwidth and distribution limits so unless you make friends with the IT department it is just not going to change.

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How to increase speed in office LAN?

I am using torrent in college system. I have 200 kb/s, how to increase


You will have to speak with the IT department that controls the system and request they assist you. Most likely they will unless there is a rule about internet use and torrents. Also, many colleges have significant virus measures beyond what you use for malware protection.

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Mouse left hand button only works on my wired optical mouse, can't speed?

uTorrent 3.4.5 very slow unable to speed up, it may be Windows 10, can you help please


Install the drivers for your mouse directly from the manufacturer. Windows 10 will override previous drivers so you will want to uncheck these from searching for available updates.

Sir. It is not going fast. What should I do?

Can you explain how to speed the uTorrent. I have tried: I have tried the information about how to speed. I think it was caused by: I don't know

  • Unless your ISP slows your traffic down or throttles your torrent speed, you can enter the settings from the tutorial.
  • Then, in "Options", click "Bandwidth". Set
    • "Global Maximum Numbers of Connections" to 300
    • "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" to 50.
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  • In "Options", click "BitTorrent".
    • Check everything but "Limit local peer bandwidth". Set "Outgoing" to "Disabled".
  • In "Queueing", set
    • "Maximum number of active torrents" to 8
    • "Maximum number of active downloads" to 5
    • "Minimum ratio" to 200
    • "Minimum seeding time" to 0
    • "Minimum number of available seeds" to 0
    • uncheck "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks".
  • In "Advanced", set
    • "GUI.show_notorrents_node" to "false"
    • "GUI.update_rate" to 2000
    • "ipfilter.enable" to "false"
    • "net.max_halfopen" to 66
    • "offers.404_dismiss" to 1432261021
    • "offers.404_shown" to 1432261021
    • "offers.featured_content_badge" to "false"
    • "offers.featured_content_notific..." to "false"
    • "offers.featured_content_rss_en.." to "false"
    • "offers.featured_content_rss_up" to 3600
    • "offers.left_rail_offer_enabled" to "false"
    • "peer.disconnect_inactive_inter..." to 900.

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Increase uTorrent download speed

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