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This article will be on how you can get paid to travel the world. There are certain jobs that will pay a person to travel around in order to visit certain places and perform certain activities. Your job will only require you to work a certain number of weeks and even days in order to perform specific tasks for your job I order to help the business or organization whom you are traveling for as your job. Things will seem easy as you travel around the world but understand that it will be a bit demanding in certain areas during the travel and the job. These jobs are almost non-existent but they are there and you will not make as much money in the end but will have the opportunity to travel to any region of the world that is asked of you to travel to for the business.

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    Pack up anything that is necessary for the trip and be sure to not over pack with anything that is not required for your travel to the place in which you are destined to be for the duration of the job
    In order to get paid you will need your passport, Laptop, notepad and a digital camera in order to take pictures on your trip. These are your essential items for travel for you will need a way to capture your moments and also to send them via your Laptop on an internet connection that you can find on your travel if possible. Anything else you choose to bring will be unnecessary to the job but will not be unnecessary to your living and being comfortable but be sure to fit your essentials with you before proceeding to any other task before leaving.
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    Travel to exotic places such as Europe, Africa, Mountains and any area that is considered foreign to the place in which you currently live
    These outings and adventures will prove to be important in your process and to your audience so pick your areas wisely to ensure that you are in an area that will attract an audience for their viewing pleasure.
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    Be sure to interact with everything that is possible to interact with during your travel experience
    While in the specific area be sure that you get involved in everything that is available for you to experience while in the area whether it is the food, culture, history, landmarks and language. There are a number of things that you can experience in the area in order to attract the audience into wanting to view your experience on your travels. Depending on the audience that you are appealing too experience things that they will be interested in on your travels for the travel is not only for your experience but also for the audience who will be viewing all of your experiences. In every place in the world there will always be a nightlife scene which will prove to be a very interesting thing to cover on your travels.
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    Take notes on your travel to capture everything but also to keep record of anything that you may possibly forget during the experiences on your travels
    Be sure to capture all details that others may want to also use on their travels to the places that you will traveling on your adventures. Think of the details as if you were copying notes in order to inform a family member on how to do things whenever they reach the area of which you are writing about at the time. Do not bite your tongue on anything whether it is good or bad so that the audience will get the raw power and feel of what the area is like and also what to do in certain situations. When taking these kinds of notes you will give the audience a sense of safety and also help them to plan what they will be doing whenever they reach the destination that you are researching. When being detailed you will reach a part of the audience in which they will look at you as an official form of reference and when doing this you will be sealing your fate as a paid traveler.
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    Write your articles about your travels in the area for this will be what you are paid on when you are traveling the world and sharing your experiences
    The more you write about your travels the more money you will make by publishing your articles for reading by viewers. As you travel you will notice a lot of things that will inspire you to write about so take advantage of that opportunity and write as much as you can to ensure that you get every detail and don't leave anything out of the experience. The purpose of your writings is to be as informative as you can possibly be so that the readers will get a sense of understanding through your words as to how the area runs, what to do, not to do and also feel as if there are even there through your descriptive writing. A Laptop will not always be near in order for you to take notes so ensure that you have a notepad or anything that you can record notes on in order to write down your experiences and even your ideas during your travels.
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    Send your written content and also works to a website that will find good use of your works in order to help you to earn money on your travels
    Ensure that your articles and content is perfectly written and informative when putting together your articles to be sent off. A big website that you can use in order to send your content to is which will pay for travel articles and all content produced during your travel. Also you can search for travel agencies, guides, book publishers and magazines that will accept your works to be published for money. Also with your travel you can also create a website or even a blog where you can share your content and also your travels to help you to earn money by capturing views and being paid by Google AdSense on the quality of your work. Do not discriminate against any possible employer at all but instead send your original to any website or business of which you would like to choose in order to make money.
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    Do your best to get as many people to follow your travels and your articles so that you can build an audience that will help you to become more popular amongst people
    This will help you to get popular and noticed by even bigger companies that will reach out to you in order to have your works published for them and also generate revenue to you for you travels allowing you to have different avenues of which you will have money coming in for your travels. Branch out also with your travels through social media whether it is Facebook or twitter as they also will pay you for sharing your experiences and also media on the places where you have traveled.
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    Monetize your writing quality whether you are using your own blog, website or advertising for a company
    The better your writing the more money you will generate for your original content that you will be producing on whatever platform that you will be utilizing. Also you will later on get the chance to actually sell your works to bigger companies who will offer you certain amounts of money for your articles and content. Also there are free lancing websites that will also pay you for your content based on your areas of travel, is a good website to use where you can search for buyers who will want to purchase the content from a specific place where you have traveled during your experiences.
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    If you have a blog or a social media account, write about the food of the different international places that you visit and take pictures
    If you are a foodie, and your main job entails you to travel around the world, you can moonlight as a food blogger for varied international food publications and magazines. Killing two birds with one stone. During the day, you will do your main job, be it as an engineer, or a diplomat, or a trade representative. But during meals, when you change face as a writer for food publications, you can eat in as many different restaurants as you can. Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or coffee time. Meal time is usually considered as off time by your main job. So, during meals, you serve, at your pleasure to be a food blogger, and taste the best cuisine of the territory where you are at the moment. If you have established an excellent reputation as a food blogger, you can even get invited by the restaurants themselves to taste their food. One hundred percent of the time, your meal will be free because they get publicity when you feature their restaurant in your blog.
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    When you work in the film industry, you get paid to travel
    This type of work affords you the opportunity to travel to exotic places around the world. It does not matter what is your role in the film project: as the director, an actor, a stuntman, a makeup artist, a wardrobe expert, a cinematographer, the nutritionist, and many other staff functions, the important is, you go with the staff to shoot the film somewhere in the world. Then you get billeted in hotels, get three meals a day, all courtesy of the film producers. If you are the type of traveler who likes to get out from the usual tourist routes and go to the back doors and the backwoods and the less beaten tracks, this is your chance. Sometimes, the film shoots are not in the usual scenic tourist spots but are done in the lowly ghettos, the seedy brothels, dilapidated ruins and ramshackle haunted houses. Some people say that sometimes, you get to know a country and its people better when you go to its gutters and its intestines - to the places where reality operates without mercy.
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    Work in the maritime industry, or focus on ship jobs
    When you get a degree in maritime engineering, get ready for a life where most of your life, you get to see only the sea and the ocean for months on end, and land just for every few weeks or months. But if you like to travel, you will see lots of places, because during your maritime career, your ship will be docking on several international ports of call. And then, you get to go off the ship and wander around the territory for a few days. You will get to do these a lot of times in your career, you will lose count. And you get paid doing it. Another thing, to travel, you need not have a maritime degree. There are other careers on board. There are restaurants on the ship that needs chefs, cooks, bartenders, waiters. The ship also needs entertainers, especially for long haul cruise ships. Then, there are also the casino employees - the dealers, the croupiers, the pit supervisors and managers - for the onboard blackjack, baccarat, roulette, paigow, and Caribbean stud poker enthusiasts enjoying their cruise. These career people also have their vacation too while they work, get paid, and have fun.
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    Join the navy
    Well, serve your country to protect its defense interests, and at the same time, you get to see places. Your navy ship will get to dock anywhere where there is standing turmoil. But the navy is not all war. It is also active in peacetime, patrolling the seas and the oceans, making the presence of your country felt by intruders who want to claim some territories owned by sovereign nations recognized by your motherland. The pay is good, plus you learn a lot of new skills like martial arts, weapons handling, survival tactics. Plus, when you retire, your pension will let you live comfortably.
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    Just make sure that if you have a family, they understand the nature of your travel job
    They have to consider that they will not see you for months on end. If you yourself love to travel and can't bear to be away from loved ones for an extended period, then do not marry at all so that you won't be leaving broken hearts.
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Remember when traveling ensure that you record everything possible during your experience whether you find it important or not for something you might find non important may be important to someone else who will be reading your articles. Take really good pictures as well as notes when traveling to ensure that you do not miss a thing note wise or visually. Compose full articles on your experiences in order to have a set of content ready to be sent to other people who will be interested in purchasing your content. Build a fan base or a group of followers in order to promote your content and spread the word on all your works. When preparing for the trip make sure that you have all your essentials for the trip to ensure that you capture as much as you can during the trip, remember that the essentials go first and everything else that is not essentials to your work needs to be second.

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