Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

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It is almost always a struggle getting kids to eat veggies. We all know the health benefits our children can get from them, but the taste is not really that attractive at times. So what can you do to get them to like vegetables? That's the million dollar question. If you are willing to try, you can victoriously convince and persuade them to like vegetables.

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Here are some of the million dollar tips for you:


Teach Kids to Love Vegetables With These Tips

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    Practice what you preach
    If kids see you eating and enjoying vegetables yourself, they will be more likely to love it as well. Also, do not give them so many options on the table, and this will leave them no other option but to learn to eat vegetables. So if you want them to start liking veggies, show them how to do it. It could also help if you bring them along when you go shop for vegetables.
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    Let them be your little helpers
    Kids love to help their moms with kitchen stuff like cooking, so teach them to appreciate the importance of vegetables by getting them involved in the food preparation. They can give you a hand in the kitchen, like washing the vegetables or handing you something while cooking. While they are helping, do not forget to explain to them the benefits of eating vegetables.
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    Play with the colors
    Children are usually get attracted to colorful stuff, so if you want to encourage them to like veggies, make your vegetable dishes in several colors.
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    Be more creative in food preparation
    Besides color, kids also love to see something new and different on their table, so let that imagination work. You may want to have a very nice plating where, besides putting some color, vegetables in different shapes and forms are added. Have heart-shaped carrots with star-shaped potatoes and see wait how that may change their appetite.
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    Butter it up with bacon and garlic
    If you really can't convince your child to have an all-veggie meal, then you may want to pair it with some dishes that he likes and is more familiar with. Cooking them in butter or adding some of their favorite ingredients like bacon, ketchup or cheese can help.
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    Dip them
    If your children hate the taste of certain vegetables, you may want to serve them with a delicious dip. It could be a dip of their choice or you could introduce something new to them.
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    Reward them
    Kids love to be rewarded and receive simple treats every now and then. When they eat vegetables, maybe you can give them a bar of their favorite chocolate or candy, a piece of cake or a scoop of ice cream for dessert.
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Tips in Vegetable Preparation

  1. 1
    Always wash vegetables properly
    It is best to wash them with running water.
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    Always teach your kids about safety
    When they have to pare or slice some vegetables, show them the safe way of handling sharp kitchen tools.
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    Keep kids away from hot surfaces while in the kitchen.
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