Go with Permanent Eyelashes Extensions: Are They Worth the Cost

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There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Eyelash extensions are wonderful for expressing the elegance and beauty of your eyes. However, this method does not provide you with permanent results. These are temporary methods to enrich the look of your eyelashes. You can try the permanent eyelash extensions that enhance the growth and length of your lashes naturally.

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The substitute of extensions includes using the false and semi-permanent methods. To enhance the appearance of the eyelashes you can choose the method that will work the best for you, including the thickeners.

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You can avoid buying the adhesives, curlers, which are expensive and not worth the results. There are lash transplant surgeries that do give you permanent results.

Using the eyelash enhancers is an effective way to stimulate the growth of the lash follicles. This is helpful to enhance the lashes thereby making them thicker, darker and fuller.


Various Kinds of Eyelash Enhancers

Permanent Eyelashes

Permanent Eyelashes. What are Permanent Eyelashes Extensions? Permanent eyelashes are popular amongst women all over the world. You can opt for the surgical method to get longer and fuller eyelashes. In this procedure, the hair follicles are transplanted from hair present on your body. The hair follicles are trimmed and curled regularly to retain healthy eyelashes. This procedure takes a few hours to transplant newer and healthier lashes. If you prefer this method than the using the false eyelashes and extensions will no longer be a strain. It will be very costly for this one-time eyelash transplant.

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When You're Considering Eyelash Surgery

Here are some tips to consider before and after the lash transplants.

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    Surgery is performed using local anesthesia
    The hair is taken from back of your scalp then transplanted into the eyelids. Usually around 20-30 hairs are taken and trimmed to avoid excessively longer eyelashes.
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    They are curled to give a natural look to your new eyelashes
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    Some people consider these implants consider perming the lashes to avoid constant curling
    THIS WOULD BE DONE BEFORE THEY ARE ATTACHED TO YOUR EYES. Perm solution can cause blindness!
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    Who Gets Eyelash Implants
    People wishing to have longer and thicker eyelashes or having problems like lashes falling out, should consider getting these implants. If you have burned your lashes or have shorter or no eyelashes due to chemotherapy then consider this procedure. If you are patient who just recovered from trichomoniasis then consider these methods to get permanent lash implants.
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    Decision to Get Lash Surgery
    This method is common in Korea, China and Japan. Recently there are more and more doctors performing these surgeries in Canada & the United States.
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    ALWAYS check the credentials of the surgeon who's going to perform this surgery
    Get feedback from other patients. This will prevent you from having any adverse effects common amongst people who underwent this procedure performed by inexperienced doctors. There are many complications related to these implants. Some of you might get infections due to the transplantation of the hair follicles. Additionally it takes longer for recovery.
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Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

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Using the semi-permanent eyelash extensions every month will help retain the lash's thickness. All you need is 30 minutes to add the semi-permanent lashes to your natural ones. If you're afraid of the painful surgical procedure involving permanent lashes, this might just be the best method for you to have longer lashes. But this might take awhile for you to get the desired results, as this process needs to be repeated over two months. As both these methods have higher risks on health of your eyes, it is better to choose a safer way to get beautiful lashes, like using the lash growth products. This treatment reduces risk to affect the lashes and prevents the risk of them falling out.

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False Eyelashes

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For an evening of glamour, go for false eyelashes. You apply a little eyelash glue, attach them to the base of your own eyelashes, and WOW, you'll look like a movie star for a night. They easily peel off after the party, and the glue is easy to remove.

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Enhancing Mascaras

There are many brands of lash-enhancing mascaras available. Every time you apply this mascara, it conditions your eyelashes, and makes them longer, healthier, and thicker. Easy.

Eyelash Tints

You can go to a beautician, and have your eyelashes tinted. It makes them darker, so they look longer, but doesn't necessarily make them look thicker. This process isn't at all expensive, and lasts for about six weeks.

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  • After considering the side effects of the eyelash extensions it is better to go for safe option to enrich the eyelashes. You can use the eyelash enhancers consisting of the natural ingredients. This helps encourage the growth of lashes prevent them from breakages and fall out.
  • If you have sensitive eyes - allergies, glaucoma, or you only wear contact lenses, this isn't the best idea for you.
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Should I Get Lash Implants?

You can get lash implants only after making sure you are fit enough to withstand this procedure. You can consider opting for the medical procedures like the lash implants which provide you fuller eyelashes. You'll get dramatic results after having the implants, or by using enhancers and lash growth products.

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I I have a very weak eyelashes?

My eyelashes are very few I'm fed up with this. I think it was caused by: Because I do not have sweat glands.

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What is the cost for the procedure?

What is the cost for the procedure and how long does it take?

On average, in the USA, the cost for this surgery is around $1750. Some charge much more ($2500 and up). Some countries like Turkey may only ask for $750. In the UK, it can go up to $6000. The speed of the surgery depends too. It usually takes around three hours.

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I need a solution to get good fuller eyelashes.

I had a history of blefritis on the upper eyelashes of both eyes because of chronic oily dandruff. I have used scalp shampoo since then, as advised by my dermatologist. Now I don't have dandruff. My eyelashes are not fuller. I'm self-conscious about this all the time. What should I do to get fuller eyelashes for a lifetime with minimum side effect? Thanks. Regards. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Chronic dandruff.

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I am searching for alternatives to globs of lengthening and thickening mascara or temporary false eyelashes?.

I continuously get an eye infection that often resembles "pink eye" in only 1 of my eyes-never the other one, despite cross contamination. I have gone to an eye doctor but as I did not have a so called "flare-up" at the time of the examination, he said he couldn't tell me what the cause was or provide treatment and basically told me that all looks good. LOL. Anyway, every single time I put mascara on, that eye begins to show signs of infection. I have thrown out far too many brand new tubes of various brands of mascaras after just 1 use and need an alternative until I find a competent Ophthalmologist. I have used pharmacy false eye lashes a few times but truth be told, rarely can I attach them properly and securely, but the few times I have or a friend has done for me, THEY MAKE MY EYES LOOK AMAZING! So I began my search for semi-permanent or permanent false eye lashes...and here you were. I have tried: Drug store false eye lashes and mascara - for lengthening and thickening. Eye wash solution, prescription eye drops designed for "pink eye" and Chamomile tea bags for relief of infection.. I think it was caused by: Caused??? I have no idea. Aggravated? I don't wash hands often enough/hygiene and upon the first signs of itching or mucus on that eye - I begin to use my fingers to pick it out.

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You can go to a Beautician, and have your eyelashes tinted. It makes them darker, so they look longer, but doesn't necessarily make them look thicker. This process isn't at all expensive, and lasts for about six weeks. Then, there's no need to use mascara at all. When you eye flares - thinking maybe it's an allergy to a cat or dog - yes, only one eye - use eye drops that don't contain sulphites, Bausch & Lomband is an excellent choice. In the meantime, use ice in a washcloth, as they probably get a bit swollen...and keep your fingers away from your eyes.

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