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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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As the article below states, the fastest way to determine is to go a retail shop and compare the in-store version with yours. Pick a retail store that is attached to a major cell service provider like Verizon. The first section of the article below gives you the details to compare.

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What would I tell to the vendor about her clown Samsung Galaxy J7?

What would I tell to the vendor about her clown Samsung Galaxy J7


You will want to be able to prove to her that you know it is a dupe phone. So use the Samsung code method below to show her that the phone is not accepting the codes.

Original Samsung Galaxy J7, where is it made?

Like made in China . made in Vietnam. made in Samsung


Samsung assembles most of their phones in South Korea. The keyword is assembling. A large portion of the parts and hardware are from China.

How to identify a genuine Galaxy j7?

Features to be considered when proving a genuine Galaxy j7

The genuine phone is one of the thinnest Samsung devices on the market in many regions of the world. It also has a fast Octa-core processor. If your phone is lagging then you should consider using some of the Samsung codes to see if it is real.

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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone
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Are all J7 around the world the same?

My j7 works fine, how can I tell if it is refurbished. I have tried: Nothing... I think it was caused by: I don't know

Dial ##786# into the phone. This shows you the reconditioned status. This code works on Samsung devices. You will see a YES or NO next to Reconditioned.

Strongest signs to know my Galaxy j7 is fake or cloned?

Please help me with my Galaxy J7, I hope this is original but please give me the strongest key to know if it is original, thank you?

The location of the Samsung Logo on the front and back of the Samsung J7. The clones are either a sticker or will flake when you rub over the word Samsung on the device. You should not feel any ridges over the logo.

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Yesterday I bought a Samsung J7 but I don't know if it is fake or real one?

I bought it yesterday and I only got 3 languages I know 2 of the 3. 1 of them is Chinese and the other one is English. When I did a hard reset, the language was in Chinese. On the back cover that plastic thing it said on it: China Mobile 4GLTE.

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Sounds like you have a cloned device. The Samsung Language packs that are pre-installed have a variety of different languages and dialect. Since you just purchased the device yesterday, you should be able to return it and get your money back. The next time you purchase a device, use an online or storefront of cell phone devices that is well known.

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I purchase Samsung j7 rs. 7000?

I purchase Samsung j7 in rs. 7000 but I am not sure to this is 100 percent original. how to now this is original or fake (Korea). I have tried: Now about this is original or fake

Use some of the Samsung phone codes listed in the VisiHow article on this page. You can also try to connect the phone to Kies via the PC. If Kies does not recognize the device then it is not a Samsung phone.

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How do I check to see if my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is legit?

Purchased it on eBay, advertised as new, came in a generic box without the usual plastic covering and not original box. I can't find anywhere to check the serial number. Can you help?

  1. 1
    Go to Settings.
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  2. 2
    Select General.
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  3. 3
    Choose About Phone.
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  4. 4
    Tap Status.
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  5. 5
    Scroll down to the IMEI number and check it.
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Since you purchased it on eBay, look up the retailer's reviews. You probably have purchased a used or refurbished tablet and this is why it is not in the original packaging.

Is Samsung j7 available with 32 GB 2 RAM and in which colors?

How do I know if it is original?

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